Kam swap meet map of florida

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kam swap meet map of florida

On this page, you will have the opportunity to meet our teachers and leadership team. Over 80% of our teachers are expatriates, mostly from the UK, they are. If you're looking to buy or sell any hard-to-find classic automotive parts, memorabilia or even a vehicle, then Car Swap Meet & Car Corral Sept 16 West Palm. I suggest you download it again and try to swap the files again as well - something must .. The map is x, which is not supported by KaM. . mission to be not-so-great is because it doesn't meet the praise of the rest of the campaign. cheapest car insurance in florida car insurance california nj car insurance quote.

Fuzzy Wuzzy - 13 Mar I can't tell you if it's working now, because I started " The Western world" campagin yesteday: D I will tell you if mission 12 of "The new lands" works the way you described sounds promising heheh in a few days. Man, you have golden hands! Fuzzy Wuzzy - 17 Mar There is a bug on the last mission.

Same situation, no attack, he just trains about 15 serves and 5 laborers but they don't build a base. The Dark Lord - 17 Mar I know, but there isn't a solution. Let's wait for one of the remakes D Tell me something about the last mission. I constantly come in some crazy situations. Is it normal that corn doesn't want to grow at some places? The farmer came, spread the seed and it doesn't grow at all: There are 3 major problems: That's why the corn and wine, for that matter doesn't grow in the south and east.

If you don't, it will soon happen. Did you finish mission 11 by the way? If you did, you shouldn't be in trouble with 9 TWW. But check this now, my dear Dark lord: I just managed to survive till 1: I know it is an old topic but I think it's a Campaign is fun so I just ask because I believe that other maps do not work the KAM-remake cam from [url]http: But in the last scenario, trees, wine or wheat don't grow in southern area, later - serfs don't carry stone to make causeways in these southern area where are two hills with gold - I cannot win if I don't mine it and towers and crossbowmen don't shoot to enemy It's so frustrating, when I am so far in this scenario Unfortunately I tried to start few times, but after some time - same bugs Some tips and tricks guys?

It's a shame, that the last scenario is bugged After 3 hours, when I stabilized defense Ben - 26 Mar Any luck on finding those briefings? But I face the same above error when moving to mission 12, trying to patch with newest patch Thanks to Dark Lord MiladA.

Make sure that if, for example, you are over writing mission1. What is going on? I think he should restart the mission if he wants to have a bit of a challenge. On the other hand, I heard it is indeed possible to sneak into the green base and destroy it. It's only the first mission though and it doesn't have to be very hard, so I don't really bother changing that. Ben - 2 Oct Well, here I am again, feeling the knights and merchants. I've played this campaign many times, but I think I will write reviews this time However, I think I will release them all at once.

kam swap meet map of florida

Otherwise, there will be several comments in between my reviews and I wouldn't like that The Dark Lord - 2 Oct I love reviews but if you rather give them all at once then that's fine with me. Ben - 5 Oct Ah, yes, mission This is when the campaign gets tough. How I love and hate this mission. It is in this so much fun, but I must admit I have never beat this mission. I might add that I am not using ANY saves other then to quit and finish later in this attempt at your campaign.

In other words, I am not loading it back if things get dicey. Good luck, I guess you will need it. I have tried renaming it to mission0, smission1, smission2, tried renaming the map, tried loading the mission and saving it as something else, and even tried adding some stuff to the script, but no, nothing worked 9I changed the script back to normal, by the way Anyway I was looking forward to this.

This mission 12 glitch alludes me. I want to take a look into it. The Dark Lord - 9 Oct Strange, you didn't experience this problem before did you?! The Dark Lord - 9 Oct Btw, could you add! Ben - 9 Oct No, but this is the first time I've gotten this far in the "non beta" version. By the way, I'm still amazed with this campaign. I thank thee, Dark Lord, for all the hard work you put into this campaign. Ben - 9 Oct Oh, I'll check later to see if that works. DarkGreen Ciemnozielony - 13 Oct Hi, i have a question - whether this campaign is only 16 missions that will be more?

