Swap meet san fernando horse

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swap meet san fernando horse

Fiesta of the Spanish Horse at Los Angeles Equestrian Center opened its doors in as a small feed and tack store serving the rural San Fernando Valley. Early San Fernando Photo when horses ruled transportation. . The NBA Reunion & Bike Show Swap Meet is this Sunday, May 7th at the. Things to do in the San Fernando Valley, LA area, Oct. Valley Indoor Swap Meet, Parthenia St., Panorama City. . corn maze, a country store, singing cowboy, hay pyramids and teamed draft horses wagon rides.

Hollywood people may have been prettier than everyone else but were not appropriating public spaces for themselves. To walk the beach Saturday was to stare at a row of uninhabited fortresses, propped up on stilts, in defiance of nature. My utility is my expense. The bigger the house, the less people use them. Larry Ellison of Oracle owns ten, right here, within a mile of each other. When you peek underneath the decks, things get a bit interesting.

swap meet san fernando horse

The ravages of nature are everywhere. Yet the prices only keep going up. Or maybe they half-do but are to content to rent the sand from Mother Nature for a few years before flipping it to the person who sells the tungsten rights to Uzbekistan under the table and needs a place to park the cash.

They decry the idea of a Mexican border wall, but they love their gates and cameras. Just like they oppose all development west of La Cienega but expect crisply folded linens.


They love regulating plastic straws but there is never a limit on the carbon footprint of donors to the DNC. First, it provides proof that Roy Baker and partner Bob Anderson see pgs.

We don't know how often they staged rodeos before they opened the area, but we'd have to guess it was infrequent; this is April, and page 26 implores guests to offer advice "so that we may be better prepared to please you next year.

swap meet san fernando horse

It is also notable that there is no photo of the rodeo grounds in the program, unlike later Baker Ranch Rodeo programs. Was the April rodeo held in a corral?

swap meet san fernando horse

Or was there an earlier arena, as some have suggested? This doesn't tell us.

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Second, we see that Roy Baker's primary purpose was not to stage rodeos but to sell Kentucky show and pleasure horses that he bred on the property.

Perhaps his true purpose for staging rodeos was to put his business on the map and attract horse buyers. Third, it gives us a good idea of the prominent businesses in Newhall and Saugus in and enlightens us as to some rather interesting ones, such as "The Beautiful Old Milleranche at Newhall" on page 8, which was "available for poultry ranches or country estates.

catchsomeair.us LWv | Saugus Speedway | Baker Ranch Rodeo Program (Page 23 of 26)

Perkins, it counted among its selling agents the Newhall grocer and hotelier Albert Swall. Our best guess is that it might have been Perkins' relatively successful effort to develop housing in the Wildwood Canyon section of Newhall. Roy Baker purchased the acre property east of Bouquet Junction in for the purpose of breeding and selling show and pleasure horses.

To that end he imported saddle brood mares from Kentucky and studded them with a pedigreed, chestnut-colored saddlebred stallion named Peavine McDonald b. Baker advertised that he had 2, acres of grazing land and also offered training and boarding services for outside horses. Probably to attract horse buyers to his ranch in faraway Saugus, Baker staged rodeos.

swap meet san fernando horse

Some references suggest he built a 12,seat arena inbut this is dubious. We do know he held a rodeo on the property on April 11, That December, Baker and partner Bob Anderson started construction on a new stadium, complete with partially covered grandstand seating and a quarter-mile oval track.

SAN FERNANDO SWAP MEET: San Fernando's Hidden Gem

When it opened May 1,it seated 18, fans, and thousands more had to be turned away for lack of room. Over the next decade, ownership of the arena would change hands three more times.

swap meet san fernando horse

As with a majority of the American populace, Baker was hit hard financially by the Great Depression of and was forced to sell the stadium to cowboy actor Hoot Gibson in Gibson continued to hold rodeos at the stadium and drew a Hollywood crowd including famous actors such as William S.