Velma daphne relationship

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velma daphne relationship

Velma Dinkley is a fictional character in the Scooby-Doo franchise. She is usually seen wearing This along with Marcy's interest in Fred made her Daphne's rival of sorts. She was born on Halloween which over time led to her hatred of the. The storyline sounds pretty interesting but fans are calling for a little something more: a relationship between Daphne and Velma. Detectives Velma Dinkley and Daphne Blake will be boarding the Mystery Machine once But it seems fans want the pair's relationship to be.

There is always a disgruntled real estate owner hiding behind the ghostly mask.

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Despite their history, the gang tends to approach any given mystery from the perspective that the monster might actually be real. Real estate owners deserve the benefit of the doubt!

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To be fair, the evidence backed up her claim. In some cases, people discover an inner strength they never knew they possessed, one capable of seeing them through a difficult period. When it comes to Velma, her power manifests in a more literal sense; as, suddenly, the year-old teenager managed to lift like nobody's business!

Still, this happens often enough to establish the teenager's prowess as a defining characteristic. From the very start, Velma has literally carried Mystery Incorporated. So, what talent has Velma kept hidden? Apparently, Velma is a pretty great singer. She has quite a set of pipes on her, but stage fright derailed Velma's career as a singer.

Thankfully, she knew the words to this particular song. As this was the late '90s, Garofalo would have been the obvious choice for the role, as the comedian even had the character's witty sarcasm down to perfection. As time would prove, the role went to Linda Cardellini, who did a more than decent job as the iconic teenage sleuth.

In this series, Daphne and Fred are in a committed relationship, while Velma relentlessly pursues Shaggy. Sadly, the latter does not seem ready to take the next stop, even going as far to admit that he has no interest in asking Dinkley to the prom.

In retaliation, Velma kicks over a couple of tombstones. With the boy missing his dog, Velma acts like Scooby to try and turn Shaggy's frown upside down. While Daphne encapsulated the popular and feminine trends of the time, Velma went in a completely opposite direction.

An introvert who cared more about intellect than physical appearances, Velma earned a reputation as a cultural icon. Taking into account her numerous relationships over the years, it is unlikely that Hanna-Barbera planned to present the character in this light. That aside, Velma holds a special place in many people's heartsleading to a devoted fan base that has endured across generations. While "jinkies" is probably Velma's greatest creation, the investigator is known to be blind as a bat without her glasses.

I can't see without my glasses! Velma does not wear glasses just for the fun of it, as the character is completely blind without them and even seems to misplace some of her intelligence. There are times when she cannot tell the difference between Shaggy and the weekly monster. While the rest of the gang do contribute to the overall mystery, Velma is the only one that is truly indispensable. Without her investigate skills, the Scooby gang would be lucky to solve five cases.

Velma's detective reasoning cannot be denied, but she remains a year-old girl who lacks experience in many facets of life. Apparently, mystery solving does not foster self-awareness.

A character's name could make or break their career, with Velma proving to be the former. While the writers eventually settled on the iconic team, that was hardly always the case. Originally, Scooby's name was Too Much and Mystery Incorporated consisted of five rather than four teenagers. The show's title was Mysteries Five.

When it comes to everyone's favorite bespectacled detective, Velma's maiden name was Linda. You get unlikely partnerships between two sets of characters you would never think would meet, which means you get unexpected adventures as the two worlds collide. Batman is the world's greatest detective for crying out loud. Sadly, the gang doesn't get to participate in any real crime-fighting.

Daphne still has her moment to shine though. What, you didn't think regular baddies in silly costumes were the only people who could capture Daphne, did you? Regular baddies just don't cut it when the Batman is involved. It's not every day that Daphne is taken by villains of such pedigree, am I right? At least she's not the only one to be caught. All of Mystery Inc. Despite my griping on Daphne's behalf, I did enjoy the team-up.

I'm a huge Batman fan, so even though it was a very mellow Batman story, it was nifty to see him working alongside Scooby-Doo and company. No longer was Daphne the pretty popular one of the team. Instead, she was made into the quirky weird one of the team.

They couldn't just make Daphne a normal person, could they? No, instead, they made her a crazy person who takes up new talents like they're popcorn kernels. In one episode, Daphne takes on falconry. She goes around the episode with a falcon glove on her hand and a falcon named Dwayne constantly perched on it. The show seemed more concerned with getting laughs out of the audience than providing engaging mysteries for the gang to solve over the course of an episode.

