Pate swap meet pictures

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pate swap meet pictures

Rent Scooters and Wheelchairs at Pate Swap Meet. Services and Information for the Pate Swap Meet. Click Here Models may vary from picture shown here. Pate Swap Meet, Fort Worth, Texas. K likes. Many call The PATE Swap Meet the Great Mid-America Swap Meet. April If you have got a classic. Don't you love throwback pictures from Pate's past! Tag yourself and friends, and we look forward to seeing you at this year's meet April 27 to 30 at.

After that the swap meet was held on the parking lot of the Dallas Motor Speedway, just north of Ft.

pate swap meet pictures

Worth and the Alliance business airport. The new location had better access, better showers, pavement less mudand many modern conveniences.


These facilities provide ample parking for all visitors to the swap meet, easy access to and from Interstate 35, unlimited space for camper parking during the event, and a vast amount of paved space for the swap meet to expand in the future. There are now over 7, vendor spaces sold, and it is still growing.

pate swap meet pictures

First of all, there is the matter of duty. Many of you joined this club for technical expertise in the workings and restoration of your collection of cars. Others joined for the opportunity to have a venue to show off and display these cars in your collection. All that is good, and is exactly what is the foundation of the club.

But in order to serve the membership body well, with those things it wants as a club, there are some obligations of service or duty we need to consider. By coming out to the Pate Swap Meet site on the set-up days, Saturday being the big set-up day, and coming out on the swap meet operational days, and then by coming out on the tear-down day, which is Sunday, somewhere there is a place for you to participate for the club, and also enjoy yourself doing it.

Additionally, there is the social aspect of helping out at Pate. You get to meet and work with our members, and in some cases, some members of the other clubs, depending on their duties and presence.

Ok, then there is the fun. And all of this translates to something really special. Memories of a good time and fellowship that I will remember for many years.

pate swap meet pictures

Some of these memories are quite exciting, thanks to the crazy weather we have here in Texas. And some of the memories are of the new people I met. Plan on spending some time out at Pate with the other club members and helping out, enjoying the adventure, and having some fun in the Texas sunshine.

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On set-up day many members bring their current pride-and-joy vehicle out to our area to show it off because there is plenty of spacious parking and few people to bother the vehicle. A few even show off their cars near the tent free parking…. While you are there you have ample opportunity to roam the vendors, the car corral, the auction, and just be part of the action.

Tear down starts around That is one of the reasons we are so high on recruiting. Its dollars to us for our efforts.

The MG Experience

Norman Kressmann memories of Pate and Pate Museum of Transportation Here is an example of the treasured memories that working and being at the Swap Meet can generate. So my contact with the original Swap Meet grounds is limited to the stories of long-time members. How well they remembered the beginnings of Pate, the growth of Pate, the friendships they built at Pate and the seas of mud they endured at Pate.

To them, it has been different since Pate moved to the Speedway. It was better in some ways, not as good in others.

pate swap meet pictures

One aspect that was, and is, bittersweet is the enduring friendships. How wonderful it is to see old friends again each year.

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  • Norman Kressmann memories of Pate and Pate Museum of Transportation

But how sad it is to learn that some old friends had left the Old Car hobby and, in some cases, left this earth. I could imagine the row upon row of vendors. I could see the crush of customers, the well-spring of joy that came from finding an obscure but desperately- needed part at a bargain price. I could see the tractors pulling cars out of the muck and mire.

And then, I could see…the inevitable development of housing. I wondered how much longer this wonderful museum could last. This museum that celebrated so many aspects of the joys of our youth.

The love of the automobile as an extension of ourselves The freedom that these liberating masses of steel gave us The sense of power that we felt in controlling the motions of these magnificent machines The appreciation of art that we gained from these wonderful rolling sculptures The perfection that we saw in the design of our favorite car The sense of ownership that we felt in our favorite brand of car Cadillac, of course The refinement of our sense of style as we critiqued our favorite and least favorite cars on the road The tuning in of our color consciousness as we judged the two-tone and three-tone color combinations we saw The recollection of ecstatic times spent inside these living-room sized conveyances How much longer could the Pate Museum last?

I suppose we now have our answer. The Pate Museum of Transportation is no more. This one is gone. What does that mean for us who felt some or all of those emotions listed before? To me, it means we must do several things.

Preserve and enjoy those cars which we have been blessed to possess Cultivate this appreciation for antique cars with the coming generations. Thursday and Friday were nearly identical.

Both started out rather cool, windy and overcast. Gradually warmed to very comfortable afternoons. Friday evening the bad weather moved in, the severe weather passed to the south of Texas Motor Speedway.

Unfortunately, some vendors left because of the severe weather forcast. Saturday was very cold for texas in May with a light rain in the morning. The afternoon brought out alot of customers which justified the vendors that did stay.

Sunday was the best weather day which saw vendors and customers staying till the end of the meet. Each day had different parts and cars available. Mostly the availability depended on when the vendor set up. Vendors that set up on Thursday usually sold the good items before the weekend. Vendors that set up on Saturday introduced a whole new set of items to pick through.

Some vendors even set up for just Sunday, introducing parts available only for one day. Because vendors were setting up all the time, you can walk a section twice in a day and see different parts available.

pate swap meet pictures

Moral of the story is that you have to attend all 4 days of the Pate Swap meet and shop the same areas multiple times each day! Our club maintained security during the event.

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Basically helped vendors find their lots and resolved conflicts when lots were already occupied.