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danny silk defining the relationship video clips

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This process created a large one-stringed guitar played by the wind. His work process is an improvisational and intuitive application of tools and ideas. Raw materials such as discarded technology, electronics, programming code and found objects are manipulated through various processes and reconstituted into new structures, which play upon new meanings and interpretations.

This practice started with an interest in audio sampling technologies and audio cut up methods, and has expanded to include almost anything: From the original press release: If the wind could speak to us, what might it say?

The first stage of this multi-part project, based on the principles of an Aeolian Harp, involved a large, one-stringed guitar played by the wind outdoors. Gregory has long been interested in exploring the complex relationship between humans and technology, and extends his practice now to investigations concerning the state of the natural world. He began thinking about kites while re-introducing the notion of play into his work, which led him into a deeply interesting sphere of research about the physics of flight, the historic, spiritual, and cultural significance of kites, and their mysterious, poetic, and metaphoric aspects.

This project is the outcome of five years of development, during which time Gregory learned to design, build, and fly kites with a view to creating wind instruments. The Aeolian Kite Instrument gives the wind a voice that is similar to our own vocal chords. In light of climate change and other ecological urgencies, it seems critical that we consider such possibilities with creative sensitivity.

Ken Gregory has been working with do-it-yourself interface design, hardware hacking, audio, video, and computer programming for over 20 years. His creative performance and installation work has shown publicly across Canada, and at many international media and sound art festivals. His works are presented in the form of gallery installations, live performances, live radio broadcasts, and audio compact discs. From the original publicity for the exhibition: The long history of stringed musical instruments illustrates this.

In the world of sound art, the study of strings evolved from both musical and scientific curiosities. Although wires are utilized extensively in sound creation today due to the inherent nature of electricity, the wire or string continues to lure as a medium for carrying sound, leading, at times, to an interplay with basic natural phenomena: It's safe to say that most Canadians have been stopped in their tracks by the wind whistling through a crack in the door or window.

During a snow or rain storm, gusts of wind are not only physical but have an aural presence that can either lull or incite unease. Thanks to the keen sensibilities and creative approach of Winnipeg sound artist Ken Gregory, the wind and its many vocalizations have been given a stage at Gallery 1C03, and it all began with the strings of a kite. In order to inject some playfulness into his ongoing artistic practice, Gregory decided to take up kite making and flying.

danny silk defining the relationship video clips

What began as an exercise in kite construction led to a deeply profound relationship with kits and their rich history. Through this ongoing relationship Gregory dug deeper into the many uses of the kite, including its application as an instrument. Being a natural deep listener, Gregory picked up on a subtle aural phenomena that occurred as the kite's towline was yanked and tensed by the whims of the wind as it flew. The vibrations caused subtle drones, with punctuated hums and whirs, to travel along the taut line.

Gregory was intrigued and he sought to make these subtle tones more audible. So, the president, at least on Monday, who's fairly measured; by Tuesday, he was sort of ratcheting up the heat a little bit.

A short time ago, he tweeted this: I hope Republican voters and others are watching and studying the Democrat playbook. This was at a, you know, news conference on Tuesday. This should have been brought to the fore, it should have been brought up long ago. And that's what you have hearings for. You don't wait until the hearing is over and then all of a sudden, bring it up. When Senator Feinstein sat with Judge Kavanaugh for a long period of time.

A long, long meeting, she had this letter, why didn't she bring it up? Why didn't she bring it up, then? So, David, I think Dianne Feinstein the Democratic senator received that letter from Professor Ford back in June or July, when Kavanaugh's name was first mentioned to be on a short list.

Was there any legal or moral obligation for Feinstein to actually take that information and present it to the committee or take it to the FBI or any kind of authority, or was it beholden upon her to keep it confidential at the request of the woman?

I think she actually an obligation to keep it confidential because Dr. Ford had not wanted her identity known. Ford, this Stanford professor, apparently had made a calculation that she just didn't want to be dragged through the mud, as she's being dragged through the mud right now. And so, she'd made that calculation she wanted to stay confidential and then it was actually leaked. I think too many people ended up knowing about it. And it might've been a neighbor, it might've been somebody who knew leaked it.

