Who wears the trousers in relationship meaning definition

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who wears the trousers in relationship meaning definition

to when women wore skirts. By saying 'I wear the pants..,' the person is stating they have the male or, more pointedly, the dominant decision making roll in the relationship. Phrase Definitions. What does that mean when. Define wear the trousers (phrase) and get synonyms. What is to be the person in a relationship who has the most control and makes most of the decisions. We will look at the meaning of the phrases wear the trousers and wear the pants, To wear the trousers or wear the pants in a relationship means to be the.

Since these times, women have gained confidence, independence and financial security apart from their male counterparts.

Take a look at these seven signs that you might be forfeiting your dainty dress, and slipping into a pair of pants, instead of your man. Every one knows that typically women are the emotional beings and are more likely to try to smooth things over, compared to men. If your man dropped it on you, before it had even entered your radar, then chances are he is the emotional one between the two of you.

Showing vulnerability and transparency is a hard task to do, especially for men. This should not be taken as a bad thing, however; but does reflect how in touch your man is with his feelings, which could come up in other areas of your relationship. Your friends are now his friends If your man has become a part of your existing social group, then he is most likely leaching on to you because you tend to be the dominant presence in the relationship.

A man who is willing to boycott all friendships and insert himself into your group shows that he is flexible to rearrange his life for you and is willing to take on you, your friends, your likes and your interests. You bring home the bacon Money makes the world go round, a sad but true fact. However, if you are the career driven, go-getter type, then your man might not be at your level.

It takes a secure and smart!

who wears the trousers in relationship meaning definition

He caters to your friends. You've managed to successfully give him a personal and social makeover which includes assimilating him into your group of friends. But when he's with you and the girls he stays in the background so as not to get in the way of your fun and he's always happy to be the errand boy.

'Wear the trousers' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

It's perfect having him around because then you can keep an eye on him! He's afraid of you. He doesn't dare talk back to you because the risk of enduring your wrath is far greater. It's pretty fair to admit that this guy is totally whipped when it comes to you!

You make all the decisions.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Wear the trousers

You get the final say, you have the final approval over anything and everything. It's not that you're bossy. You're simply the boss. He waits on you hand and foot.

who wears the trousers in relationship meaning definition

Your man caters to your every need, whim and desire. He's the perfect boyfriend and manservant combined! You're not afraid to put him in his place. You hate when you have to do it, but sometimes your man makes a mistake and you won't hesitate to let me know about it.

Hey, at least it's guaranteed he'll never do it again.