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making ends meet from the depths cheats

Nigeria: Osinbajo - No Journalist Can Make Ends Meet in Nigeria The vice president, who also lamented the depth of private sector's disrespect for the implementation of national minimum There are owners of media that are just cheats. The Deepwater Guard mission "Making Ends Meet" is impossible. This is the . Is it seriously only you working on from the depths? One guy. Every game has cheats and workarounds to avoid the trickiest Want to make Tom Brady a super-scrambler for the New York Jets? re-signing, as well as several depth issues that need to be fixed. And I don't just mean change the kind of facemask they have or move them from left end to right end.

making ends meet from the depths cheats

Shoot down a beehive while underneath it or close enough to it so the bees fall NEAR you. The bees will then be swarming around you! Now go attack some enemys or go near them so they can feel the pain. Snake19 Call off alert When you are in alert mode, grab a guard and interrogate him.

He might give a radio frequency you can call to call off the alert. After the alert is over, the frequency changes. The harder you push it, the closer it zooms in. Also, while zoomed in you can pan the camera around using the left analog stick. It is not indicated that you can use R1 but it's there. There are some small hidden things that can only be seen this way. Video Gamer Z EZ Gun You must capture all types of animals and plants in the game, you dont have to eat them and they can be rotten, and once you have captured one you can discard it from your backpack because it has been recorded as it having been caputred, there are 48 in total to be captured.

Each person has at least two additional personal information pages, usually accompanied by an interesting picture. To get this, call each person multiple times, after so many times, the images will open one at a time.

Simply equip the SAA and fire at a non-volatile structure such as a rock formation, metal crate or wall and watch the bullet deflect off the surface. If mastered properly, this can be used to shoot enemies hiding behind structures or even around corners! PyroJames When beginning a new game you are prompted with three questions: Selecting I like MGS1 makes your stamina drop slower.

Selecting I like MGS2 gets you a special intro. Snake19 Make Eva vomit Similar to making Snake spew, when you're escorting Eva to the lake, go into the cure option in the Survival Viewer to look at Eva and then use the analog sticks to spin her around several times.

Making Ends Meet

When you resume gameplay, Eva will vomit. Repeat this enough times and she will complain about stomach cramps and say other funny comments but this will also diminish her stamina quicker. You will be able to look around when it is not indicated that you can and you can see The Sorrow's body. After you've climbed the mountain, hold R1 during the cutscene where Snake is spying on Volgin on the base. After being tortured, hold R1 as Ocelot leaves the room.

The Boss does the "handgesture". After defeating The Boss, when her horse walks up, hold R1. You can see the ghosts of The Boss and The Sorrow. When the President goes to shake Snake's hand, hold R1 and look to the left. Ocelot is outside the window. When Snake is at the graveyard, hold R1. His eye tears up and you can't see much. Video Gamer Z Quick Draw Revolver Duel During the battle with Major Ocelot, if you unequip your current weapon and stand out in the open for a few seconds, there were be a secret cutscene where Ocelot accepts Snake's challenge for a quick-draw duel.

Ocelot will then stand and face off against Snake and the game will automatically switch to First Person View. Quickly equip your weapon again and when you're ready, aim your weapon and fire! The object of a quick draw duel is to draw your weapon first and fire but not cheat by drawing too early.

It must remain held down until cutscene where he leaves otherwise any damage that would have been done is still dealt. Pick the gun on the left, when you can shoot do not shoot at all. A hidden cutscene will happen with Ocelot talking about why you didn't shoot the gun. In a secret scene, Ocelot will then confront you and also twirl his revolver to show off his freestyle twirling tricks. Depending on how you twirl your revolver, he will compliment or criticize you accordingly.

PyroJames See naked Raiden again When obtaining the uniform from Raikov, the guy who looks and attacks like Raiden, shoot him in the crotch to kill him. During your battle with The Sorrow, a naked raiden will walf down the river hiding his privates, complete with bluring.

