Cummins six speed swap meet

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cummins six speed swap meet

2 Flywheel Clutch KIT Dodge RAM l Cummins Diesel 6 Speed: South Bend 13" Organic Clutch Conversion Kit, Dodge L Diesel. And by the way, you just need to figure, that if you are doing the 6spd swap, you might as well buy a truck from the junkyard becuase you are. hey guys im sure there is already a thread about this. i have an automatic now but might want to swap a 6 speed into my i just want to know.

That sounds attractive until you start putting everything else together.

cummins six speed swap meet

You can skin a cat a million different ways. What is the most difficult mechanical aspect of this particular conversion? What I think people struggle with the most is approaching it in the correct order. Dimensionally, the Cummins is longer. Nothing lines up and the fan is in the radiator. Get the motor, gearbox, and transfer case out of the way; set the Cummins into place; and then work front to back.

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If you do it in that order, this is not a hard job mechanically. Getting the two to talk to the Ford electronics. A lot of these Cummins engines are mechanically compatible over a few different years, but the ECM systems are different with each one. You have to keep everything matched. I tell my customers to get the [Cummins] engine with its complete wiring harness.

cummins six speed swap meet

As for the Allison, we offer a new, standalone wiring harness and pre-programmed controller that interface directly with the Ford shifter and the operation of the Ford transfer case.

We call it plug and play. You can build a lot of stuff out of a junkyard. Our kits are more expensive than others. We are not leaving any stone unturned. Speaking of manifolds, what considerations should one make on turbocharger selection for an early valve 5. The lock-up torque converter was introduced as an afterthought. The already outdated low line pressure transmission makes it difficult to control the application of the converter clutch, which provides unpleasant torque converter application.

cummins six speed swap meet

Although the RE can be upgraded to be extremely reliable and handle very high power levels, the shifting of an upgraded RE transmission still has the feel of an old school 4 speed automatic of the past.

The RFE transmission has a fantastic gear split from first through sixth gears, providing an almost perfect gear ratio change. The torque converter utilizes PWM technology, allowing for precise application of the converter clutch, which provides smooth torque converter application.

Unfortunately, this is where all praise for the RFE ends.

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The RFE transmission was clearly designed to be the least expensive to manufacture. As a result, there are many elements that must be upgraded in this transmission to make it reliable and handle higher power levels. Even the transmission case is cheaply designed and must be reinforced with a large aluminum pan and the exclusive ATS RFE case brace to keep if from cracking in half.

The RFE internals are merely larger versions of those found in the Dodge Caravan transmission that originally debuted in Chrysler used this basic design and adapted it to be used behind their gas engines, calling it the RFE.

Then, they made a few parts in the RFE transmission a little larger, which eventually became the 68RFE that we know today to be used behind the Cummins.

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The 68RFE can be rebuilt with upgraded parts making it a great shifting transmission but it still has limitations because of the small clutch packs, gear sets, and shafts that make up the transmission. If you were to spend the money to upgrade the internals of the RFE, you would still be left with a transmission that has clutch packs, gear sets, and shafts that are nearly half the size of those in the Allison.

Currently there are limited hard part upgrades available for the Aisin ASRC, and there are many areas that need to be addressed, not only for strength, but for longevity. Factory replacement parts are two to three times the cost of RFE parts which drives the cost of rebuilding the ASRC to an unreasonable level. For these reasons, ATS decided to focus our efforts on making the Allison 6-speed Conversion affordable for anyone that needs to replace their failed RC.

How the transmission is adapted to the engine, transfer case, cooler line adaptation, manual linkage, fill tube, transmission electronic control system, and driveline modifications are the basics. This transmission can handle increased torque load because of its wear-compensating clutch.

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This transmission is a class-exclusive and only available with the 6. The most popular option for the Heavy Duty is the six-speed automatic transmission. This transmission is very sophisticated. Engineers optimized performance with state-of-the-art efficiency.

cummins six speed swap meet

The Aisin Automatic Transmission is the toughest option available. Are you interested in pushing your Cummins Diesel to the limits?

Our Complete Guide to Parts and Providers for Gas-to-Diesel Engine Swaps

If so, the Aisin transmission is for you. This is a six-speed transmission specifically designed to handle higher engine output.

cummins six speed swap meet

The Cummins engine is turned up to foot pounds of torque when equipped with this transmission. This transmission provides wide gear ratios for enhanced drivability. Which Cummins Transmission is Best? Dodge offers some unique transmission options for your Heavy Duty truck.