99 cobra eaton swap meet

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99 cobra eaton swap meet

I recently finished my first 03 cobra complete engine swap into a 96 cobra and I to post blower sensor and allow proper spark adjustment based on ACT's. YN Cobra 10th Anny, CSX Shelby 99% original, . If you want one of those adapters I designed to flip the IAC let met know. Mike Laser Red '99 Cobra. I sold the '98, bought the '99, and now I'm saving up for either a stroker kit or forged internals and an Eaton swap to help reach. This kit allows any to Mustang GT owners to install any These are available at online auction sites, swap meets and other sources. allows you to mount a '03/04 Cobra/Eaton supercharger on to your 2-valve L engine with the.

For Sale GT shortblock, Navigator heads, Eaton swap, Wiring

So no 03 tank? You can use an '03 GT tank. Most people don't usually like to go that route, but it's done quite often. And people have had pretty good luck drilling a hole in the fuel basket to keep it from getting sucked dry. Just throwing that out there because I've seen it work that way with no problems to speak of.

99 cobra eaton swap meet

Let's face it though, that would be a very difficult task. If it takes a week to get stuff right, I don't have a car for a week. Tracking down every little thing I need for that swap would be a pita, especially all the front drive accessories and 03 heads when I have the money. And I only make about every summer meaning that I would owe my dad the difference. No I'm not, I'm giving him advice for his application.

I'm not denying that a PD blower will bring on power sooner.

99 cobra eaton swap meet

I'm just saying for someone who has not had EITHER type of blower he likely won't notice the difference in powerbands because either route will be much faster than what he has now. I realize the 98 was an unfinished project, but a motor swap is a fairly indepth undertaking compared to bolting on a centri kit. The blower itself was not and is not the issue - it's getting the newer blower to work on his older car.

I have not owned both types of cars, but I've driven and ridden in several of both so I am speaking from experience. I've also seen numerous people who had other cars to daily drive and the knowledge to do the build themselves try to put an Eaton in a SN95 and give up because it just wasn't worth the trouble.

Again, I'm not denying that a PD blower is more fun on the street that's your opinion - can't argue with that or that the power comes on sooner, I'm just saying in his case at this point in his life I don't think it's worth the extra time and effort it would take to get it done.

To do a 03 Cobra motor swap, or to just do a top end swap is no easy task. The car harness and the 03 harness don't work together without some major modification.

The fuel system isn't the same. As far as fun factor goes, with 4. My 97 with a little novi and 4. If my 98 still had a stick in it, I could show you what a centri car could do. It was useless in first and second any rpm when you stabbed the throttle and it had a tendency to step the ass out at about 75 in third. The automatic has tamed it a lot along with some drag radials and also reduced my rwhp by about a It's down to from rwhp.

03/04 Eaton M112 to 99 Cobra

Drag radials have changed my life. I can't break the nittos free, even with 4. You need to run either a stand alone or twin 's in it. A vortech will make more power then a heaton!! It will just be alittle more fun down low, but a nice set of gears and you are always in powerband.

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I wish I had that problem, my nitto's don't Steve I wish I had that problem, my nitto's don't Agreed. I can murder my Nittos at will as well. You can run the 03 Tank but have to use a fore hat or something similiar, that's how I did my Except mine has two Ford GT pumps.

I can't remember if Steve's was setup with a complete 03 cobra tank, lines, fpdm, and so forth. It sounds nice and dandy but just the though of ripping the dash apart to change out the main underdash harness birds nest in top pic above had me clinching about the whole project and I looked to plan B.

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Option 2 is not ripping the dash apart but rather using all the the stock 96 stuff - ecu, wiring, cluster, and even the 96 engine harness. The 96 ecu is just as capable of running the 03 motor and since I do my own tuning with sct prp that issue was solved the tune just needed to have a few things modified but more on that later.

I chose option two. The factory 96 engine harness mates to the 03 motor and sensors with the exception of a few things which i'll note now and detail later.

99 cobra eaton swap meet

BTW you can use the coolant reservoir level sensor connector to mate to the intercooler water pump. You will clearly see what needs to be lengthened, modified etc. I recommend soldering all wires rather than crimping to avoid chasing down electrical nightmares later in the game. Take a bunch of pictures, I used them a lot for chasing back what went where.

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Also did new oil pan gasket and oil pan. There is no gain in strength and they don't have the sealing surface area around the bolt holes like the factory piece. I replaced the pcv line under the intake manifold as it was all rotted and cracked.

Stupid ford made this replacement item require the removal of the intake to change a hose Also gotta have the boost gauge.