They told it to somebody who told it to somebody, and it was blazing hot. And then, all of a sudden, her place was being, you know, surrounded reporters; her friends were being interviewed. And she said, you know what on balance, I'm going to be public about it, and then, of course, just the kind of bloodbath of bad publicity -- bad in the sense of who would want to be at center of this?

What does she gain? Yes, and Michael, the timing too, did you see this as the Democrats playing politics here? That you know, this comes up at the last minute or do you see it as this is how it played out? Well, I think the president is right. It would have been much better had this been revealed six months ago or three months ago -- a month ago. But the reality is it was revealed just recently, and so it's not a matter of the choice of -- it just was out there.

And I don't give the Democrats enough credit for playing the game that well to manipulate the process this way. I think it's just the way things worked out. And so, we're stuck with that. Question is, what do you with that?

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Do you do the right thing or do you rush through the votes? I was going to say that. The Republicans went eight months to 10 months. So, whatever it was without ever filling that slot. The idea that there's a huge rush because the Supreme Court is going to start hearing cases, the first Monday in October.

They allowed the Supreme Court to sit there with a tie. The Republicans did month after month, after month. So, what's the great haste? Let's get to the bottom of it. It's bad for the court, it's bad for the system, it's bad for both of them if it just sits out there as he said, she said. Having said that, I believe that she ought to testify on Monday. Obviously, very difficult for woman in that position, you know, to go through all of this, in this environment -- a partisan environment.

Michael and David, thank you so much. Always great to have you guys. Well, another tell-all book about the U. This one called, "Full Disclosure," written by adult film actress, Stormy Daniels, who alleges a sexual affair with Donald Trump. There are lurid new details about the president and the alleged sexual encounter. The time is tough that once it's read it will probably stay with you for a very long time and not in a good way.

CNN has obtained a copy of the new tell-all book and if there are children around, it's best to send them to another room. In her tell all book, Stormy Daniels writes that her first sighting of Trump in in his hotel suite in Lake Tahoe was shocking. And when Daniels came out of the bathroom, she claims Trump was lying on the bed in his underwear. She then describes his genitalia in great detail: Proof, her attorney, Michael Avenatti says, she's tired of being called a liar by Trump's people.

Daniel said, the night after her sexual encounter with Trump, he invited her to a club. Roethlisberger asked her a question while pushing lightly on her door, "'How about a good night kiss? Every now and again, he'd knock, rubbing his knuckles in a lined low along the door. We have not heard back. But in January, after a few details came out in Intouch Magazine, Roethlisberger's agent said, Roethlisberger was aware of it but had no intention of addressing the story.

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Trump and Daniels allegedly met months later at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She reveals, while in his room as the two were watching T. Clinton was vying for the Democratic presidential nomination against Barack Obama. When he hung up, he was effusive about Hillary.

Fast forward almost a decade to the Trump and Clinton campaigns, and you'd never know it. Daniels also reveals she was raped as a child. She writes, "It happened repeatedly by a man who lived next door to one of her friends.

danny silk defining the relationship video clips

I was a child, and then I wasn't," she writes. And that's one of the disturbing details she recounts in her young life. One of the theme that is throughout the book is Stormy Daniels hates being called a liar. And that explains why she went into such detail about President Trump. Her book comes out on October 2nd. Michael Avenatti is the Attorney for Stormy Daniels, he joins us now.

So, this book goes on sale in what, two weeks. A little more than a month before the midterm congressional elections. Was that timely planned, so that it would have a prominent role just as voters are sort of thinking about who are they going to vote for at these elections? You know, I'd like to tell you that it was planned, but it was not planned that way.

It just happened to be when the book was completed. And then, there's of course, advanced number of weeks that have to be factored into the schedule. But you think it will have an impact? You know, I don't know if it will have an impact or not. I mean, I -- you know, as I've said for some time now, and as my client has said, Stormy has said for some time, it's not about the sex, it's really about the cover-up and lying to the American people and the fact that Donald Trump together with Michael Cohen conspired to violate campaign finance law and keep this from American voters in connection with the election.

Yes, because early on Tuesday you tweeted this. Trump, it is instead a description of her life and role as a modern woman unafraid to speak truth to power.

