Ls1 speed density swap meet

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Some tuners say that LS motors run the best at If not using a MAF (Speed Density), tune the entire operating area of the table. .. the throttle blade slightly to meet the values in the cells at a given coolant temperature. .. Computer & Tuning · Forced Induction · Nitrous · LSx Retrofit and Swap · Tools. I am putting an '04 Corvette LS1 into my '56 Chevy. I purchased a It has been suggested to me to not get one, and run speed density. But in a. I believe that the "right" way to control an LS1 is with a MAF sensor. It is better to measure airflow than to estimate airflow. Speed-density and.

I have a spreadsheet which compares the poly value to the range the value should be within to stay within my AFR range.

ls1 speed density swap meet

I don't let the value fall outside of these bounds. The adjoining cells should be smooth not spikey. If it's a dip, it should look like a U, not a V. You should tweak the spike and the values around it to smooth it out.

Solving ECU Options For Your LT Or LS Engine Swap With EFILive

Now in a perfect world you VE table would be perfectly tuned to match your engine then you plug the MAF in and perfectly tune it to match your VE table. Also keep in mind that if you change maf without changing VE you can start setting codes and getting flat spots and bogs in throttle response. The ultimate measure is whatever it takes to eliminate the error between commanded and measured AFR.

Frequency table will need modification. If you intend to run an engine that originally came with a drive-by-wire throttle body anything Gen IV and above, and some Gen III applicationsit is often easiest just to buy a pedal position sensor and mount it. Not only is it an easy way to do it, but it can really clean up the engine bay.

Other routes include re-flashing the PCM with an operating system that originally included a drive-by-cable throttle body in the original application.

Typically this can only be accomplished with Gen III engines that were installed in vehicles both ways. Our recommendation is to just stick with what ever the vehicle came with in the first place. Both routes are fairly straight forward so their is no need to over complicate it with swapping out controller operating systems.

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Wiring This is arguably the most daunting of tasks when it comes to an LS swap. Luckily, brands like Chevrolet Performance and Holley have gone to great lengths to ensure that swapping an LS into your project is basically a plug-n-play ordeal. Their complete stand alone wiring harnesses will allow you to run an LS without any serious wiring know-how. Tuning it is easy and requires just a few parameters to be input via a hand-held module, but requires no extensive tuning knowledge.

This can be accomplished several ways.

a tuning guide i found based on hptuners

Mounting an external in-line fuel pump is probably the easiest. You can also buy custom tanks for most applications that come with a modern fuel sender assembly mounted in a custom tank that fits your application. Many vendors offer LS swap air intake kits, or you can go universal like the piece mentioned in the video from Spectre Performance.

ls1 speed density swap meet

One thing to be sure to consider is if you will be running the car with a speed density tune or will be retaining the mass airflow sensor. If you are retaining the MAF, it maybe a good idea to use a piece like the one we chose from Spectre. General Motors has used various controllers since the LS1 was introduced in However, in my experience, the modifications have to be pretty extreme.

Speed Density-> Yes or no?

This ensures that you will have the necessary ECU to make the engine operate as it was designed, including the option for cam-phasing and Displacement On Demand cylinder deactivationif you choose to use that technology.

One thing not recommended to bring along from your take-out engine is the harness, for several reasons. Sure, it might be easier to make it part of the deal, but it also incorporates a lot of extra wiring and additional circuits that you may not use. Plus, can you really be sure that it was gently removed from the donor vehicle?

Think about all of the connections and potential for hazards. If you were to go with an aftermarket harness from a company such as Speartech or Howell Engine Developments, Inc. How do you know which one works?

If you know what the engine was removed from, they have a comprehensive listing of each ECU as it was used in each application.

ls1 speed density swap meet

You can simply look up the donor vehicle and see what ECU it came with. It also helps to know what you wish to do with your engine. That means, while appearance and capability has changed over the years, the basic platform for how the ECU operates has been fairly stable since the LS engine was introduced.

In addition to having the ability to handle electronic throttle control, the LS1 PCM Powertrain Control Module incorporated an entirely new, and significantly more sophisticated, engine control architecture.

With literally hundreds of calibration tables, Gen III and later controllers offer far more precise control of engine and transmission operation than previous generations of PCMs or ECMs.

Of course, noting transmission control is important, since for the Corvette, GM scrapped the single Powertrain Control Module concept in favor of separate engine and transmission controllers.