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Anyone that knows of a parts list and instructions on swap let me know. i met a guy who had a LT1 project for his lumina, with an "A-Frame" all .. with 4TE. For an engine swap, the 4TE makes things significantly. How to Swap 4T65 to 4T80 '96 SSEi with the Twin-Charged SII. The first thing that jumps out is the enormous side cover and general girth. Transmission Model Number 4T80E Applications, Specifications, Dimensions, Ratios.

I built everything because we had NO budget. Good luck with your project, hope this helps. Ok, I was going to stay out of this one, but this getting a little ridiculous. First of all, this statement claims their mods can make your gearbox handle 3x the factory hp? I have been rebuilding transmissions as a dealertech for 10 years. I spent 4 years at GM in calibrating and doing research for the 4t I installed all the test equipment, ran the data and modified units beyond all reason.

There are certain fundametal laws of physics that apply here. No matter what the claims, lets use a little logic. The production box is rate at ft lbs of torque. A production 4t80 box from a Nstar is rated at ft lbs.

4T80e Update (broken)

Have you seen the hardware in those units! No amount of shift presure calibration can make up for the lack of hardware strength in the 4t That email claims 3x stockhp?

That would put a torque rating around ft lbs! Im not even gonna comment on a full second of your ET.

You guys can do your own math on that one. Face facts- the GA box will not cut it. Our cars need a 4t65, end of story. GM would not have done it if they could make the 4t45 work. Trust me on this one. I will work with anyone that is serious, but it is gonna take some fabricating, as well as some custom software.

I have some pics of a mounting system if you are serious. It takes an experienced fabricator to do the whole job though.

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This will raise the 4t65hd SSEi 2. You reuse your stock converter. The cradle will be modified as well. The wiring harness just needs a little mod. The biggy is the software to run it. Stock GA wont work. That can be done.

Custom drive axles too. It is involved, but not impossible. I built 3 Let's assume you sourced the 4T65hd yourself along with the drive axles. This should cover the custom drive axles too. The software is an unknown variable. I can help with that probably. This kind of thing is not for everyone. It obviously requires some special skills and tools. If the interest was high enough, maybe I should go into production It sounds probable because it's been done.

4T80e Update (broken) - LS1TECH - Camaro and Firebird Forum Discussion

You really gotta be serious about your car to do this kind of thing. I would recommend the thrasher shift kit as well. After this mod, the car will take anything you can dish out. You could even put in the posi unit available for the 4t65 in as well! It could be added later without pulling the unit. All this work is why there is no GM blower kit for the 3. Financially, it is just too much for the average buyer.

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I would be as well. From what he said, our transmissions aren't worth bulletproofing because it won't provide the horsepower we want. Of course it would help those who aren't gonna go to the extremes with these cars. The last thing the guy has to worry about is people not being interested. Hopefully something comes out of all of this.

Blight Did anything happen with this? Anyone try the conversion? Talk about back from the dead. Milzy is talking about doing a turbo grand am build up though with a 4THD conversion, and possibly offering a conversion kit. We'll see how long it takes though, what with developement costs and all.

What was the model number of that tranny? Because parts from that aren't interchangable with the automatic. The auto for the 4cyl was the 4T40E and that only had 3. The 4T40 had a lower torque rating than the 4T45, and the manual certainly wouldn't hold up to the V6's torque.

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The engine would bolt up, but there is no tuning software available for the 4cyl GA as spy can attest to that would allow you to use a different trans and program in the different gear ratios etc. Sure GM racing uses 4T65's with ecotec's in their racing cars They use custom stand alone engine management with distributor ignition, and those are racing tranny's that get rebuilt after several races.

Schweppe23 Just a couple of points here: Chris u may want to edit 5 no? Actually 45e in the SE came with the 3. This was a 3. The plan here was to creep up on the power, sort out the tune and find the weak link.

The biggest issue off the bat was that no 4T80e tune is available prior to the model year transitions which were controlled by T42 TCM.

I was using an older traditional LS1 style PCM and had no base to start with for a Force current motor, line pressure or shift times. All I had was a "4L80e" segment which would at the minimum allow me to control the solenoids correctly. To simplify tuning for the time being, we disabled the TCC lock-up all together. This eliminated one variable as we sorted through the initial drivability and WOT tuning. I scaled a Force Current Motor table from a table to the best of my ability and entered the values into my PCM, however I am not confident in those values.

This leads me to believe there was an existing mechanical failure inside of the trans kinda unlikelyor I had the incorrect force numbers not allowing me to grab the gear.

I wasn't too concerned for the time being as I was concentrating on maximum power and track times It was very much like stock around town. Line pressure was increased under higher torque loads and shift times were reduced.

With this basic information loaded up we were ready to make some shake down passes at the track. On the track rental day, I made a total of 7 passes on slicks. The car had a lazy shift which progressively got worst as the transmission warmed up Regardless, at a race weight of the car managed to trap mph which means it was in the vicinity of whp on those passes.

All of those passes were made on psi on low timing and running out of fuel. After the track outing, I continued to sort out the tune on the street concentrating on the engine side of things. I added an additional fuel pump during this time period to keep up with the added boost, and I also turned the turbo up to 22psi.

The car now had significantly more power than the original track outing, and along with the power some of the transmission issues started to magnify. It became very difficult to complete shifts without lifting in between, and the converter was getting drivien right through. The transmission slowly started sounding more and more like a CVT trans as it came up on boost would peg and hold it there regardless of gear.

Heat became a major issue and I knew that the trans was coming apart, but I tried several other things to keep it together as we progressed and continued to tune the car. Last night was the beginning of the end. After beating the car pretty hard for a few hours, as I was working on the two-step the passenger side axle finally decided to let go not far from the hit this was on the slicks with a little Dr.