The empress tarot card meaning relationship

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the empress tarot card meaning relationship

Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Empress including upright and reversed card your focus from the mother-child relationship to an adult-to-adult relationship. By general interpretation, the Empress tarot card depicts a woman who cares for everyone. For a relationship, the Empress card can have multiple meanings. THE EMPRESS TAROT MEANiNG When you feel you are being If the card is reversed it may indicate any relationship that is based on.

We have to wait before our dreams and desires become a reality. Are you in a relationship at the moment? A wedding can be in the horizon. Have you been putting in more hours at work to see a project through?

The positive word of mouth from your clients can elevate your status and your business reach. It may be that you will not reach dizzying heights for now, but you can always enjoy your peaceful plateau.

In a metaphoric sense, the Empress represents the birth of an idea, a project, or a new way of living. This will only be made possible if you spend time surrounded by nature.

Instead of a staycation at some fancy hotel, why not head out to the woods, gaze at the stars, sleep in tents, bird watch, or hike up a mountain? This is the only way you can connect with nature and ponder life and the beyond.

The Empress Card in Love and Relationships

Do it as often as you can, and never lose your sense of wonder. The Magician Tarot Card and its Meaning The Empress Tarot Card and its Meaning for Health The Empress card is certainly seen as being rather powerful and she is also viewed as being the highest card for both motherhood as well as femininity. It also has a number of major positive connotations in connection with the card, and this applies to both male and female even though there are clearly slightly different messages to be found.

When it comes to the health section of the draw, then you are looking at the Empress card bringing with it a selection of good signs that will lead to you feeling far more settled about your health in general. Also, as she is linked to motherhood, then it may indicate that there is a pregnancy on the horizon and that things will then go well with it. However, if you are not wanting to get pregnant, then this is to be viewed as being a warning that you must take the relevant precautions or you could easily run into trouble.

In this instance, it is certainly very much like a fertility symbol. If you are also at the point where a pregnancy is not going to be linked to your health, or even health worries, then the Empress card does still have a useful message that she is trying to give to you. With this, she is trying to get you to take stock of what you are doing and that you need to listen to your body and understand what it is trying to say.

You must also pay attention to how much energy you have available and do seek to unwind whenever possible as this is going to help to preserve your health as much as possible.

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Should you draw the Empress in reverse, then it does not mean that there are going to be a series of health issues that will be coming your way. Instead, it is further strengthening the idea that you need to be thinking more carefully about your health whenever you can.

It tells you to do some exercise and that you may be suffering from a sense of apathy or depression which can be lifted. Perhaps the only negative associated with this card in reverse is that it may indicate that there is either an unplanned pregnancy, or one where there have been problems with it, or where those problems may be further ahead.

It encourages us to set high standards, to distance ourselves from bad treatment and lack of respect. It prevents us from getting entangled in dysfunctional relationships, for we deserve better and can do better.

Many of us run hither and tither, seeking love here and there, needing a partner to make us complete, only then to complain they do not love us enough, or do not make us feel special. We look to them to prop up our fragile self-esteem. We need them to make us feel good about ourselves because we cannot do it for ourselves. We crave constant validation of our worth, because we doubt we have any. The Empress thrives on compliments and affection, but she is sufficiently balanced within herself to understand her true worth and value.

Her self-esteem is intact. She can sense and feel her power. When the Upright Empress seeks a partner or spouse, it is not to make her life, but purely to enhance it. She wants, would like a loving partner, or to be in a relationship, but does not need one to define her, make her feel worthy, special or a desirable woman. She has all those feelings herself with or without a partner.

For those who are currently seeking love, The Empress asks you to reflect on these matters. You will only attract to you a personality that reflects how you truly feel about yourself. If you want to find happiness in a relationship with a loving and caring partner, you must first find happiness within. Then you will draw to you suitors who recognise and appreciate your worth. The only thing they will seek is to worship at your Goddess-like feet, ever-blessed for meeting someone like you.

the empress tarot card meaning relationship

She is a representation of all feminine aspects; the maiden, the mother and crone. Her relaxed image is a reflection of how comfortable she is with all these stages. She understands the cyclical nature of her reign and is content to let life take its course. In this manner, she enjoys her time as maiden with all the accompanying potential and opportunity it brings. Now as mother, she happily lets go of her maiden status and relaxes into her new role.

She does not struggle to hold onto both, but cherishes the memories of her youth. She has no regrets and adapts well to her new status.

When her time as Crone arrives, she will not fight against it or struggle to hold onto her mother status, or attempt to return to the maiden.

the empress tarot card meaning relationship

She accepts the ageing process as part of the natural progression of all things. The lines on her face and grey in her hair tell the story of her life. Of course, she will seek to maintain what she has, cover grey hair and moisturise skin, but not in a manner that borders on ridiculous. Like all of us, there will be a desire to turn back the clock and recapture her youthful look, but the Upright Empress will not obsess about it. You will not find her as mutton dressed as lamb for instance.

She will be decorous as she ages but keen to accentuate all her positives attributes. Instead of panicking and attempting to mimic her maiden self through clothes or image, she manages to retain a youthful disposition through her positive and upbeat nature.

She jokingly insists it was having children that put grey in her hair and lines on her face, but also what keep her young in mind and spirit. The Upright Empress looks gorgeous at all three stages of life. Her beauty radiates from deep within and keeps her forever young. In this manner, The Empress is not shallow. She will not abandon you for a younger model when you begin to show signs of wear and tear.

She will expect the same from you. The Empress can turn up to let you know just how stunning looking you are right now.

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You are bound to be feeling good with yourself. You may have gone through a transformation or make-over that has really re-vamped your looks. There may be a new hairstyle and wardrobe shake-up. You are hot, hot, hot. Yes, as a woman The Empress likes to look good. She may also be quite full-bodied or voluptuous as opposed to the High Priestess who tends to be less curvy, her body beaten into submission at her local gym, with carb count carefully monitored.

In a love reading, her presence could suggest you are drawn to curvaceous women. The former is true if your reading has been fixated with economic and career questions. The latter is true if you sat down for a soulmate reading. Card Combinations As the cards are laid out in your Tarot reading, each card informs and influences the cards nearby, and every card is simultaneously under the spell of those very cards they touch. The circle of influences assures you of receiving a unique Tarot reading that is as individual as it is unrepeatable.

For a woman receiving a reading, The Empress card represents her in relationship to other cards. When paired with The Emperor card, your relationship with your father or a lover becomes the subject of the entire reading.

When The Empress is in a reading with The Devil cardyou will be oblivious to some hurt you cause a person. This will lead to a situation where the person seeks revenge. The closer these two cards are in your reading the more you are advised to avoid gossiping and casual dismissals of the efforts of others.

Another intense card combination with similar results is when the Tarot card Death appears alongside The Empress.

This means a longtime relationship will end because of a perceived grievance you have delivered to the other person.

the empress tarot card meaning relationship

So much of The Empress card revolves around not realizing the effect you have on others as your pursuits of pleasure take you out of the daily struggle just enough to lose touch with how the world conducts itself. Death is numbered 13 in the Tarot, a higher echo of the number 3 held by The Empress.

the empress tarot card meaning relationship

Both of these cards signal detachment. Death has no relationship to what came before or what ill comes after; it simply moves through with impunity, ending one chapter before another begins. The Empress is detached from having to worry about day-to-day affairs.

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She can get by on her looks and coast on her money, and she usually does. The Empress paired with The Hermit card indicates a woman who is alone because she has not developed enough skills to succeed in life when her youthful beauty begins to fade.

The core attributes of The Empress can be found individuated in the Minor Arcana cards that are numbered 3: