Wrong timing relationship

Men Confess About Meeting The Love Of Their Life At The Wrong Time

wrong timing relationship

If there's one thing I hate, it's when people blame a missed connection or relationship gone wrong on “bad timing.” There are some many legit excuses to not. Yes, It's there. You can be in relationship with a best person but maybe at wrong time. Wrong timing can be subjective because it all depend on. You two could be perfect together in every way, and it could be nothing more than bad timing that ultimately keeps you apart. Here's how meeting someone at .

I just went to him.

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I did it without thinking about moving, and certainly without frenzy or mania or obsessive highs. The assured, quiet energy of knowing, and then simply doing— obvious, composed energy, like it had been the plan all along.

Because in my head? The right people make you want to throw away the plans you originally had for one and follow them into the hazy, unknown future without a glance backwards.

The Truth About Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Everything is better since they came along. You rewrite your story so that they are the spine. Maybe I was just at a point in my life where he made sense — maybe he just happened to be what I was looking for, but I doubt it. With him, I borrow the words of Priebe: Because here we are, right now.

We have to be emotionally and mentally ready; be well-equipped with good standards — and mostly that means framing up a partner as a human being, not a physical manifestation of our ideals. We make the timing forever when we are the sort of people who are open to forever, who ready ourselves by not waiting on the universe to hand us things, by getting our shit straight and our heads right, for seeing people in healthy ways and not using people to fill gaps in our hearts.

wrong timing relationship

It just will be. And Heidi Priebe wrote something beautiful when she captured what we forget when we say the timing was wrong: It would have been infinitely easier to meet you two years earlier or three years later or in a different space or place or country or time zone. It would have been simpler to meet you in a world where I could wake up nestled tightly in beside you and you could join in each adventure I took on.

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It would be marvelous to have all our fates aligned and to see the timing play itself out flawlessly. If she didn't love the other person, why did she stay? Either way, this is the perfect example of a man meeting the love of his life at the wrong time.

She already made it clear she's pregnant and she is keeping the baby. Unless he's willing to stick around and hope her relationship tanks, which is a horrible thing to do, he will have to move on with the knowledge that he missed having her by only two months. Whisper Six years of loving someone isn't something you can toss away easily, and a long distance relationship isn't ideal, regardless of how long you've loved each other.

Obviously, this guy's timing couldn't be worse and it seems he'll have to allow time to heal this fresh wound. Does this mean love cannot conquer distance? Not at all, but that road won't be an easy one - especially if she is moving for the sake of school, a job or anything else that promises to consume the majority of her waking hours. Sometimes the only thing you can do for love is let go and hope one day it comes back to you.

Let's hope that's exactly what he plans to do. In this case, the guy was ridiculed by an old friend. He was looking for romance and received one of the rudest forms of rejection instead.

wrong timing relationship

What does her laughter tell him? That he just dodged a bullet, because relationships don't work if one person is unnecessarily cruel. She could have easily let him down gently but she didn't even say anything - HUGE red flag for him. Hopefully he realized her character wasn't one worth further pursuits.

wrong timing relationship

What makes this confession even more sad is his admission that they were friends when they were younger. Is it possible she was so flustered she could only laugh and walk away? Does it sound like he's going to keep pursuing her?

wrong timing relationship

Either way, his confession came at the wrong time. Whisper So much is said in so few words. She loved him once but perhaps he was unavailable and now that he is available, she isn't. While we don't know the details of their love lost, it is clear she doesn't want to be with him anymore. Her response implies she perhaps told him about her feelings before and he took it for granted and did as he pleased until he was ready to settle down and be with her, but by then she had already moved on good for her!

Had he actually asked to marry her when she loved him, would she have fallen out of love by now? There's no telling how they could have been, only that they will never be.

wrong timing relationship