Meet the robinsons ending credits star

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meet the robinsons ending credits star

In the animated movie Meet the Robinsons (), the orphan Lewis looks into the During the end credits for the film, Tim McGraw sings the warm and optimistic One night Winnie sings to the stars, wishing to be reunited with Christopher. Meet the Robinsons () SoundTracks on IMDb: Memorable quotes and Exclusive: Steven Yeun to Star in Episode of Jordan Peele's 'The Twilight Meet the Robinsons (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Cover Soundtrack Credits. The Princess and the Frog was too gorgeous, and this end credit song, along with Meet the Robinsons is such an underrated movie, and Little Wonders is just.

Yet, he somehow feels drawn to them as there is a quirkiness about them that he definitely relates to. The Robinsons believe that if you have a dream, you should go for it no matter how outlandish it may seem. That failure is needed for it leads to success in the future.

"Little Wonders performed by Savannah From Meet The Robinsons (End Credits Version)

So, to make those dreams come true, if you feel the need to wear your clothes backwards or invent a thing-a-ma-jig that squirts peanut butter and jelly then go for it! Although the pluses far out weigh the minus points, here are some things which might need attention: One character does have a black eye and refers to being beat up.

The scenes which are few but may be dark and scary to some small children occur in the alternate future that Bowler Hat Guy unknowingly concocts.

meet the robinsons ending credits star

There is only mild cartoon peril and no drugs or drinking per say except for a reference to being over-caffeinated. Although shown as a lovable buffoon at times, Bowler Hat Guy is the pitiful example of a person drawn into evil while in innocence. He develops a twisted view of life and tries to pass it on to everybody. The film is to be commended because it portrays him as more manipulated than truly sinister. Let it [ your hate ] fester and you will be capable of wonderfully horrid things!

Make the right choices in life and you will not only make your life happy and fulfilling, but the lives of those you touch. Treat others as you yourself would want to be treated. Follow your dreams and help others find theirs also. There is no better gift than a friend and to give yourself for their happiness is a most faithful form of love.

Family is the basic building block to all life, if not only to true love and comfort in times of need. To clothe and feed the helpless and abandoned is a wonderful, Christ like form of love. Laughter is from The Divine! This is thus the only Ghibli film to feature on the list, but for good reason.

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Kimura first came to his attention several years earlier, after she wrote to him in admiration upon viewing Princess Mononoke and created Itsumo Nando Demo for a film he was then working on. That project was eventually scrapped, but he came back to her song for Spirited Away, and Ghibli fans are all very glad he did.

The simplistic, Japanese song is performed with delicacy by Kimura using only a lyre for accompaniment, and provides a perfect poetical ending to an artistic masterpiece of a film.

Day which his Happy Birthday campaign in strongly influenced.

meet the robinsons ending credits star

Elvis songs feature heavily throughout the soundtrack as Lilo is a huge fan, so the film benefits from having a lot of good music in it.

Wynonna injects the song with her characteristic country flavour and is clearly having a great time performing it, as you can see in the accompanying music video, which features her recording it in the studio and performing it live on stage.

Wynonna Judd is best known as one half of the country duo The Judds, the other member being her mother Naomi. The pair released seven albums together, achieving fourteen number one hits from them. Pop rock Treasure Planet is so underrated — there, I said it. One of its many good points is the soundtrack, which features a couple of outstanding songs from Goo Goo Dolls frontman, John Rzeznik. John Rzeznik is noted for his songwriting abilities and has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, as well as winning the Hal David Starlight Award.

The New Orleans-themed video looks great, reflecting the setting of the film, and the smooth tenor vocals by Ne-Yo fit the romantic themes of the film nicely. Pop Somewhere Out There is the original — the oldest song on the list. An American Tail was one of the first perhaps the first animated films to have an end credits song, so every other piece on this list owes a debt to this song.

The video is also delightfully s, with lots of leather and multi-coloured lighting, and features the two leads singing to each other while posing as animators, sketching characters from the film. James Ingram has two Grammys himself, and like Ronstadt has had a long career studded with hits. Pop To open the top twenty, we have the first of three credits songs for Anastasia.

meet the robinsons ending credits star

That said, it has all the usual charm of songs of this type, with some lovely harmonies produced by the two leads and a bit of electric guitar backing at times. The video is simple, featuring Lewis and Marx in evening dress, performing the song in a fancy house over clips from the film.

