Motorcycle swap meet charlotte nc 2014

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motorcycle swap meet charlotte nc 2014

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The Red Shirts staged large, boisterous, and inflammatory rallies across North Carolina, including one in Charlotte that culminated in Latta Park on July 31, Prohibition begins Prohibition went into effect in Charlotte on January 1,years before it was adopted statewide. The company evolved into Duke Energy, the largest electric utility in the country today. Kokenes family introduces the city to Greek food After moving from Greece inConstantine Kokenes opened the Star Lunch, giving uptown its first taste of Greek food.

The above photograph was taken from the x-ray room of the D. Skyline from North Church and 7th streets, Today, the view nearby looks much different. The next day, as the hurricane jutted inland, more than a foot of rain fell on the already soaked ground. In Mount Holly, the Catawba River crested at more than 45 feet, its waters carrying cotton bales, telephone poles, and even rooftops in its currents.

More than 80 people died in western North Carolina, and nearly every mile of railroad track was damaged. Mountain towns and communities bore the brunt of the damage, but the largest single disaster happened in Mount Holly, when the Southern Railway bridge snapped under the constant assault of water, wind, and debris. Nineteen workers plunged into the waters below; 13 were killed. Six years before, Nolen had designed the then-suburb of Myers Park with winding, tree-lined streets, separated boulevards, and green areas along creek beds.

Now Nolen began accumulating citywide data on land use, population density, and transportation corridors; the result was a page civic survey meant as a precursor to a full plan. A century later, Charlotte is working on a new plan that, among other things, seeks to emphasize green spaces and logical connections among neighborhoods, features Nolen championed throughout his career. Camp Greene opens Inthe U.

Named for Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene, the 6,acre site in west Charlotte hosted 60, soldiers at its peak, which more than doubled the census population of Charlotte of 34, Streetcar strike In AugustCharlotte was at the center of a region-wide campaign to organize transportation workers among growing textile towns. Duke brought in strikebreakers, who were protected by local police at the behest of Mayor Frank McNinch.

Tensions flared, a riot ensued, five were left dead, and 15 wounded. Griffin, Levine Museum of the New South historian The Queens Road entrance to Myers Park provided shelter for trolley passengers above. Razor Girl gains notoriety Nellie Freeman nearly decapitated her husband, Alton, when she slashed him with a—yep—cutthroat razor after about five months of marriage.

They argued one spring night in at their home on Camp Greene Street. When the police arrived, Alton had bled out on the floor. Her attorney claimed temporary insanity, that she had the mind of a child. Vendors eventually showed up to sell lapel pins that looked like tiny cut-throat razors.

The branch meant that more deposits would be made in Charlotte, and subsequently, more lending. On November 15,four men in a brand-new Buick cut off a mail truck on 3rd Street. Acting on a tip from a landlord on 10th Street, who had rented an apartment to four men who left in a hurry, detective Frank Littlejohn pieced together a rent receipt from Chicago that had been torn into 27 pieces. The city becomes a recording hub Charlotte was once part of a network of recording hotspots in the Southeast, before Nashville reigned.

RCA Victor chose the city as a distribution spot for radios and records in the s, injecting life into our cultural sector; mill workers from rural communities had a passion for country music. The WBT radio station broadcasted live performances, further popularizing the city as a country gateway.

But he craved something bigger. The Mind of the South, published in Februarymade W. Cash a literary star. But that July, he hanged himself in a hotel room in Mexico City. He had fought manic depression the whole time he wrote of a South that, in his view, was both manic and depressing. You wonder if he saw himself in the pages. He wrote the book, and then he closed it. The depot staff quickly grew to a thousand, giving women the opportunity to work and offering equal pay regardless of race.

The building is now known as Camp North End. He drew 60, worshippers over two weeks. Independence Boulevard reshapes the east side Since its creation, Independence Boulevard has proved divisive. The proposed highway threatened to uproot homes and remap the east side. City Councilman John P.