Sorry for the composition of words, but I do not know very well English and I wrote in Google Translate. The Dark Lord - 13 Oct Yes, this campaign is 'only' 16 missions. However, there is a sequel called 'The Western World'. Ben - 14 Oct So after playing this campaign several times, I thought this time I'd do something different: I decided to play each missions using no saves. If I suffered losses, I didn't quit. If I lose my city, I'd start over. It makes the game SO much more fun! I wish I tried this sooner and I recommend it to everyone who likes a challenge.

Mission 1 The mission was perfect. It took me only one try. This mission will always be a sentimental one for me because it was the first fan-made mission I played. No complaints on the map or script. Mission 2 Took me one try. I lost my beginning army after using them to cut down the enemy. I quickly was able to train more militia so I continued to harass the enemy till I won. Again, good map and script. Mission 3 Took me three tries, although I'm sure I could have won each time.

I just wanted to save all my ally's buildings while attacking the enemy as soon as possible. I seemed to have a hard time paying attention to both me and my ally. I also noticed a mistake: Other than that I would only like to say I though the 'road' was a little flat in some spots a road would be torn up from use, right?

Mission 4 Took me three tries, with a glorious victory on my last attempt. This mission seems like chaos, but there are, indeed, tactics that are needed to win. Again I must stress the flatness of the road, this time in the West. Mission 5 One thing I quickly noticed about this mission is the small amount of supplies and large number of troops you start with.

Instead of quickly training troops, I concentrated on building an economy. I still suffered from a famine; though, as I failed to notice how little flour I was producing. After the early battles were over, the attacks were few and far between I was only attacked twice after the first half-hour or so so I was easily able to defend myself while defeating the closer base before they became too strong.

It only took me one try. How lucky could I get? Normally I have a hard time with this one since luck is big due to the lack of room but I remembered how to position my troops from earlier attempts at this mission for the best results. The map was good. Mission 7 Took me one try. This mission was always one of my favorites.

The small amount of gold available presents an interesting challenge to the mission. I started to panic when I noticed my food stores were running low and with hardly enough gold to make it though a faminebut I was able to get my food stocks up again before catastrophe struck.

Mission 8 This mission used to be extremely hard for me, but this time it took me only one try. I assume that it is because I used to try to save the rebels I only now realized that not every black soldier needed to be killed No complaints on the map or script. Mission 9 I had a hard time with this mission.

After several different attempts at storming the front gate, I always seemed to lose at the end by the slightest of margins. I won when I tried to attack from the West.

I liked the town. Normally large towns are boring to look at but not so much this time. This was a tough one. Not as hard as 11 is going to be, I'm sure. As I have said, I am not using saves and this mission was hard. My successful attempt suprised me. I was able to kill off a lot of cross bowmen and other dangerous threats to the Castellan while severally weakening the enemy. Oh, and "sparing the innocent country folk" was not taken heed to here ; Fun mission though.

I only saw a few areas where the map was flat and the Castellan's cross bowmen on the mountain didn't fit in correctly.

I didn't like the stone mountain above the Castellan's castle, but that is just a personal taste. Mission 11 I never thought I'd be able to beat this mission without saves, but nonetheless, I was successful after several attempts.

This mission must be in my top 5 favorite KaM missions, because how many missions where one starts with so many cross bowmen, a full village, ample resources, and a stocked barracks are difficult? With attacks coming in all directions, and a nightmare of opposition just outside of town, this mission makes for a challenging, yet fun adventure.

I loved the map, too, epically since there was so much of it that wasn't used so exploring was a lot of fun. I might also add that I have used this map time and again for inspiration for my missions, specifically "For King and Country. It is my least favorite in the campaign, which is probably because there are too few variances in the terrain: Snow, dirt, white rock, and more snow. It was also very easy- one attempt was all I needed. I also don't like running around rounding up stragglers in battle missions, and there were at least four groups of ranged troops that needed to be found and slaughtered.

Still, the only reason I found this mission to be not-so-great is because it doesn't meet the praise of the rest of the campaign. So on a scale of 10 being highest this mission would be a 6. Mission 14 Pretty simple mission since the enemy didn't attack me for a long time after the beginning. The idea worked perfectly; however, because my base was spread from one side of the map to the other.