PurgatoryCell Listening to Granin After your meeting with Granin, his door will become locked to you but you can still listen to him inside his office. After a few minutes he will start mumbling some curious things while half asleep. Jupasto Bats in Cave In the cave, bats attack you if you run. But if you use the active sonar and send out a 'ping', the bats will stop coming after you. That is because bats use sonar to see, they attack the strange noises snake is making and using the sonar tricks them into thinking you are just another bat.

You'll know it's the right area because you'll see the Hind Helicopter grounded with noone piloting it. Interrogate the guard closest to the front door entrance of the largest building two or three times and he'll give you a password for Metal Gear Acid: First equip the binoculars, then quick unequip.

You will continue to move forward WITH the binoculars equiped, but you will not be able to control Snake at all, except to unequip the binoculars, which will then return everything to normal. Walk right up to her while she is asleep you may have to crouch.

She will begin saying interesting things in her sleep. WagonTronk Starving and poorly equipped enemies Throughout the game, you will find several storehouses of food Where you'll find items like Instant Noodles and Calorie Mates and ammunition Often where you find new weapons. If you have some TNT in your inventory, plant a piece inside a storehouse, stand back, and detonate it.

You'll know the trick worked if the room becomes charred and black. If you do this to a food storehouse, enemies in the nearby screens will complain about their hunger, helping you detect them easily. If you destroy an ammo warehouse, guards will have only one clip of AK ammo, then they will switch to a pistol, and eventually they will have to use a knife. Janors 2 Motion Capture Actors During a cut scene, if you see the name of the character, the name in the parentheses is the voice actor.

If you hit O, the name will change to the name of the character's motion capture actor. Shoot these magazines with a weapon and they will open to a page about Snake Eater. Shoot them again and they will flip to the back cover. Janors 2 Poisoning Enemies Destroy a food storehouse and wait for the guards to start complaining about their hunger. Kill a poison animal Such as a Poison Dart Frog and equip it as a weapon.

Worse case, you take one chip damage for each heart and there are a LOT of them.

Nigeria: Osinbajo - No Journalist Can Make Ends Meet in Nigeria

If you get behind her, they swarm you even without a hit. There IS a way to dodge the third attack, if you can figure it out. Destroy All Monsters Meleethe AI opponents will often head towards powerups that are offscreen, that the player has no idea that they're there.

Fortunately you can counter this by running in the opposite direction and, if the pickup is far enough away, you'll get the computer stuck against the edge of the camera and unable to reach it. The computer will keep trying to get to the pickup while you're free to chuck buildings at it. The Toonami review of the game in particular admits that Mechagodzilla is cheap.

If your attack is blocked by the computer in Fatal Fury 2, the computer will throw you. Doesn't matter what difficulty level, or how strong the attack and the subsequent blockstun is - the computer will throw you. Eternal Champions on the Sega Genesis and Sega CD took the unusual approach of requiring "inner energy" for all special moves. Theoretically, this forced the player to learn the characters and apply specific strategies in every possible matchup Except against the AI, which could always execute specials with sheer and utter disregard of its own energy levels.

Even more, well, insulting, characters have an ability called Insult which allows them to sacrifice one piece of their special gauge to destroy a little more of their opponents.

The computer, especially the final boss bosses in the Sega CD versionis quite fond of repeatedly Insulting you from a distance to render you impotent — usually shortly before, with a blatantly flashing EMPTY gauge, they execute their ultimate full-gauge-requiring attacks, some of which doing things like rendering the character completely invincible the final boss es have these, naturally.

Did we mention if you lose in the final battle, you can't continue? Whether or not the Demon with the halberd represents Bruce Lee's historically unalterable death, it's almost impossible to beat it.

In that same vein, Richard Wong in the Psychic Force games can become unbeatable in a fight by spamming his magically-appearing sword move. The King of Fighters suffered this terribly in the '94 and '95 incarnations.

There was an ability called "Evade" that, if timed right, allowed the character to dodge attacks. This translated to "The computer is immune to projectiles".

And in a callback to Fatal Fury 2, getting blocked when you jumped in would lead to an instant throw. In addition to the usual SNK unfairness, the game uses a gauge system that goes up when you hit the opponent and down when they hit you to measure how well you do and decides who wins at time out based on that.