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The Carolina Israelite booms Jewish-American writer and satirist Harry Golden loved exposing the absurdities of life in the South during the civil rights era. Golden, a cigar-chomping, bourbon-loving Charlotte transplant, found his voice with the Carolina Israelite, a biting social commentary newspaper he published from to from his Elizabeth home. At its peak, the paper enjoyed more than 40, subscribers.

InGolden compiled his most storied essays into Only in America, a book that spent 66 weeks on national bestseller lists. It also got a new name: Infive years after 16 black men sued, the N. Supreme Court ruled in their favor. Inthe place was overhauled and renamed again, this time to Dr. Charlotte was actually much more advanced than my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. I was in the first integrating class in South Carolina inso almost 10 years later.

Two of my classmates at Queens had gone to West Charlotte, and they recognized that significance. They knew that story. We joined a club together, The Links, Incorporated, which is a traditional African-American service organization. I think about the trauma she suffered as a result of what she had to go through—she was spat on, garbage thrown at her. Lake Norman breaks ground When Governor Luther Hodges ignited the first charge of dynamite at the Cowans Ford dam project in northwest Mecklenburg County on a muggy day inDuke Power employees had to keep the crowd of overall-clad dairy farmers from rushing too close to the blast.

Over the next four years, the waters of Lake Norman slowly rose behind the dam, burying old farmhouses, churches, and mills. In their place emerged a lake large enough to cool three power plants, and miles of jagged shoreline ripe for suburban development. Byall 24 blocks were upended, displacing more than 1, black families. Here are four perspectives, collected over the years by writers and oral history projects: My street was right in there. When Independence Boulevard went through, of course it took some of that land.

And then when urban renewal came, they took away everything that we had and lived for. When Charlotte Motor Speedway opened inwith all the publicity it had, both good and bad, it stirred quite a few people up. Quite a few people came down and really filled up the few rooms that were available at that time in Charlotte.

motorcycle swap meet charlotte nc 2014

Most everybody was of Scotch-Irish descent, Presbyterian, and pretty well connected to a fairly large textile business and a rising banking business. The idea that this sport and this track could do anything was kind of not anything they thought a lot about. Then slowly, over a period of time, the two races each year put some money in the banks, and they began to notice that.

Over a period of time, Charlotte began to understand that this was a tremendous, tremendous economic boost and definitely the biggest thing sports-wise that the city had ever had.

Then people really got behind it. Terror for four civil rights figures In NovemberMyers Park High running back Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick was the best football player around, but he was kept out of the annual all-star game between North and South Carolina because he was black.

Young attorney Julius Chambers—who filed the landmark desegregation case Swann vs. The last part infuriated white supremacists. Three nights later, on November 22 at 2: All four were black, and all knew the issue was bigger than football. In that sense, the bombings of November 22 were merely a crude exaggeration, a murderous caricature of prevailing white opinion. We are seeking now to be in on the planning of the menu.

Its signage was put in storage. Once purchasing a car became a possibility for most families, developers jumped at the economic potential shift from downtown retail to shopping hubs with convenient at-the-door parking.

But the true turn toward suburban sprawl came in the s, when the Belk and Ivey families moved their uptown retail hubs to what today is SouthPark Mall. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education The landmark Supreme Court case affirmed that school districts may use busing to racially integrate schools, subsequently transforming public classrooms across the South. Inthe mostly rural Oakdale neighborhood, northwest of uptown off N. Oakdale remains in Charlotte city limits. But the attempted breakaway presaged a similar attempt by the Ballantyne neighborhood in south Charlotte in to incorporate as a separate town.

That attempt failed, as well. But the friction persists between an ever-growing city and parts of town that would prefer to go it alone. Leffler showing suburban children on their way to school in the city during busing. CMS students navigate busing plan On July 9,the school board finally passed a full assignment plan that met the approval of a federal judge overseeing desegregation.

One key component this time: White students from southeast Charlotte would be bused to the previously all-black West Charlotte High.

That October, students from West Charlotte welcomed students from Boston to show them how integration can succeed.

