4bd1t toyota swap meet

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To be honest other than a turbo or an engine re-power for your truck I think Very quiet and smooth, much quieter and smoother than my Isuzu 4BD1T. ' cruiser, and one forum mentiond it was the perfect swap for a 'cruiser 8) . I appreciate all of the many replies, and I hope to meet up with the various. Met a fox body mustang owner not too long ago who bought a 4bt/auto .. I have a 4bd1t in a 3/4 ton pickup, it's an excellent engine, all torque. Capt Ahab "A Whale of a Tale" - FZJ80 build · th LC adapter and LC case · 65 FJ40 assist with "frombe steering" · Who's going to the swap meet tomorrow?.

I know my friend just had his IVECO Eurocargo engine fail, just out of warranty because one of the big-end bolts came off. Such that he hasn't yet worn out a set of rear tyres.

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I never actually brouse any section as such just the New Posts, saves time. I do not want to sound like I am repeating myself but my best mate has one Isuzu that is2 other friends also, I just don't like them. Nothing personnel what soever. I was posting and trying to help, posting to a new member from part of the world one of my parents is from. My post was shot down by a bearded I presume Isuzu follower that pointed out--quite rightly so that I was repeating myself and this section is sick of it.

Once again, quite rightly so.

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My intension are honourable and this is hopefully meant in jest as its really just entertaining me now. Get off my back now. Get on with your life and don't take matters so seriously. AND the R is a toy gearbox. O Big boys use an LT 95, short throw shifter of course! See, lots of smilies as I am not serious at all JC marcecooter 18th August SheldonA 18th August I took a quick look at a 6 speed found behind the 6BD1 a few weeks ago and it had a 7 on it plus two other letters and can't remember what they were It was actaully a little shorter than the MSA5G from memory about 15mm, but it was a rough measure.

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It bulged out the LT front output side, but from rough measurements may just clear. Haven't looked at where the starter motor is on these flywheel housings - as it may push the starter motor into the chassis being a larger diameter.

4bd1t toyota

It was a seriuosly heavy box. The top seemsed very wide where all the gear linkages go, so not sure how it would go fitting under the transmission tunnel. Haven't got into looking further into it yet as I am currently in Asia for a bit. It seems most of the newer Isuzu boxes have starter motors faceing to the rear causeing firewall issues.

I only looked at this as a bloke wanted to put a 6BB1 and 6 speed into a series 1: My personal opinion is that a 5 speed with a wide spread and strength of the MSA's behind a 4BD1 is more than adequate.

If you turbo it correctly you will have a wide usable torque curve, with wide usable gear ratios, that will hold gears with ease. Nero 18th August So for the cost of an Injection pump with the mechanical advance for varying rpm this may open up a lot more options to out visiting friend?

It not nesscarily the best or the fastest but it does what it says on the the box is simple and will do it for a long time. I guess that 9. Max torque that low is fine. There are people who have made the 4bd1t rev higher by balancing the motor and tuning correctly. However if it came out in the 60s then it will be indirect injection unless updated in the 80's or 90's.

Bush65 19th August I have had my torque cam profile modified, to reduce fuel delivery rate at low speed, because my pump doesn't have a boost compensator. If you look at the stock 4BD1T torque curve and the fuel rate for stock injection pump calibration, you can see the correspondence.

Wanted: Wanted Isuzu 4BD1 3.9 direct injection or 4BD1T 3.9 turbo

I believe this is a function of the profile of the torque cam. From memory it is a while since I looked and the manual isn't at hand just now the calibration info in the manual lists different number torque cams for the 4BD1 and 4BD1T.

4bd1t toyota swap meet

They may also be different torque cams between the changes that occurred about - my IP 4BD1T is a different ID number than listed for the earlier engines. I would expect the pumps with boost compensators to have a different torque cam for 4BD1T without a boost compensator.

My IP has 9. I couldn't close couple an LT to my MXA gearbox because the front extension housing wouldn't clear the side of the gearbox case. I also looked at close coupling an LT95 transfer case because they have a short front extension, but rejected it because the spline in the input gear was too far back - I was planing to machine the splines to suit my gearbox.

They will readily rev overbut for peace most wouldn't run continuously at those rpm. With a valve spring upgrade they can go to rpm. I am sure someone posted this on here - 8. I will try and dig it out. Bush65 thanks for the info I will keep this in mind I will find out what size plungers mine has and let everyone know Are you going to be changing your governor settings and uping the max rpm at all?

Yes I agree with you, I'm not sure iveco's engine is indirect injection, it could be modified during the years from Indirect to direct injectionl For example the put on the market a 1. From to they produced this engine again, everything was the same apart for the vnt turbocharger When iveco was I mean 4 cilinders c.

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I'm sure if I'd be able to find a way to have a more responsive engine while depressing the accelerator pedal, I'd think less about an engine swap Why 13BT are so good and ready when you push the accelerator?? Mumbe mumble 20th August When we first put the R behind the Isuzu we had a bet it would last about 18mnths.

This re-shake of the lineup was then followed by the very modern Elf Mi-Pack in April Because of its high price combined with customer reluctance to a front-wheel drive truck it was retired after only a few years on the market. Instead a low-floor model of the Elf was added to the lineup infeaturing small twinned rear tires. The heavier duty Elf was not immediately replaced but continued in production until the model year, when in February a model of the third generation Elf was introduced " Wide".

It was nicknamed " Tora-san " after Kiyoshi Atsumi 's a famous Japanese actor most beloved film character which supposedly looked similar. In a 3.

4bd1t toyota swap meet

There was also a "Elf Super" version, has the 2. The Elf Wide and Wide were added, with KT and KS chassis codes respectiverly, meaning that the second generation Ef could finally be retired. For the third generation Elf the diesel engines had been modernized for more ease of operation, while the world's then smallest direct injection diesel engine - the 3.

4bd1t toyota swap meet

In March the diesel engines were again modified, reflecting new Japanese emissions standards for commercial vehicles. While the third generation Elf was mostly replaced inthe "Route Van" three- or six-seater van version continued in production until the early s.