The map was huge, but I didn't see anything in particular I didn't like, though I would like to say that, in my opinion, straight rivers in KaM don't look "natural. I had plenty of men to spare after the fighting was over. I also think that I actually could have saved the iron guard if I tried.

kam swap meet map of florida

Nothing to say about the map and no flaws in script. Mission 16 This mission isn't even hard. The beginning attack is a pain, but after it is a breeze. The coal was a real pain epsically to the east since the ground was so uneven and the fact that the only ground that can grow food is thousand miles from your base is also a pain. Time and again, I'd train up a huge army, slaughter the enemy, until BAM!

I finally said "F this" when I ran out of timber, gold, iron, and leather. However, if my soldiers hadn't been bugged, I would have won. As for the mission, it seemed great, but I just couldn't enjoy it because of numerous glitches which, of course, are not your fault.

And that is my review. Sorry if it seems too short or not satisfactory Ben I loved it Dark Lord.

Download Missions - Lewin's Knights and Merchants Projects

I can't stress it enough! Though I must say I'm a bit disappointed that you found mission 16 to be so easy! It is supposed to be the hardest of the whole campaign and I thought I succeeded in making it like that. Pity about all the bugs. I agree on what you said about some maps, they are far from ideal. I'm not sure if I will ever change it though. I love my campaign the way it is. Lol I'm getting nostalgic.

I wrote it in agrivation over the bugsso that's likely why: I think mission 11 is harder, but mission 16's beginning invasion is tough! The only thing is that it has a lot to do with luck: Obviously, it is much easier if the crossbowmen are left in the open. If you experienced it as easy, it was easy for you.

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As far as I know, many people consider it very hard or even impossible. Call for more information or visit us at www. Shoppers at the Street Fair, can find eclectic merchandise while taking in live entertainment, delicious food and drinks, and farm fresh items from the farmers market. Admission, parking and shuttle service to and from the parking lots are always free! The summer season runs June-September with hours from 7am to noon.

Open for shoppers Sat. Free parking and admission for shoppers. Del Amo Swap Meet www. One of the largest swap meets in the area with over stores. Bienvenidos a Del Amo Swap Meet. Madera Flea Market www. Please visit our website www. Fun for all, train ride for the kids and vendors of every kind. Mission Tiki Swap Meet www. We have plenty of paved parking, hundreds of vendors, aisles of fresh produce, lots of good food and bargains galore just waiting for you. Flea market open year round, with small animal market on Saturdays and big flea market on Sundays, starting at 6 am, weather permitting.

Big auctions every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. New and used merchandise.

kam swap meet map of florida

Market hours 7am - 2pm. We draw 8 to 10 thousand plus paid attendance. Full restuarant on site, come and visit! Call for more info or visit us online at www. Find us online at www. Visit our website for more details: Located on campus at the Adams Avenue parking lot. Pacific Foothill Swap Meet www. Office hours for reservations are Saturdays 10am-2pm, and Sunday 8am-2pm.

Over spaces and 6, buyers. Pacific San Fernando Swap Meet www.

kam swap meet map of florida

Vendor set up begins at 5: For more information you can visit our website www. Pacific Vineland Swap Meet www. Palmdale International Shopping Mall www. Holiday hours will vary.

Spaces available for lease. Great Business opportunity avaliable. Please call for details. Open 9am-3pm, Early Bird am 2nd Sun. Visit us online at RCGshows.

Santa Barbara Public Market www. Over 20 acres of bargains; Saturday and Tuesday Flea Markets 7am to 1pm. Free parking, rain or shine, year round.

kam swap meet map of florida

Only night-time swap meet in greater Los Angeles area! Clean indoor, heated restrooms, and great food. Located 1 mile South of Walmart. Like us on Facebook. Closed on Christmas day. Old fashioned swap meet with down home atmosphere. Interesting and unusual structures and landscaping.

Cafe serves breakfast and lunch.