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Montagnard and Vietnamese refugees arrive At the end of the Vietnam War, thousands of refugees fled the country, finding new lives across the United States, Australia, and southeast Asia—any country willing to open its borders to these war-torn survivors. The Vietnamese population has grown to 17, today. Whenever I encounter another Vietnamese person in the city, the connection is an acknowledgement that we can build new lives and a community together, adopting the best of Southern hospitality, while retaining the tenderness of a bucolic Vietnamese village.

motorcycle swap meet charlotte nc 2014

I connects the region The opening of I was a matter of Charlotte stretching her arms, pulling in everything from Lake Norman to Fort Mill. Faster routes streamlined the city for distribution, while easier access to the airport opened her hands to the world. City Council switches to district representation For decades, the Charlotte City Council consisted of seven members elected at-large, or citywide.

Its residents—chiefly its white, male ones—tended to dominate the board. Sam Smith, a white software developer, assembled a coalition of neighborhood associations and black voters in favor of a new plan to expand the City Council to seven district and four at-large members.

Banks began offering below-market-rate loans to anyone who moved there. Today, the charming Fourth Ward neighborhood, complete with historic Victorian homes and brick sidewalks, thrives. The case was officially closed in —but both accused killers had died years earlier. Airport expands and rebrands When Piedmont Airlines chose Charlotte as its hub inthe airport added a ,square-foot terminal to accommodate the growth. The airport was later renamed Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

I was young, so I was running into work. Well, a local businessman of substance took great issue with that, and sold all of his stock in the bank. He had 50, shares. At the time, the stock was very low in price, maybe somewhere between eight and 10 dollars. But I figure over time it cost him nearly 20 million dollars, that gesture on his part.

I always felt good about that. Gantt was just terrific in everything. He was really, really smart, and he was tough. He was and still is a remarkable force in the city. Interstate banking allowed, and NCNB expands North Carolina was late to the banking game—it was the last of the colonies to charter banks—but quickly caught up. Insix million people reveled in the glory.

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But it was the TV show starring Jim and his bubbly wife, Tammy Faye, that drove the whole shebang—a variety-show mix of Christianity and celebrity guests that revolved around relieving followers of their money. After his release, Jim cohosted a little-watched religious TV show with his second wife. Tammy Faye, whose plucky spirit turned her into a gay icon, died from cancer in Heritage USA fell into the hands of a little-known religious group.

The arena was all the way out. You felt like a collegiate town. Charlotte was rah-rah-rah, from the moment that we tipped off. Losing by 40 on the first night and then getting a standing ovation? That was unheard of. I remember having screaming-thousand fans for the Hornets only, not for Michael Jordan coming to town or Larry Bird. We just came at the right time, and we grew together, the Hornets and Charlotte.

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There are many Latino leaders in Charlotte, including me, who are providing jobs and building the economy. We also bring new perspectives, flavors, and identity. I love Charlotte, and it warms my heart to know that Charlotte loves me and my community back. My claim to fame might be being the first to serve Buffalo wings in Charlotte in I think many newcomers are here for jobs or business opportunities.

Others are simply following family and friends. Today, the area is known as the arts district. Wallace killed 10 women before police connected the cases. He confessed in chilling detail, was convicted, and is awaiting execution at Central Prison in Raleigh. Ballantyne is built Johnny Harris proposed Ballantyne into be built on nearly 2, acres of family land south of the city.

Then you'll Love this Place! The rest of the staff here are encyclopedias of knowledge, wit, and full of stories that can keep you entertained for hours. Well worth the price of admission and a place not to be missed if you are ever in this part of NC. Curator Dale Walksler and his son Matt are very welcoming, as are the rest of the courteous staff, and ultra knowledgeable.

There are bikes here that you will see nowhere else. Some are one-of-one beauties. I have been there at least 10 times and am planning my next trip now. Check their dates; they close in the winter. Dale was at the entrance when we arrived and was super friendly and let the kids in for free since we took the time to stop in on our vacation. The entire staff there were excellent and the contents of the place is 2nd to none. It is an unbelievable collection of historic motorcycles and other machines that has to be experienced, i recommend you go there with plenty of time.