Combined with the fact the timer acts like it is on speed combines to add yet another layer of evil to the mix. Tekken 5's Jinpachi Mishima was a great example of this trope. He had The Stomp, an auto-stun move that didn't do damage but left your character floating and unable to block for at least seven seconds, an eternity in a fighting game. This was even worse in Dark Resurrection, when the computer learned how to do juggles with three signature uppercuts in a row, which took off about half your health.

The version of the character given to the player, of course, did not have nearly as much priority for the stomp, which also had to be timed with the enemy attack unlike the AI version which could just be done whenever. In a fighting game basically devoid of projectiles, Jinpachi has fireballs and teleports. The teleports are bad enough, since they're basically instantaneous.

He can toss them out with no charge-up and no cool-down. That means that, even if you get smart, and try to sidestep, he'll just keep shooting until you take the hit.

The CPU opponents are inconsistent in their "skill". Tekken 6's Azazel wasn't quite as bad, but had one very specific cheap cheat trick: Normally, characters are vulnerable when performing an attack, and an opponent can interrupt them by landing the proper hit on them first.

The only way to reliably hit Azazel is to get behind him and hit him while his back is turned, where he can't usually defend. To be slightly more specific, Azazel is twice your height, and you hit him in the legs when you attack.

The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard

And his legs can block while his upper body attacks. It's still a violation of what has been a universal rule of Tekken until right then, and insanely frustrating. Jun isn't anything threatening really, so long as you're careful. But those stupid Attack Reversals can be annoying, especially since Reversals are rarely used by the AI.

Unknown however is even more fucking annoying with her many penchants to do a handful of things to interrupt your rhythm: Jinpachi's stun, her branches, her Attack Reversal and that dangerous portal move. That's not counting her increased health and quick regeneration. And don't even think about building a winning streak. In Tekken 7 Akuma follows the tradition. As a final boss, he can parry your attacks, teleport around the place extremely' fast, use an unblockable Focus Attack that is also twice as fast as that of his normal version, send 3 Shakunetsu Hadoken in a row which will juggle you for quite some damage, or eat up most of your health if you happen to use an armoured move before being hitand use an armoured taunt that instantly fills his entire Super Meternot to mention that his Raging Demon is a One-Hit Kill.

Of course, he also has a utterly obscene damage output. His parry deserves some elaboration. Not only is he the only character in the game who can do that, but it is instantaneous as well, and the computer loves it.

This means that unless you're punishing one of his attacks he can basically decide to take no damage and punish your every move. So, in the highest difficulty setting, you have a character who can perfectly block everything and counter for ridiculous damage while regaining his health of which he also has an obscenely high amount. By Namco, same as TekkenSoulCalibur has been pretty fair for the most part. There are the occasional moments when the enemy moves faster than a human, but still feels beatable.

Then there's Broken Destiny and the introduction of Dampierre. An extremely devoted player can make him the deadliest fighter on the planet. Rock got a similar annoyance upgrade. He is slightly faster than his SCIV console counterpart and has an arsenal of grabs that can get you while your down or midair, and the AI's very good at chaining them back-to-back for maximum frustration potential.

The computer can decide arbitrarily if this applies to it or not; occasonally for Cervantes, hardly ever for Souledge. Souledge's version also has the advantage of controlling exactly when he launches, thus making it a nightmare when he starts spamming it, which is often, but you can control that too, so that's ok.

It doesn't help that they especially the latter often get unbreakable weapons too while they suffer as much as everyone else when you control them, so good luck trying to disarm them. As the weapon gauge is never used again in such a fashion, it is no longer an issue from Soul Calibur Onwards. In the Xbox remake of Dead or Alive 2if you are playing Hayabusa yes that oneEin will block and counter pretty much every move that you ever make.

Sure, it starts out easy enough to lull you into a false sense of security, but then the madness begins.

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The computer also controls your tag partner Really, its only use is to be a punching bag so you can recover your health. But considering your opponent can usually kill both you AND your tag partner within two seconds, it doesn't help much. In DOA 5, it gets even worse once you get to the last four difficulties. You will be countered out of every string you try, usually by the second hit before the AI springs into a combo that damages at least half your health.

