Alameda swap meet oakland ca weather

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alameda swap meet oakland ca weather

Alameda, CA breaking news, local news, events, weather, sports, schools, shopping, restaurants from Patch. Man Tried To Lure Girls; Robbery: Alameda, East Bay Police Log. A dad was convicted of molesting a teen he met while gaming, a mountain lion was captured and other Maui-Bound Plane Diverted To Oakland. RECEIVE OUR DAILY WEATHER FORECAST FOR ALAMEDA Alameda Forecast Oakland Airport Live Wind Reading. Street Address for Coliseum Swap Meet - Flea Markets in Oakland, CA Coliseum Way Region for Meets Inc - Flea Markets in Oakland, CA Alameda, CA.

Or, on the way to work, getting a flat. All the more reason to support your local cycle shop. Tam adventure is guaranteed to get even better. Those who gain entry can count on being greeted by friendly faces, snacks, and beverages — and maybe even an accordion player — to add to the ambience and picturesque view.

All ages are welcome, but dogs are not, and you have to bring cash. Check their online social calendar for updates on guest days and events. Yes, Oakland has a ton of hiking trails up in the hills, but not all are welcoming to mountain bikes.

While dogs are supposed to be on leash, few owners follow that rule, so keep your eyes peeled for wandering pooches and packs of families, especially on the weekends. Tucked into the hillsides across Oakland and Berkeley, the stairs were originally put there to help residents catch the streetcar more than a century ago.

These days, many of them have fallen into disrepair, but volunteers and city officials have been working to restore them. To get started, try the Merriwood Staircase, renovated by the City of Oakland in If that sounds rad — and it is — then be sure to start training.

See you in August! Find out more at OaklandTri. From July 12 to August 23, the Delta Aquariids will be visible. This is a minor meteor shower, but around the peak of July 29 it should produce some fireballs. On August 11 and 12, the Perseids will put on a better show. The solar eclipse, which takes place on August 21, will be visible in the Bay Area — but we only get a partial show.

alameda swap meet oakland ca weather

About 70 percent of the sun will be obscured by the moon. But instead of making the game your Saturday main event, why not make it your halftime in an epic East Bay craft beer crawl? Sip your beers, gaze across the bay and dream about next season. Also, beer is a dollar, too, and so are hot dogs, sodas, and programs. Parking is also just a buck on Sundays. For more, check out BayAreaDerby. Drinking outside means drinking on patios.

Drinking on patios at least the good ones means drinking with dogs.

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Maybe you already have your own dog, but the point here is that there are bars where dogs hang out, and those are the best bars to be in. But the best part might be the back patio. If you are lucky, you might even be there when a big giant dog comes in, which happens from time to time. Plus, since the bar is close to the lake, you can enjoy the company of both dogs and funny-looking seabirds, such as the black crowned night herons, who look like they are silently judging you from their perch in the trees above.

Fifty rotating beers on draft and hundreds more bottles to choose from. That means you can take your beer to go, but you and your dog should probably just sit and stay—or at least your dog should. Nautical puns not included. Find out more at Cal-Sailing. Independent film festivals provide the starkest counterprogramming to the big-budget status quo, giving a voice to people generally ignored by Hollywood. Canned or packaged food, water a gallon a day per person and bleach to purify moresleeping bags, clothes, flashlights, sturdy shoes, whistles and gloves for heavy lifting.

Keep it all in a backpack for easy transport. Buckets for washing and transporting water. Plastic sheeting to keep the rain off and for patching holes in windows and roofs and to cover the windows of your safe room in case of loose biohazards.

A battery- or crank- powered radio, like the one the Red Cross sells, unless you want to spring for a household generator. And duct tape, plenty of duct tape. Disaster coordinator Zombeck says some estimates put the number of people made homeless in Alameda by a major quake at 8, Caught Out When you bought your house, you made sure it was on bedrock. When you made your rendezvous plan, you printed it on laminated wallet cards.

When you made your disaster kit, you included gold bullion in case paper money becomes worthless in the After Times. At Work The fact is, you might be at work when Shaky M. Shaker gets to town, and your kids might be in school. So what do you do? Erroll Najee, the enthusiastic founder of Business Emergency Safety Training, an Oakland company that provides safety training for businesses in Northern California, recommends learning how to use a fire extinguisher, because the main threat will probably be from fire, which spreads rapidly.

People think they work like a grenade. You pull the pin and stand back. How far away do you have to stand? Pull the pin, aim at the base of the fire, squeeze the trigger and sweep from side to side.

A few energy bars, a big bottle of water and a blanket in case you spend the night see tip No. Kids at School If you have kids at school, your first response will be to call the office. This is where having an out-of-state contact becomes crucial.

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Often local phone service is overwhelmed, but calls out of state can get through. Jeanne Perkins, an earthquake and hazards program consultant at ABAG, recommends adding a long list of friends and relatives to the release form you sign at the beginning of each school year indicating who can pick up your kid, taking care to include people who work close to the school.