Daphne's falcon gets loose and flies away from Daphne at the end of the episode I'm talking about. This wouldn't be an issue if it hadn't chosen to make its escape while they were all still in the museum where they had had their adventures. Once it flies free, all you can hear are the sounds of things crashing and people screaming as the falcon does who knows what off screen. During the ruckus, Daphne makes no attempt to try and get it back.

velma daphne relationship

She just lets the chaos happen. Right off the bat, I knew I wouldn't like this episode. It had nightmare written all over it. This clown was not armed with anything more than a shiny gold coin at the end of a chain. But he used this coin to hypnotize people, and he manages to hypnotize both Shaggy and Daphne before being stopped by the rest of the gang. It's a relief to see that Daphne is not the only one who the clown selects for hypnosis, but she still draws the short straw when it comes to what the clown ordered her to do.

velma daphne relationship

When Shaggy got hypnotized, he was told that he was a lion tamer, so he was sent to the lion's cage with a whip. That's pretty bad, but wait till you hear what the clown told Daphne to do.

She got hypnotized into getting out of her clothes, putting on a tutu, and riding a unicycle on a wire. How come Daphne had to change what she was wearing?! All Shaggy had to do to become a lion tamer was put on a hat.

I'm sensing more than a little discrepancy between how the male got hypnotized and how the female got hypnotized. In the movie, a video game about Mystery Inc. When they're in the game world, they get to hang out with their cyber selves. For the most part, they get along with themselves.

velma daphne relationship

The two Velmas are geniuses together, the two Shaggies are ravenous all the time, and the two Scoobies are cowardly partners. The only pair that seems to have any problems getting along are the Daphnes. As soon as they meet, they criticize what the other is wearing. Later on in the movie, they eventually end up bonding. But what they bond over is how pretty they both are.

daphne and velma movie

How much of Daphne's vanity are they trying to shove in our faces? There's a moment where the two of them are in a hall of mirrors, and Cyber Daphne shrieks when she sees a fat image of herself in one of the trick mirrors. Real Daphne has to assure her that it's not a true image and that she thinks she looks very pretty.

She is literally complimenting herself. Cyber Daphne then compliments Real Daphne in return, and it becomes a very self-congratulatory moment.

velma daphne relationship

Is this what Daphne should be reduced to? Why is she the only one who obsesses over her appearance? Fred does this too, I suppose, but definitely to a lesser extent. They either have to do with getting nabbed by a bad guy or with getting into problems with those she is romantically involved with. This entry has to do with one of the latter moments. Instead, they try to set her up with a guy from a rich family, since they themselves are rich too. This boy that they introduce Daphne to is the heir to a ladder company, and his name is Rung Ladderton.

If you barked out laughter just then, don't worry. I did the same thing. I had no idea that a ladder company could propel you to the heights of wealth.

And I have to wonder if it is a coincidence that Rung's last name is "Ladderton. I also wonder what they were thinking when they decided to name their boy "Rung. But it's a close rhyme to the word "dung," which would prevent me from ever naming a child of mine by that name.

Rung Ladderton does not linger long in Daphne's life. It's like a callback to simpler times, when things were clearly cut into black and white categories and you never had to worry about shades of grey.

One of my particular favorites was Maldor the Malevolent. You may not remember him because he was around during the era when only Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, and Scrappy were solving mysteries together. That long ago time when Shaggy wore a red shirt instead of a green one.

When this small group goes up against Maldor, only Daphne ends up getting captured. At this point, you should expect no less. She slides down a trap and ends up in a prison shaped like a bed. There, Maldor puts her into an enchanted sleep, and it's up to every male in the group to rescue her. At least when Velma was around, there was at least one female who could solve the mystery when Daphne was out for the count. Maldor the Malevolent such a cool name gets beaten by Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy, and Daphne gets woken up from her nap at the end.

Still, they're destined to be with each other, so even though it looks like things are over, we all knew they weren't. When we met Baylor Hotner, Daphne's new man, we knew for a fact that he wouldn't last. He existed only to make Fred jealous.

As you can probably guess from his name, Baylor Hotner was quite the good-looking fellow. I actually liked Baylor. He had these cartoon abs on his back that Daphne called his "babs.

Of course, the show could not keep Baylor around for long if Daphne was meant to be with Fred. So they did what they usually do with Daphne's love interests. Baylor Hotner ends up being a bad guy who goes by the name of the Crybaby Clown. Oof, that's not one of the good villain names. Is it not possible for Daphne to have a relationship with someone other than Fred Jones without them becoming a masked criminal?

I'm starting to suspect that Fred might be behind the villainy of some of Daphne's exes. There are just too many instances where they end up turning bad. Poor Baylor Hotner is forever relegated to the ever-growing list of villains Mystery Inc. At the very least, I want one girl to be an effective mystery-solver.

The movie starts out promisingly for the girls because both Miyumi and Daphne are participating in a martial arts tournament. We get to see Daphne kicking butt and taking names during her bouts, and it feels empowering merely observing the constant damsel fighting capably. The empowerment couldn't last for the whole movie though. I guess that would be hoping for too much.