Youtube channel icon wont change relationship

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youtube channel icon wont change relationship

There's a moderate correlation between a channel's subscriber size and rankings . We found a very small relationship between keyword-rich video tags and rankings. youtube social share icons That's because, without views, your video can't generate the other signals that YouTube uses to evaluate. Which metrics you should prioritize in your YouTube channel analytics, and Click the profile icon in the top right, then Creator Studio, next to the cogwheel icon. Default settings show the last 28 days, but you can change them to Because this comparison is only based on duration and doesn't factor in. To maximize impact of your channel icon, make sure it has the correct When your channel comes up in search results, you can't miss the YouTube channel icon examples (for individuals and brands); How to change your . of your personality; it's the best opportunity to start a relationship with viewers.

youtube channel icon wont change relationship

Put another way, if your image is too complicated, it may show up in a weird way…such as with an important element or two missing or otherwise askew when your audience lands on your channel on a different device. This area is guaranteed not to get cut off on any device. Therefore, you ought to put the most important part of your branding right here in this sweet spot. That can be a logo, tagline, headline, illustration—whatever. Ensure that this middle area stands alone.

Using High-Quality Images On the web and on YouTube, using high-quality images that look attractive and sharp can do wonders for your conversion rate because people are more likely to pay attention to them and engage with them.

Studies have been done on this. ConversionXL has a whole analysis of this phenomenon, where high-quality images help online stores sell more and increase their conversion rates.

Designing the Perfect YouTube Channel Art: Amazing Tips and Tricks

Pin It So, too, it is with your channel art. On the other hand, using a sharp image that puts your branding—logo, colors, tagline, etc. When do they stop watching?

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What countries are my views coming from Playback locations: Watch time and Views Though Views and Watch time are on the same page, these stats are interdependent. More importantly, if you divide Watch time by total Views, you get an extremely valuable stat: It can be measured on a per-video basis, or to measure the average amount of time people spend watching videos on your channel as a whole. The more videos you have with high retention rates, the better your channel will rank. Audience retention The Audience retention report tracks viewer engagement over time.

Retention is calculated based on percentage watched: YouTube tracks two types of audience retention: Absolute audience retention and Relative audience retention. To switch between them, click on a video in the list below the Audience retention graph, then scroll back up to the graph. Absolute audience retention Absolute audience retention shows exactly which moments in your videos are most-watched, and where people tend to drop off.

youtube channel icon wont change relationship

If you have a high-performing video, look at the Absolute audience retention graph to determine the highlights. Pinpointing engagement trends gives you a better idea of what your audience wants to see, guiding your content creation efforts.

Similarly, if you have a poor-performing video, the Absolute audience retention graph will show you when people tend to stop watching, so you know how to adjust. YouTube recommends paying particular attention to the first 15 seconds of your videos—introductions have the biggest drop-off rate.

It does, however, give a general point of comparison between your content and other videos on YouTube. Demographics To find out about the people watching your videos—specifically, their age, gender, and geographical location—check demographics.

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Icon: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Getting to know your audience can help you make more informed, targeted marketing decisions. You look at analytics, expecting to find a core demographic of of 18 to 24 year old men, but discover your audience is actually female-identified people in the US aged 65 and older. Armed with this knowledge, you could adjust the tone of your videos to win back your expected demographic, pivot to your newly-discovered audience, or look for a way to please everyone.

youtube channel icon wont change relationship

Appealing to demographics is important for winning subscribers. Playback locations Playback locations shows you where your content is being watched within the YouTube platform, or elsewhere online.

This will bring up a list of all the places your videos have been watched within the selected date range. Finding out where your videos are being played allows you to optimize your ad spend on those locations, giving you the most reach for your money.

youtube channel icon wont change relationship

Each item in the list below the graph can be clicked on to reveal specific information within that category. Did someone find you by using a specific search term? These are the questions these metrics can help you answer. Get the free guide right now!