Are you the relationship type quiz

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are you the relationship type quiz

Take the Relationship Personality Profile, our relationship counselling quiz. Discover the ways in which you and your partner differ. Love and relationship quizzes - All you need is love! Are you love live? Check it by taking these numerous tests and quizzes. What type of girl is your type?. This quiz, provided by Terry Hatkoff, a California State University sociologist, can determine how you define love in a relationship. To get the.

I like to show my love by doing tasks. I feel powerless in my relationships, like I am just going through the motions.

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I feel like I am always waiting for time and attention from my significant other. I usually defer to a friend or my significant other when choosing a restaurant.

I use substances like food, alcohol, or drugs to help deal with the stress and pain in my life. I would describe my childhood as unsafe. I wish my significant other would be more independent. My parents would describe me as a good kid who never caused problems. I am dishonest at times to avoid conflict. I have concerns about the safety of my friends and family, and I worry a lot about them. Growing up, my family rarely or neverdiscussed personal concerns.

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No one protected me from harm growing up, so I had to toughen up and take care of myself. I often feel my longing for connection and attention is never satisfied.

When people hurt me I write them off and end the relationship. I rarely get angry, but when I do I usually hide it rather than show it. My dating relationships can be passionate and exciting, but I feel betrayed and duped when that spark is gone.

My significant other has or threatens to hit, drag, or shoved me. Growing up, my home was very difficult, but I found I could escape into my head and go away. I like to meet the needs of others and I feel uncomfortable when someone wants to serve me. My childhood was so unsafe I remember hiding to protect myself.

are you the relationship type quiz

If I am honest, I would say my significant other is afraid of me. Growing up, my family was not very affectionate or demonstrative. One or both of my parents was critical or fearful, so I tried hard to keep them happy or win their approval.

are you the relationship type quiz

I have hit or pushed my significant other or kids. I get annoyed when people ask me how I feel. My significant other controls almost everything about my life. I need space and feel trapped if someone always wants to be with me all the time.

are you the relationship type quiz

Crying kids really annoy me; if they were my kid, it would stop. My significant other says they feel like they have a hard time pleasing me.

If I think someone is mad at me, I would rather do something nice for them than confront them directly. Perhaps you push people away just when they're getting close. It can be heartbreaking and frustrating trying to understand why we often repeat mistakes in our relationships.

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Our relationship test uses the well researched measure of adult attachment qualities to reveal insights about our attachment styles. The test was developed by Ph.

are you the relationship type quiz

What are attachment styles We are biologically driven to seek out relationships but how we 'relate' to others in romantic relationships is a learned behaviour. This is our attachment style and the research shows that it remains relatively stable throughout our lives and has a massive impact on our relationships.

It affects how long our relationships are likely to last, our compatibility with others and many other factors in our lives.

Knowing your attachment style can provide insight into how you cope in close relationships. With knowledge of your attachment style you may understand why you've been unable to become close to someone or why you tend to push people away. Understanding your attachment style provides direction for improving the quality of your relationships. Tips to get more out of the test Having your partner take the test to reveal his or her attachment style provides an even deeper level of insight into the dynamics of your relationship.