Norcal swap meet laney college

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norcal swap meet laney college

Laney College is the largest community college in Oakland, California. Laney offers students over academic and career technical education programs. Come see our shop, meet faculty and ask questions about classes. Click to read . Read 7 tips and reviews from visitors about Mexican food. "Great food! Get there early for a good parking spot. Not as big as San Jose, but pretty ". The good news about this swap meet and flea market is that it's open Laney College Flea Market has the dubious honor of being the go-to.

Is Bay Area Flea Market Merchandise A Real Steal?

Its vendor rules are not as strict, but it is still a great place to shop for vintage and antiques. The market is centrally located in the Bernal Heights neighbourhood of San Francisco. It is a great option for those looking for a Sunday flea market in the centre of San Francisco. The weekly market is rather small, with only around 40 sellers.

Berkeley Flea Market is particularly famous for its drum circle and spontaneous dancing. All in all, the market is not very vintage or antique, but as Berkeley as it gets!

  • 2. Treasure Island Flea Market (TreasureFest), San Francisco Bay
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  • 1. Alameda Flea Market, East Bay, Alameda Island

Every Saturday and Sunday. This classic flea market takes place every first Saturday of the month and is the perfect place to go bargain hunting in search of hidden treasures.

norcal swap meet laney college

There is a wide variety of second-hand goods and junk being sold, but with a little persistence, you can find nice little vintage knick-knacks and collectibles. The family-friendly market is a colorful community event and offers not only handcrafted art and vintage finds but also food stalls and kids activities.

norcal swap meet laney college

Residents sell second-hand items at Inner Sunset Flea, but there are also artisans and makers as well as professional flea market vendors to be found. There is always live entertainment and tons of activities. The market takes place every second Saturday of the month, rain or shine, March until September. Even my homies sister, who was fresh from China would sell products imported from China. But my friend and I would go with her, help out, run around the flea market being kids, buying stink bombs, janky pocket knifes, poppers and smoke bombs.

norcal swap meet laney college

Sometimes we would also sell our old Nintendo games at her stand. This is no treasure market.

norcal swap meet laney college

Fake aspirin, unknown soaps, deodorants and cleaning materials. If you are ever on the hunt for your stuff, I suggest you go here. But be careful, there have been many reports of cars getting broken into in the parking lot and even recently the swap meet security shot a person suspected of carrying a gun and breaking into cars in the parking lot.

If for some insane reason you want to sell your stuff at this Flea Market you can find more info here. This is stolen item heaven actually because the mangers do nothing at all to combat it.

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Also, stolen bikes make their way all over the Bay Area, unfortunately. Thanks for the info! But looked at Ashby as it was easier to check. Bait bikes with transmitters? Thanks for your comments; bait bikes are in use in SF and may be used in the East Bay in the future, too.

Went to the Ashby Flea Market to look for it for a few weeks. I am sure the security was in kahoots with the sellers and told them to pack up quick. Never saw my bike again…. When did this happen? Ingrid My bike was stolen just over a year ago and I tried filing an on-line police report with the OPD.

Filled out the entire form, there was no place to enter a serial number.