I'm proud to call her my client, and my friend. At one point she writes this, "It may have been the least impressive sex I'd ever had, but clearly, he didn't share that opinion. Well, see, I disagree that it doesn't have a lot of bombshells. I think there's a lot of facts that are -- that are in this book that are going to be new to people. There is certainly a lot of facts about my client's life.

And this book is not just about Donald Trump. It is about the journey that Stormy that Stormy Daniels has been on from her early childhood up through to today. Through the filing of the case. And I think there's a lot of facts relating not only to the relationship with Donald Trump but also the relationship of or what exactly transpired with Donald Trump and Michael Cohen attempting to silence her and how she fought back against that, and really stood up to them.

We'll get to -- you know, Stormy Daniels and -- you know, her character is pretty if you like them home. It comes froma year after the sexual affair. Stormy Daniels writes she's in a hotel room with Donald Trump, and he gets a call from Hillary Clinton, who was running against Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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She writes this, "Then, to make it crazier, Hillary Clinton called. He had a whole conversation about the race, repeatedly mentioning 'our plan. But what do you think "our plan" is? What was she talking about there, or what was he talking about? Well, what she was speaking of -- well, there was really two plans that were being spoken about at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

To put the fix in. To attempt to put the fix in and suggested that Stormy -- that Donald would fix it so that Stormy could stay on the show longer than she otherwise would be on the show, which is fairly ironic. And then, Trump never really disclosed to Stormy what his plan with Hillary was at that time but he was very complimentary about Hillary and her talents, and her intelligence level which, of course, is completely counter to what he said in You mentioned that this book is also about Stormy Daniels in her life and what she's been through.

Here's a fairly typical comment directed at Stormy Daniels about this book on social media on Twitter, "Disgusting, Stormy Daniels gives the dirty details and sick new book against Trump. And I think, you know, as the note to the book that's already been published states that I -- that I drafted, you know, this is a remarkable woman who's had a remarkable journey.

I was very moved by the book the first time that I read it. I had to put it down a couple times. I think people are going to be very impressed by the book, by its honesty. And what's most impressive about my client, my friends, Stormy Daniels is -- she is who she is, and she owns who she is at all times. She doesn't apologize for it, she doesn't attempt to be somebody that she is not and I think that's rather refreshing in today's day and age.

Full Disclosure, it joins this really long list of tell-all books about this White House. Here this, Fear, Unhinged. Earlier there was Fire and Fury. Normally, these sort of accounts -- you know, these insider accounts take years to emerge. These come on one after the other and we're what a year and a half -- two years into this administration. What does it say about this White House?

Well, I think it says that Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. And that -- you know, his unpredictable nature and his lack of judgment in the fact that he's prone to do anything at any period of time makes for a great fiction, but even better non-fiction. Michael, good to see you. Thanks for coming up. Good to see you. Thanks for having me. Still to come here, the leaders of North and South Korea say, they have agreed on a plan for denuclearization.

But wait, there is more and there's a whole lot more after a historic summit in Pyongyang. Also, was it poison that put an anti-Putin activist in hospital, unable to speak or move? We now actually have an answer. Well, doctors are treating an anti-Putin activist with ties to Russian protest group, believed he was poisoned. The doctor goes on to say he believes it's only way to account for the symptoms that include a sudden loss of sight, as well as the ability to move.

These are the latest images of Pyotr Verzilov in a Berlin hospital.

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Awake but confused whatever attacked his nervous system still clouding his brain. Cared for by the women closest to him. You know right now she's not in that condition.

He is not -- just a few days ago, he understands that he's in the hospital. And then, he probably is poisoned. But he asked if he's poisoned by food or did he ate something bad? So, he doesn't want to go now right now. So, he still sorts of in a very intensive care? He's still in and out and he's not fully aware exactly of what happened? You know, we didn't explain to him what happened because he just buddy how to do simple things.

But a stitch now is like from the -- you know, like for the child. Particularly, at a child. Pyotr Verzilov has been a thorn in the Russian government's side for years. Staging protests with punk band Pussy Riot, fiercely critical of the Putin government calling for political prisoners to be released. This summer, charging the pitch at the World Cup final. Dressed as police officers, with girlfriend and fellow political activist Veronica Nikulshina.