Less than four years after this song was released, and just as her career was beginning to blossom, she was tragically killed in a plane accident at the age of just twenty-two.


Her promising career began at the age of just ten, when she performed with Gladys Knight on Star Search. From there, she was signed with Jive Records at twelve, where she was assisted by her mentor R. Kelly before eventually moving over to Atlantic — the label she was with at the time of Anastasia. But this song, man! The thumping beat and jazzy backing just makes you want to get up and dance — preferably while washing your car.

Missy Elliott was at the peak of her career at the time, and she remains the best-selling female rap artist in Nielsen Music history with record sales in excess of 30 million and five Grammys to her name.

I remember being obsessed with this song when Shark Tale came out; my friend had a portable CD player ah, the early s and I had the single, so we used to listen to it on a loop all the time, until I lost the disc. Unforgettable — Sia, Finding Dory Genre: Apparently, Simon dedicated the song to his own daughter, and it was nominated for the Oscar for Best Song — not bad for a film made outside of the main animation studios.

Paul Simon is best known as one half of the folk rock duo, Simon and Garfunkel, for which he wrote nearly all of the songs. Since their split inSimon has found great success as a solo artist and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Barsi was a young actress favoured by Don Bluth as a performer in his animated films. Inshortly before the premiere of The Land Before Time which she also appeared in little Judith was cruelly murdered along with her mother at the hands of her father, who burned their bodies and then committed suicide.

She was just ten years old. Irene Cara is best known for her lead roles in the films Sparkle and Famewhile Freddie Jackson has recently been making something of a comeback, appearing alongside artists like Jeffrey Osbourne, Peabo Bryson, Melba Moore and Stephanie Mills.

The harmonies of the vocalists really make this song what it is — no other group could match Boyz II Men when it came to creating a pitch perfect musical blend of voices. They later broke their new record again — twice!

Throughout the s and s, her solo career soared with a number of hit albums, as well as ventures into acting and philanthropy.

meet the robinsons ending credits star

She even has a playground in Central Park named after her, the creation of which she funded herself after holding two well-attended free concerts there. The Lost Empire Genre: The Lost Empire, but byhaving a sparkly power ballad over the end credits had become a sort of Disney tradition, so they insisted one was included. Says a critic, I know. This one does feel just a little bit generic — but then, it managed to win the Oscar for Best Song, so what do I know?

However, she still stands as the first African-American recipient of the title, and served as head judge for the Miss America pageant. She has also enjoyed a career as an actress, though she has been frequently confused with the similarly-named Vanessa A.

Performed with great emotion by Rob Thomas, the gentle guitar chords sweep you off in a flood of nostalgia, going well with the main themes of the film, which focus on the importance of family. The music video is simple, filmed on city streets and briefly at a baseball ground tying in with a scene from the film. Those final notes accompanied by the quote from Walt Disney himself in the film version always put me in a better mood.

Bryson and Belle are still best known for this song today; as well as winning the Academy Award, it also became the first and only Disney song to win the Grammy for Best Song of the Year.

In addition to English, she speaks fluent French and German plus a little Italianand has also performed music in Czech and Russian. Reflection — Christina Aguilera, Mulan Genre: Just a few years on from her Mickey Mouse Club days, she was looking to branch out and start a solo career, and this was the perfect opportunity to show potential labels what she could do. She got the gig by performing a Whitney Houston track for the producers, and after its release, it did well enough that she was offered a record deal by RCA.

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Aguilera has since gone on to enjoy a glittering career as a pop idol of the s with global record sales in excess of 50 million, five Grammys and one Latin Grammy and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Tevin Campbell began his career at the age of twelve with Warner Bros. Records, going on to produce a debut album that was certified platinum, followed by a second that went Double platinum.

The song was originally supposed to be sung by the titular heroine with John Smith in the film itself, but had to be cut as it messed up the pacing it has since been animated and added as an extra option on newer home releases of the film. I wonder why so many of the music videos for these pop ballads are set in random cities? She also made an appearance in a KFC commercial alongside none other than jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, at the age of just nine — how random!

Thankfully, it was retained for the credits — and what a song it is. The vocals from AllOne are outstanding, filling you with the same kind of hope that you feel while watching the film and making for a perfect ending. The video features the group performing under a very CGI-looking cloudy sky in a city, while clips of the film play around them.