Meet benjaman kyle the man with no identity

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meet benjaman kyle the man with no identity

In , a man, only known as Benjaman Kyle, was discovered in Richmond Hill and without knowing his true identity, it would be very difficult to live a normal life. struggling to make ends meet, and wondering who he was and why no one . I'm a journalist who just wrote a long story about the Benjaman Kyle (https:// It's the I'm 20 minutes late for a meeting with a friend because I just could not put this article down. .. tv producers, etc) have known his true identity since that time and no. "Benjaman Kyle" was the alias chosen by an American man who has severe dissociative amnesia after he was found without clothing or identification and with injuries next to a dumpster behind a fast food restaurant in Georgia in As a result of his lack of personal memories, between and , In while at The J.C. Lewis Health Care Center he met a nurse who first.

Hypnosis suggests that Benjaman has two or three brothers, whose names or faces he does not remember, but otherwise does not remember any other people from his life.

Meet Benjaman Kyle: The Man With No Identity

He also remembers grilled cheese sandwiches for a quarter and glasses of milk for a nickel at the Indiana State Fair. Based on his reactions to the mention of nuns during hypnosis, he may have been raised as a Catholic and may have attended Catholic schools.

meet benjaman kyle the man with no identity

The Granada closed in the mids. Kyle also has memories of being in the Denver Metropolitan Area. The later date is based on the year that the King Soopers grocery store chain merged with Kroger.

Benjaman Kyle has detailed knowledge of restaurant management and food preparation equipment, leading to the belief that he may have once worked in these industries.

Route 17 or Interstate 95 in late August, He may also have been on the road because of Hurricane Charley, which had hit earlier that month.

meet benjaman kyle the man with no identity

After discovering him, employees calledand EMS took him to St. He had no identity document and was recorded in hospital records as "Burger King Doe". After the incident, no criminal investigation was opened by Richmond Hill police until a friend inquired with the department in There were not reports of stolen vehicles in the area and local restaurants and hotels did not encounter any individuals matching Kyle's description.

meet benjaman kyle the man with no identity

He came up with the surname "Kyle" from his police and hospital placeholder name. He had woken up with cataracts in both eyes, which were not fixed until nine months later when a charity raised enough money to pay for an operation.

meet benjaman kyle the man with no identity

Upon seeing himself in the mirror for the first time, Kyle realized he was around 20 years older than he thought he was. In while at The J. Lewis Health Care Center he met a nurse who first inquired about his past history. While driving her truck in a yard, Kyle discovered that he still remembered how to drive a car. He was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia in by Jason A.

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King suggested that Kyle's amnesia dates from August 31, In he was invited to appear on the Dr. Memorial Health decided to provide select portions of Kyle's medical records free of charge to the program. Kyle moved to Jacksonville, Florida, traveling by foot, in order to be filmed for the documentary.

Kyle's story appeared in a report on News4Jax, which caught the attention of a local business owner who currently employs Kyle as a dishwasher and pays him out of pocket. As of January he lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida in a 5 by 8 foot air-conditioned shack provided by a good Samaritan. His DNA was closely matched with a group of people with the Powell surname who migrated from the eastern part of the U. Mystery of Jeffrey Alan Lash: Benjaman Kyle, the man who has been without an identity for 11 years finally knows… http: He did two AMAs Ask Me Anything threads on Reddit, and some people criticized him for not responding fast enough to a few posters who claimed he might look familiar.

He did show some of his sense of humor in those Reddit conversations though.

Real Life Is Horror: Benjaman Kyle identified as William Burgess Powell.

Out of business-I think that proves I was right about their service. She said she reviewed documents related to his case and talked to the local police department and found no evidence of a head injury or that he was beaten. She said it appeared that he had simply passed out by a dumpster. She said she would reopen the thread if he provided documentation to prove his claims, which was never sent to her.

Kyle disputed these claims in an interview with ABC News. He said that a lot of people might say he was lying and the whole thing was bogus, but what was he getting out of it? He Had a Falling Out With a Genealogist — Jacqui Thompson JacquiThompson2 September 3, Kyle also had a falling out with one of the genealogists who was working on his case, Colleen Fitzpatrick, to the point that he issued her a cease and desist letter that he shared on his Facebook page.

He said that he had been working with her, but ended the relationship when he realized she locked him out of his own DNA accounts and only gave herself access.

meet benjaman kyle the man with no identity

He spent several months trying to regain access, he said, while Fitzpatrick threatened his volunteers with lawsuits if they tried to figure out the DNA without her. Back inshe wrote that he had matches on 23AndMe, including a third cousin named Thomas Perry from South Carolina.

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She said she had never hired a law firm or locked him out of his accounts, and that when he made accusations like that, people should keep in mind that he was an amnesiac who likely has an undiagnosed mental disorder. She said he never provided a name of her law firm nor did any volunteers come forward to confirm his claims.

She added that all of this started after she did an interview with 11Alive in which she questioned whether he really wanted to discover his identity.