A stunt that landed both in jail. It was at Nikulshina's court hearing that she believes, Verzilov may have been exposed to poison. Losing his sight, then his ability to walk. After several days in a Moscow hospital, his family scrambled to fly him to Berlin.

A specialist from Berlin's Charite Hospital say it is with high possibility that he was poisoned. But have yet to identify the source. Russia's Foreign Ministry made no comment on the suspected poisoning, referring instead to Russian law enforcement which has so far not responded to CNN requests.

His family and friends spoke to reporters after the doctor's announcement. For Verzilov's wife Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, founding member of Pussy Riot, there is no question what happened. They say he was poisoned. It will be really dangerous for him to go back because probably it was an assassination attack -- attempt. And if not it was an intimidation because probably between you something that he wasn't supposed to know.

And we have a suspicion on what could it be but we cannot talk about it without Pyotr's consent. She was due to play at the Chicago Riot Fest when she found out about the poisoning, she performed with a banner that read "We will punish those who poisoned Pyotr Verzilov. We want to make investigation and we -- yes, we want to punish those who poisoned Pyotr.

That's why they put it partly, that's why he is in Berlin because here we have a chance to have a really independent investigation. Both Nikulshina and Tolokonnikova believed they too may be in danger if they return to Moscow. But for now, they are focused on his recovery. Well, it might be easier to list what North and South Korea have not agreed to during a leadership summit at Pyongyang. Both Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un, say they have a plan now for denuclearization and that -- near future.

International inspectors will be allowed in the North which is a greatest -- engine testing sight -- Yongbyon nuclear facility if the U. There's also a deal on joint military path, the plan to link railways, corporation on health care, and also family reunions. Kim Jong-un, says he'll visit Seoul soon, and if that goes ahead, he'll be the first North Korean leader to do so since peninsula was divided into North and South at the end of World War II.

And a good measure, both countries say they will bid jointly for the Olympic Games. Paula Hancocks joins us now from Seoul in South Korea. All that and a set of steak knives, as well. I mean, this is an incredible list of what they in a plan to do, it's very ambitious. It's very positive it all happens, but there seems like there's a lot of areas along the way where all of this would come undone. And one big area could be the U. Well, that's right, John.

As you say, there is an awful lots in that declaration including the military agreement. But looking at exactly what the U. And despite and the fact that they will allow international inspectors into there, that is new. The fact that they will have inspections. But we do know that Donald Trump, after that Singapore summit have already said, he'd been promised by Kim Jong-un that, that particular test site was going to be shut down. Now, the next part is unconditional. They say that they would be willing to shut down also the Yongbyon Nuclear Facility, but they say that they want to have U.

And this is the key here, it is conditional it's a quid pro quo for North Korea. They want a step-by-step denuclearization. Something which in the past Washington set they weren't going to do. They wanted complete denuclearization, then, they would look at conditions.

But then, you look at the response from the U. He tweeted very soon after this declaration was announced saying that Kim Jong-un has agreed to allow nuclear inspections subject to final negotiations, and to permanent dismantle a test site and launch pad in the presence of international experts. Now, the one key thing there is Donald Trump, saying he had allowed -- agree to allow nuclear inspections. Now, that did cause some confusion here was nobody heard that throughout the declaration. It's not written in the declaration, the agreement between these two countries.

But certainly, we've heard from the U. So, he sees it as a successful outcome. In so many ways, we've seen the North Korean sort of go down this road before and making these gestures but nothing on this scale.

I mean, I remember back when they -- you know, in the cooling tower. Yongbyon, they dismantled the reactor and that was kind of it.

danny silk defining the relationship video clips

And it was easily reversible. This seems to be in a whole different league entirely. I think the most significant moves we've seen are between the two Koreas.

Writing: Day April 11, "Culture of Honor" by Danny Silk

This military agreement is very wide-ranging. Talking about no-fly zones, talking about the maritime border which there have been many naval skirmishes over the decades that talking about that being redone.

That the fact that they're going to dismantle guard posts along the DMZ, they're going to remove landmines. And also, this joint excavation for the remains of Korean War veterans. So, certainly, it is very wide-ranging in that respect. But the fact that they're going to dismantle guard posts along the DMZ, they're going to remove land minds.