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Located behind Food4Less Shopping Center. Cabins available for monthly rental. Solano Swap Meet www. South Bay Swap Meet www. Over vendors with new and used, unique merchandise. Visit us at southbaydrivein. Stockton Flea Market www.

Pioneering The Way Since Free parking and Free admission. The Big Fresno Flea Market www. Treasure Island Flea www. Open last weekend of each month, Sat.

Valley Indoor Swap Meet www. Two floors of booths. Please call to inquire about availability and rates. Free admission and free parking. No admission fee and parking is free and is on Wallgrove! Office hours Thursday 1pm - 4pm, Friday 9am - 3pm, Saturday and Sunday 7am All spaces are outdoor. Some covered spaces, canopies also available.

Singh — Open Fri. Secure quality inventory for pennies on the dollar. Clothing loads are a mix of new items, customer returns, overstock and shelf pulls all sourced from America's largest retailer. Available to ship anywhere within the US or for export worldwide. Make a one time purchase or set up recurring orders to ensure a steady stream of high quality apparel inventory is flowing into your warehouses or retail locations.

This inventory is perfect for exporters, off price retailers or flea marketers. Indoor pavilion with 50 vendors. Visit us on the web at: Food and drink, indoor restrooms. A unique shopping experience. Please call for special holiday hours. Pacific Kam Swap Meet www. Treasure Valley Flea Market www. Please call to confirm specific dates, times and location. For more info, please visit us online! Village Flea Market www.

Visit our website www. White Cloud Flea Market sites. Please call for more information and specific dates. Like us on facebook at: Your customers wanta bug screen that works! Call or Email: Free parking and admission. Market is 65, square feet. Outdoor space available in summer months. For more information and vendor pricing, please visit our website www. El Rancho Swap www. Approximately vendors, near busy four lane highway. Over 4, people per weekend. Tables available indoors, outdoors and under sheds.

Restaurants and convenience store with gas on the premises. The only indoor flea market in Southern New Mexico, a shoppers delight. Red Door Mini Mall www. Open 10 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday, all year long. Special flea markets held outdoors, please contact Henry for more information. Find us on Facebook! Live Bands on Sundays. Bell County Fleamarket, Inc. Like us on facebook: Indoor and outside pavilion. Operating over 25 Years. We are the 1 weekly flea market in East Texas! Bonham Trade Days www.

Brenham Flea Market www. Runs from March through November. Jimmy Jones, Manager Jason Reed — Year-round outdoor market, Great space for pull-in trucks or trailers, set up and start selling! New vendors always welcome. Market open every Saturday 6am - 2pm, free admission. Please call for more information, email at PVFleamarket gmail. Located at I West of the Arkansas River. Like us on Facebook: Picc-a-Dilly Flea Market www. Off July and August. Please call or visit us at www.

We run full, year around, with 11 markets indoors at the Medford Armory and one market Something for everyone. Waldport Flea Market www.

Alamo Marketplace Highway 90 Flea Market www. Air- conditioned with free parking. Palacios Western Products J. Vincent Rachal Sun. Mission Open Air Market www. RVs welcome, bed and breakfast close by!

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Open First Monday of each month, market hours 8am - 5pm. For more information, visit our web site: Sexton City Trade Days www. Open year-round the 4th weekend of each month, Fri.

For more information visit our website www. T-Anchor Flea Market www. Indoor Market Open year round, hours are Sat. Food court and catering trucks. The Houston Flea Market www. Traders Village - Grand Prairie www. Open year round - over 3, vendors. Average attendance 60, per weekend. Traders Village Houston www. City of Bowie 2nd Monday Trade Days www. Open Friday for vendor set, Sat. Find us on Facebook: Reserved and unreserved spaces available.

Shopping rain or shine. Located between State Highways 64 and Additional entrances are located off of SH The oldest and largest trade days in the United States. Sun up to sun down. We currently have over Vendors, with room for over 1, Booths in all. Our friendly rental staff will assist you in finding a location that is right for your product or service.

There are more than 15 restaurants and cafes and other places to eat, drink, or just people-watch! Bring the whole family for a fun filled day of shopping enjoyment! Corpus Christi Trade Center www.