The addams family meet vips with elizabeth

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the addams family meet vips with elizabeth

This is a list of all episodes of The Addams Family original black-and-white television series, . 11, 11, "The Addams Family Meets the VIPs", Sidney Lanfield , Keith Fowler, . Fester's pen-pal Madelyn Cavendish Beauregard Faversham Firestone Smith (Elisabeth Fraser) drops by unexpectedly, so he must assume the false. The Addams Family is an American television series based on the "The Addams Family Meet the V.I.P.s") - before then it was "Bubele". List of The Addams Family episodes This is a list of all episodes of The Addams 11, 11, "The Addams Family Meets the VIPs", Sidney Lanfield, Keith Fowler, Phil . Cavendish Beauregard Faversham Firestone Smith (Elisabeth Fraser) drops by Morticia recalls the story of how she and Gomez first met and fell in love.

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The Addams Family Meet the VIPs

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List of The Addams Family episodes

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The Addamses are a close-knit extended family with decidedly macabre interests. They all have supernatural abilities, although no rationale for their powers is ever explicitly given.

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The very wealthy, endlessly enthusiastic Gomez Addams is madly in love with his refined wife Morticia. Along with their two children, Wednesday and Pugsley, Uncle Fester and Grandmama, they reside in an ornate, gloomy, Second Empire style mansion, attended by their servants, Lurch, the towering butler, and Thing, a hand that usually appears out of a small wooden box. Occasionally, episodes would feature relatives or other members of their weird subculture, such as Cousin Itt or Morticia's older sister, Ophelia.

Much of the humor derives from their "culture clash" with the rest of the world. They invariably treat normal visitors with great warmth and courtesy, even though their guests often have evil intentions. They are puzzled by the horrified reactions to their good-natured, if extremely bizarre behavior, since they are under the impression that their tastes are shared by most of society.

Contrarily, they view "conventional" tastes with generally tolerant suspicion. For example, Fester once cites a neighboring family's meticulously maintained petunia patches as evidence that they are "nothing but riff-raff.

Gomez is passionately in love with his wife, often referring to her as "Cara Mia". His ardor is greatly intensified when she speaks French a quirk that first appears in the eleventh episode, "The Addams Family Meet the V.

the addams family meet vips with elizabeth

He is very wealthy, due to owning numerous companies, as well as stocks in yet others although mostly not knowing that it is so and mostly charming, but doesn't seem to have money itself as "a priority" in life; indeed, he tends to squander his huge fortune quite cavalierly, yet somehow still manages to remain wealthy after all. He does, however, spend a great deal of time with his family.

His own family background is referenced as "Castilian," and he occasionally uses Spanish words and phrases. He can perform rapid and complicated calculations in his head; on one occasion, when Fester swung his blunderbuss too close to Gomez's head, the gun barrel knocked against Gomez's head with the sound of metal upon metal.

He is remarkably acrobatic and can easily dismount from a hanging position upon a chandelier.

the addams family meet vips with elizabeth

Morticia Addams Carolyn Jones. A cultivated and beautiful -- but strange -- woman, Morticia dabbles in art, raises flesh-eating plants often recalled as hamburgersand trims her roses by clipping off the buds or just turning them upside-down on occasion and saving the stems in a vase "Oh, the thorns are lovely this year". With her aristocratic detachment, she remains the cool, calm center in the middle of the chaotic events that continually swirl around the family.

She can light candles with her fingertips and emit smoke directly from her person.

When You're an Addams - The Addams Family Musical - Tonight at the London Palladium

Uncle Fester Jackie CooganMorticia's kind and kind of "electric" uncle. His standard gag is to place a lightbulb in his mouth, where it lights up. When angered or disgusted by outsiders, he may grab for a blunderbuss and announce that he will shoot the offender in the back. Lurch Ted Cassidy is the household butler. Morticia and Gomez summon him by means of a bell pull in the form of a hangman's noose, which rings the massive bell located in the mansion's bell tower; the resulting gong shakes the entire house when the noose is pulled.

When Lurch appears usually immediately or within seconds thereafterhe responds with an extremely deep-voiced and drawn-out "You rang?