Us pakistan relationship timeline progression

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us pakistan relationship timeline progression

For over 70 years, America and Pakistan have built a relationship based on . saying, “The American people anticipate a long history of close and cordial toward the advancement of the welfare of the people of Pakistan.”. Many are wont to point out how the United States "failed Pakistan" throughout its history beginning in when it armed Pakistan's nemesis. United States of America remains one of the first countries to have established diplomatic ties with Pakistan. Although the relationship dates.

In the end, Pakistan made a strategic calculation, and chose nuclear capabilities over Fs. Pakistan knew full well that the time would come when Pakistan would no longer remain indispensible to U.

Thus, what bedevils U. Pakistan fights its Islamist militant foes while helping those that target U. In quick succession, Washington broke three critical promises made to President Pervez Musharraf in Septemberand likely did not understand the importance of these early missteps. First, Washington promised that the Northern Alliance would not take Kabul.

By December the Northern Alliance did precisely that. Washington failed to understand that the Northern Alliance had been nurtured and aided by India. To compound matters, the interim Afghan government was dominated by the Northern Alliance.

It took the elections to alter this significantly — but not completely.

us pakistan relationship timeline progression

Second, the United States assured President Musharra f that it would take a more active role in resolving the conflict over the disputed province of Kashmir. While such promises were likely absurd in the first instance, the United States quickly drew back from that commitment as well. Third, the United States assured Pakistan that its "strategic assets" its nuclear program would remain intact.

Story of Pakistan and relationship with USA

While technically this pledge was honored, it was eviscerated by the U. American declarations of such support to India no doubt rankled Pakistan. While Pakistan was doing a U-turn on its U-turn against the Taliban and while the Afghan Taliban were gearing up for a reinvigorated insurgent campaign, the United States and NATO blithely assumed that major combat operations were complete in Afghanistan. Historians will decidehowever, if Pakistan had ever made a genuine change with regards to the Taliban in the first instance, and whether that ostensible shift was intended to be permanent.

Rift in relations[ edit ] In US Ambassador Nicholas Platt advised Pakistan's leaders that if Pakistan continued to support terrorists in India or Indian-administered territory, "the Secretary of State may find himself required by law to place Pakistan on the state sponsors of terrorism list.

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InBenazir Bhutto made a quick visit in the U. Bushwhich she marked "America's Frankenstein". InPrime minister Nawaz Sharif travelled to the U. Ambassador Robert Oakley further influenced on the project, showing growing concerns of the U.

Timeline of US-Pakistan relations since Raymond Davis shooting - Telegraph

During the United States trip, Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto faced heated criticism and opposition on the nuclear weapons program, who however responded fiercely and in turn sharply criticized U. Nawaz Sharif's ordering the nuclear tests was met with great hostility and ire in the United States after President Clinton placing the economic embargo on Pakistan.

The relations were also refrained and strained after Nawaz Sharif became involved with Kargil war with Indiawhile India's relations with Israel and U. Soon after the tests, Benazir Bhutto publicly announced her believe that her father was "sent to the gallows at the instance of the superpower for pursuing the nuclear capability, [33] though she did not disclose the name of the power.

In conclusion, both Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto refused to make compromises with respect to the country's nuclear deterrence, instead building infrastructure despite U.

In —72, Pakistan ended its alliance with the United States after the East-Pakistan war in which East Pakistan successfully seceded with the aid of India. The promise of economic aid from the United States was instrumental in creating these agreements.

us pakistan relationship timeline progression

While in America, a Pakistani student is an informal ambassador of Pakistan, no doubt changing perceptions and helping Americans re-examine some of their own assumptions. When they return, we know Pakistani exchange students share their experiences.

70 years of US-Pakistan relations

This deepening of two-way understanding has intangible but invaluable benefits for our overall relationship. There is an active network of 22, Pakistani alumni of American exchanges and English-language programmes throughout the country. They work together to contribute to their communities and serve as informal ambassadors of the flourishing Pakistani-American relationship. The highly successful community of Americans of Pakistani origin also contribute to our relationship.

CJP orders Aleema Khan to file income tax returns Although our bilateral relationship has faced challenges at times in our history, American and Pakistani shared interests have shaped an enduring relationship over seven decades. We rejoice with you in the prospect for rapid progress toward the advancement of the welfare of the people of Pakistan. The future depends not just on our leaders, or on our soldiers and diplomats.

It depends on our people, and whether this relationship can be shown to benefit their mutual prosperity, stability and security. America is as committed to the relationship with Pakistan and its people today as when Pakistan was born, and will be for many years to come.

us pakistan relationship timeline progression

The writer is the US Ambassador to Pakistan.