Now FEMA is recommending that you be able to survive off the grid for a week, and that means having a proper supply of medication on hand. The trouble is, medication has a limited shelf life, so you need to be diligent about keeping your supply fresh.

alameda swap meet oakland ca weather

What do you do? The easiest thing to do is get a supply of samples from your doctor, if your doctor is amenable. These freebies from pharmaceutical companies come in sealed packages, perfect for adding to a disaster kit.

One thing most insurance companies offer, including Blue Shield of California, is a vacation supply of medication. This is intended for people who are going on long trips to be able to stock up before they go, providing they have refills remaining.

You can also get extra prescriptions if your doctor allows it, and pay for them outside of your insurance system. Instead of waiting until you have that last pill rolling around in the bottle, call ahead of time. According to the U. When the Big One hits, and the power goes out to your fridge, insulin can be kept unrefrigerated for up to 28 days. If you hear them except for the first Wednesday of the month at noonthe message is: Shelter in your home or the nearest building, shut the doors and windows to seal yourself in as tightly as possible, and listen for instructions.

Ostensibly this will come not from a roaming bank of speakers, but broadcast on AM, also known as Alameda Radio, which transmits from Franklin Park you have your crank- or battery-powered radio, right? In the event of a catastrophe, time becomes precious and short.


Also called CityWatch, the system uses a database of current home phone numbers and overlays it with geographic information so it can call the home phones in a specific geographic region or zip code over and over again until it gets through.

The main drawback with the system is that it only works on landline phones, those curious antiques with the stuttering dial tone collecting dust on the downstairs end table. Landlines usually work even when the electricity is out; just make sure it is corded no wireless handsets. One of the great myths of our communications systems is that the cell system works independent of the landlines, so if you have both, you have a redundant system. Most often the difficulties are around the hardware—the radios used by police and fire departments statewide are on different frequencies and bands, in part because there has never been an interoperability requirement.

But this is changing—the state is funding new communications systems that will allow agencies to finally be able talk to one another when reinforcements get called in to help. A Hayward-fault quake will slice Interstate freeway into three sections near Fremont, with the sides of the fault moving up to 10 feet.

It will sever highways and 84 in San Jose. It will cut through a dozen major roads on its way through the monster I interchange in Castro Valley.

It will take out I again near Golf Links Road, again at the intersection with highways 13 and It will neatly bisect the Berkeley Hills, roughly following the Arlington and the base of the foothills to cut through Interstate 80 on its way out to the Bay. When the Northridge earthquake hit, people just assumed they could get in their SUV and bulldoze across the backroads to get home, avoiding the freeways. Folks are going to be on their own. And with their busy lives, people keep putting planning off.

InKobe suffered a 6. It hit early in the morning with no foreshocks, and it was devastating. Like the Bay Area, Kobe had many unreinforced masonry buildings—brick mostly—that toppled, and much of its land was fill, which liquefied into quicksand.

Local officials were criticized for not providing proper traffic control, and the roads quickly turned into gridlock, stranding emergency vehicles and keeping the injured from getting to the hospitals. It could take days for the Feds to arrive and take over recovery efforts, so in a real emergency, we have to be self- sufficient.

When the fire swept through the Oakland Hills in Octoberteacher Molly Coffey-Smith was living in Piedmont, an area that just skirted the blaze. She was home when a police car rolled up the street with speakers telling everyone to evacuate.

alameda swap meet oakland ca weather

When the residents evacuated, the looters moved in. So in California created the Standardized Emergency Management System, a system that all responding agencies are trained to be a part of when necessary.

alameda swap meet oakland ca weather

Department of Homeland Security created a similar national system in called the National Incident Management System. Captains take charge of each unit and integrate members of other agencies like fire and public works into units when they arrive.

alameda swap meet oakland ca weather

When the big one hits, department heads from police, fire, public works and elsewhere report and work together as management staff. The city manager heads the EOC, with the others serving as the executive staff. Depending on the type of event, another staffer might take over—the police in case of civil unrest, for example, or the fire department in case of a spreading conflagration. Securing the Port The biggest security concern in the area is the Port of Oakland.

As the fourth-biggest container port in the country, the port received nearly 2, container ships in Department of Homeland Security and the U. Customs and Border Protection. But now they make sure that nothing dangerous enters or leaves the port area or any of the waterways. Besides cameras watching the fences, and ID checks for traffic coming in, the containers bound for the port are monitored as well.

Twenty-four hours before containers are loaded onto ships bound for Oakland, a manifest must be sent to the port, which then approves each container.


When the containers are offloaded, they are scanned to make sure their contents match the manifest. They are also checked for radiation—the containers are loaded onto trucks, which are then driven through a large yellow horseshoe-shaped detector before leaving the port.

Passed inthe PETS act requires local and state disaster plans to include household animals in the event of a major disaster or emergency.