Decatur swap meet 2010

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decatur swap meet 2010

'Wife Swap,' Lawrence-style. Nancy Glasscock Staff Writer; Jun 23, ; 0 Stephen, a carpenter, were chosen to appear on the ABC show “Wife Swap. Ongoing Event/Dates, Coordinator, Location · 59 Trading Place Flea Market and RV Park November 1, - December 31, , Tara Chavanne Pate Swap Meet Association Address: W US Decatur, TX Facebook Opens in new window · Twitter Opens in new window.

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Wonderful Irish lady who had married a local Japanese. Everyone knew her, and she knew everyone.

decatur swap meet 2010

She died that morning despite Dad's attempts to save her life. Through my drowsiness, I pieced together fragments of the story. Mom notice I had wakened, and filled me in on what had gone on in the wee hours of the morning.

It was quite dreadful. Of course, we didn't have a TV station in Hilo, so we had to rely on the radio reports. The announcements rolled in.

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All school was canceled until further notice as Hilo High School was being used as an emergency shelter school wouldn't re-open for a couple of weeks. Boil your water before drinking in case the pipes had cracked and supplies were contaminated. Electricity will be turned back on as soon as possible. Volunteers were needed to help recover missing people from wrecked buildings. Once those who could be saved were rescued, and once most of those who died were recovered, the clean-up began.

Students boys especially who wanted to help were asked to report to Hilo High to get tetanus shots before starting, and to bring gloves and shovels.

decatur swap meet 2010

We heard disturbing stories about the carnage. About the man who was found dead in bed with a woman not his wife. About heads separating from bodies as they were being taken from wreckage.

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About the stink of rotten human flesh. About the people who had died, including my friend's sister.

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The newspaper was filled with pictures — some horrific, many fascinating. Parking meters bent horizontal to the ground by the force of the water. Familiar landmark buildings no longer there. A broken clock stopped at the exact moment the wave hit.

Dad suggested that I call my classmate's father, who owned Standard Drug, and offer to help them clean up.

decatur swap meet 2010

When I called, Mr. Hara asked if my Dad had told me to call, and I lied. Thanks, he said, but they had things under control, and I was a good kid for calling. The bridge to Coconut Island was washed out as well. It was the first bridge ever to connect with the island. Up to the time it was constructed, you had to go over by rowboat — quite an experience in itself — or wait until low tide and wade over, ever vigilant for deep water channels. A great stop to rest from the heat every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

At the Craig Discount Mall on the corner of Craig and Decatur you can have a ghetto-fab shopping experience like no other. Tributes to Tu-Pac and Big E painted on velvet at affordable prices to decorate your crib. Perhaps you were wondering to yourself where does a person find a painting of raps artists large enough to fit over my couch.

decatur swap meet 2010

This mall has the hook up! Not just art stay for the furniture too. Like mirrors on everything?

decatur swap meet 2010

Did you need a slip cover blanket with a giant green leaf for the couch? All manner of Thug-life t-shirts and ghetto report card shirts can round out a wardrobe sure to make your loved ones feel uncomfortable in your presence. Do you need a brightly colored suit with a matching hat, loud shoes, and a pimp cane?

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They have got it! Get your Las Vegas t-shirts here at discount prices and designs not necessarily approved by the official tourism bureau. Need some fake nails to claw your way to the top get it here at discount prices. The Vegas Wig Girl is at the Fantastic Swapmeet ready to meet all of your big cotton candy drag queen wig needs.

No where else have I seen easily accessible at the local discount mall dental gold jewelry!