Undefined long distance relationship

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undefined long distance relationship

So today I am going to talk to you all about long distance relationships. I am currently in a LDR and have been so for the past ten months. The title says it all: the undefined relationship. an effort to see if what we have is worth looking past the distance and bad timing aspect. When you don't put a label on what your relationship is with someone, But I've thought long and hard about it and I do think overall there are.

Is it worth it to enter a relationship where you have to drive a few hours to see someone once or twice a month? I am currently in an undefined relationship. We both are making an effort to see if what we have is worth looking past the distance and bad timing aspect.

What to do in a relationship thats long distance but undefined?

We have an extremely deep connection but situational factors are not ideal. Yet again, nothing in life is simple, right?

With that said, I recently stumbled upon an article that inspired me to expand on this topic about the undefined relationship that most of us young adults participate in. I do not have anything against friends with benefits for other individuals however, I would not allow myself to participate in one.

Why I’m Not Giving Up On Long Distance Dating | Thought Catalog

Friends with benefits is a defined relationship. It is extremely clear that whoever is taking part in this relationship is well aware that they share a friendship with sexual partition. Likewise, a friendship is a defined relationship. A romantic love is defined. A strictly sexual relationship is defined. On the other hand, an undefined relationship is exactly that-you cannot sincerely call it anything else but an undefined relationship.

The philosopher, Perry Como, states that these types of relationships are incomplete, restless and undefined. These relationships seek for something more. Genuine romance is different in the aspect that you have mainly obtained what you wanted A genuine love does not make one crave for something more. I can still hear you leaving, the sound of you disappearing into the distance as I stood there frozen in one spot.

undefined long distance relationship

Left me here anxiously waiting for the next chapter in our lives to appear. Our story has not come to the final chapter yet, and as I promised, this is a lesson in accepting the realization that long distance relationships are not the ending point. This is a love story, and I swear by it. This is a story about a boy and girl, young and naive, full of wonder and awe, that found each other at a time that was simply just not right.

However if they had met at any other time, this story would have had an expiration date. Yet here we are today, continuing strong even though we are not in the same country.

There is a key to this relationship of mine though.

6 Tips on Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

It is the lack of a definition of what you are or what you will be or what you were. It is the essence of the ability to be a free spirit, one who accepts the love given, and the possibility of new love coming along. I love this boy that is not with me, but what if I met someone I could love more?

Our relationship does not have a clear definition or future, but it is based on the promise that communication will be our key. It will provide us with the ability to further our undefined relationship and become closer in a way that may not have happened if you had stayed with me. By not defining this relationship, we are able to grow as individuals through our experiences on exchange.

Without expereiencing these together, we are able to find individual interests in hopes that each other will share the same. We are able to experience something different individually, and share our experiences with each other through the amazing conversations we are able to have. Although we are not together within these experiences, we are able to converse with each other about the amazing opportunities we have been granted with. We will talk about future plans with each other, knowing that we will be in each others lives upon his return.

undefined long distance relationship

We will talk about visitations and weird interests. We will talk about our families, and how we miss each other more than our own relatives. And most importantly, we will talk about the most pointless topics.

undefined long distance relationship

These are the conversations that will make us feel closer. It will provide us with inside jokes and references to the past.

undefined long distance relationship

I have read that long distance relationships do not work. But what about long distance undefined relationships that have the possibility to grow into something more? What about relationships that are not defined, yet have the possibility for a future definition? If I have one word of advice it is to not give up on love until love finds you. Do not search, but be searched for and allow yourself to be loved by those that want to give it to you.

Embrace the possibilities that distance has to offer you.