Tacoma swap meet address book

Star Lite Swap Meet

tacoma swap meet address book

Bargains and Swap Meet Treasures are Waiting – Goodwill Outlet at South Pine Street, Tacoma (Mon-Sun AMPM). often cost you more than shopping at other used book stores in town, Email Address. The popular Star Lite Swap Meet has been shut down by the city of Lakewood. for the city to go out and shut down the business,” he said by phone Thursday night. Michelle Obama coming to Tacoma Dome on book tour. Tacoma Mountaineers Awards Potluck and Volunteer Recognition Address: Kirkland Avenue. Regular meeting of committee and branch leaders and key volunteers to make decisions and advance . Join authors, hikers, and explorers Cassandra Overby and Beth Jusino for a presentation, Q&A, and book signing.

Tacoma Bike Swap – Saturday April 28th, 2018 – Sell a Bike or Buy a Bike at Reduced Prices!

The flea market operates six days a week, doubling in size on weekends. The vendors — and, often, the customers — are predominantly Latino, many of them Mexican-American. Lakewood mirrors the big swap meets in California both in its demographics and setup. You can hear Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese spoken along the rows of booths.

Vendors haggle with customers over a few dollars. But the usual flea-market junk still dominates here: Secondhand jeans are big: The detailed stitching, the intricate embroidery and the signature wide legs — all indications of the real deal. The young crowd usually cherry-picks the big-name designer jeans by noon, said jeans vendor Mark Strong.

A tour of our funky — and flourishing — flea markets | The Seattle Times

Puget Park Swap Everett The row of bra vendors near the entry is deceiving. Lots of used crossbows, hunting knives, camouflage gear, power tools, Chilton repair manuals and motorcycle helmets.

tacoma swap meet address book

Again, Latinos make up probably half of the estimated vendors at this drive-in theater space, many selling mariachi outfits, Mexican pop music and DVDs. Sort of gives it a neighborhood-yard-sale ambience. Better yet, they offer the best deals.

Aged, beloved Ivan the gorilla from Tacoma dies at Atlanta zoo | The Seattle Times

But you will have to work for it. Throw away the key. This is King Kong. Larry Johnston and his father slept on cots outside the cage for two months to comfort the young gorilla. Ivan would spend the next 27 years in the concrete compound. But Ivan was the star attraction, visited regularly by children across the region.

Flea Market Selling Day

The gorilla got what was considered the best possible care, Johnston said. Protesters descended on the South Tacoma shopping complex when Ron Irwin, by then the owner, resisted moving Ivan. The PR battle continued for three years, through a bruising bankruptcy fight between Irwin and his sister.

A bankruptcy trustee finally struck the deal to transfer Ivan to Atlanta.

tacoma swap meet address book

Ambivalent At Zoo Atlanta, Ivan was eased back into gorilla society. Ivan eventually seemed comfortable with most of his female companions, said Charles Horton, his former keeper at Zoo Atlanta.

  • 2019 Monroe Swap Meet – May 18th-19th, 2019

But Ivan never fully embraced the role of a dominant silverback. The one report of Ivan mating might have been a false alarm, Horton said. At any rate, he never repeated the maneuver. For Fox, the campaign to move Ivan was about improving his life, not leaving progeny.

tacoma swap meet address book

Nearly two decades later, even those who opposed the move agree.