And also this joint excavation for the remains of Korean War veterans. So certainly it is very wide ranging in that respect. And the fact that Kim Jong-un has said he is willing to come to Seoul.

Now if I remember rightly, that has been said before by his father, the late Kim Jong-il after those summits but that never took place. So that would be very significant, the very first time that a North Korean leader has come to the South since the Korean War.

So there is an awful lot in here that you could point to as being a success. But when it does come to denuclearization part, it is still conditional and that's the important part for Washington that North Korea still wants a step by step process. Moon Jae-in needed a win. If this works out as it is advertised, it'll be huge. Paula -- thank you. Now each side are actually blaming someone else after a Russian military plane was brought down over Syria. I'm John Vause with the headlines this hour.

The woman accusing U. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault more than 30 years ago says she wants an FBI investigation before testifying publicly. South Korea's president says the era of no war has started on the Korean Peninsula.

On the second day of his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Moon Jae-in said they've agreed on a path towards denuclearization. As for Kim Jong-un, a visit to Seoul might just be in the near future. President Donald Trump tweeted about the developments calling it all "very exciting".

Russia's defense ministry blames Israel saying Syria actually mistakenly shot down the plane during an Israeli airstrike. Israel has expressed sorrow for the 15 crew which were killed but it's actually blaming the Syrians.

Matthew Chance has more on the diplomatic challenges now facing Russia and Israel in dealing this situation. Well, this is an extraordinary incident which underlines just how crowded the Syrian battlefield has become and how rival military forces often pursuing different objectives can potentially clash with one another.

Defense officials here in Moscow say an Ilyushin naval patrol aircraft was shot out of the sky by anti-aircraft missiles fired by Russia's own Syrian government ally.

danny silk defining the relationship video clips

They say Syrian air defenses were trying to interrupt Israeli war planes, attacking targets in Syria and have blamed what they Israel's careless actions for the incident. For its part Israel says it followed standard deconfliction procedures but Russia's defense ministry -- Russian defense officials say the Israeli military did not give them sufficient warning of their attack and that Israeli war planes hid behind the Russian aircraft which was hit by a Soviet era S surface-to-air missile.

Well the Russian president also condemned the incident. It appears to be ratcheting down the tension with Israel rejecting comparisons to a shoot down of a Russian war plane by Turkish interceptors near the Turkish-Syrian border. Take a listen to what Vladimir Putin had to say. Here it is more like a chain of tragic accidents or circumstances because Israel didn't shoot that plane down. But there's no doubt, no doubt at all that we will have to take a serious look at what in fact happened.

And our view of this tragedy is set out in a statement issued by the Russian Federation ministry of defense which has been fully agreed with me. As for our response, that will be concentrated on taking additional security measures to protect our servicemen and our assets in Syria. And those will be steps which everybody will take note of. Well, Israel also reluctant to fuel tensions with Moscow, has issued a statement expressing sorrow at the loss of the 15 Russian aircrew.

The Israeli military says it was targeting weapons that would have been used to attack Israel. And the Syrian air defense batteries fired indiscriminately failing to ensure that no Russian planes were in the air. Remember the days of the pivot? Well, it seems possible Donald Trump might just change his ways and become presidential.

It never happened and the proof it never would was right there in plain sight. More on that, in a moment. Remember the pivot of ? I think that what you've seen today hopefully is the beginning of a pivot. Yesterday was a natural -- call it a pivot into the general election. He knows the pivot is important. He has been better. And I think he's going to be great moving forward.

It went something like this. At some point during the U. The misogyny, the school yard name- calling and bullying would come to an end. He'd no longer mock the disabled, nor would he insult more veterans. Instead there would be respect for the families of fallen soldiers. The narcissism would give way to altruism. Somehow the man who seemed to have no decency or shame, who boasted and bragged, who was often petty and mean would just pivot and become presidential. I can be presidential but if I was presidential, we'll only have only about -- 20 percent of you would be here because it would be boring as hell, I will say.

The elusive pivot is just around the corner. No, it is not. But the reality is by now everyone has realized it is never going to happen. If there's one thing about Donald Trump, it is this.