There are ways around this, but once you get to survival mode, good luck. All four courses require you to defeat opponents, in a row, with one health bar. JudgmentDracula WILL put his back to the screen, and thus you will not see what attack he is going to make. The Broken Bond, the computer is seemingly able to use the Rage Mode which speeds them up and makes them take no damage from anything but damage-dealing jutsus in the middle of a combo.

Nevermind that if you make one mistake you get totally owned. They'll juggle you, never letting you even block. If the computer makes a mistake it doesn't matter because you have to have pretty much perfect timing to hit them at that moment anyway. Clash of Ninja series avoided this for the most part, usual computer tendencies aside. Then English releases began to be developed by American developers insteadand now we have story mode enemies who have no stagger animations and Perfect-Play A.

These aren't even optional challenges- you HAVE to kill these people to proceed. The optional challenges involve similar things, only with the difficulty turned Up to Eleven by better AI. The Grandpa Gen challenges in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Especially the Chiyo and Jiraiya fights. Both have insanely high attack and defenses, and can either poison you Chiyo or regain health Jiraiya. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 has this in four distinct types.

It also lets them set up an Unblockable attack. Tactics like continuous healing work twice as well and as fast as they do for you. The first Samurai Shodown game was very guilty of this: Super Godzilla for the Super Nintendo did this against, well, pretty much everyone. Your own fighting spirit a measure of how strong your techniques are rises pretty slowly, compared to the UFO which is nearly permanently at maximum, or Mechagodzilla, who can go from nothing to max in a heartbeat, and teleport-body-slam you in the process.

He will then use eye lasers just to mess with you. If you want to pull off the killer moves with a full bar, you absolutely need the booster item to fill it faster, because the enemy will hit you first otherwise.

Anyone who is an established wrestler will automatically be twice as good as you, no matter who you choose. Final Fantasythe AI also ignores equipment and accessory rules. Every piece of regular equipment swords, shields, etc has a level requirement that your character must meet in order to equip it, but almost every AI opponent will be wearing at least one item above their level.

Accessories work somewhat differently. They are ranked from D to Star. The higher the rank, the fewer of that accessory you can use at the same time. Many AI will have three or four of the same Star-ranked accessory. And we won't even mention Chaos, who cheats like a cheating cheaty-thing, especially with his Summon. Every single other Summon in the game can only be used once per fight, except in one specific, rule-based case.

He however can use his purely at will, as often as he wants. The prequel adds to the cheating — if the game wants to play a character like an SNK Bossit will — dodging will be instant, attacks will be instant even if you're playing the same charactertheir priority will be scores higher than yours, etc.

Amusingly, Duodecim also lets you turn off most of the cheating by setting the ruleset for custom matches to "Official Skill ", which disables equipment and summons for both sides. It's actually kind of pathetic seeing how badly the AI performs when forced to fight fair. The AI opponents have infinite Spiritual Power. Usually the Ignition Gague can only be filled by causing damage, especially many hits quickly.

The computer is not bound by these restrictions, and can enter Ignition Mode and use an Ignition Attack whenever they feel like it, which on harder difficulties they will. It's not unheard of for a computer-controlled character to use an Ignition Attack, and then re-enter Ignition mode before the player has even hit the ground, especially when fighting multiple enemies at once. BlazBlue is guilty of this. He takes full advantage of this and will constantly catch you in an unwinnable loop with his Special attacks.

Basically any fight against Hazama due to the fact that he lives up to his cheating bastard status. He will use his Distortion Drives only when you have literally no way to dodge them. Nu on her own is bad enough; she can rapidfire summoned projectile swords. Unlimited Nu is Nu, except she summons twice as many swords.

making ends meet from the depths cheats

Ragna isn't much better. Journalism as a profession is so wide open. I will show you that it is not your profession and why that is the case.

There are owners of media that are just cheats. They just want to get something from nothing and that is not uncommon, it is a general malaise. It is not necessarily restricted to the media. There many lawyers, if they tell you what they earn, you will certainly not want to be a lawyer. Even if a minimum wage is set nationally, it is not necessarily respected by the private sector and this is something that should be factored into the status of a company and whether a company is even complying with the requirements.

That is not the case here.