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10 Ways to Create a Strong, Intimate Relationship

The romantic love fantasy is really a substitute for intimacy—real, connected, vulnerable intimacy. So then, how do we make relationships work & stay happy?. The Must See Racing Sprint Car Series has announced a renewal of its partnership The relationship between the two sides dates back to the series' and will cross the year milestone at the end of the upcoming year. Gerster won the first-ever appearance of the Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series on the pole of the lap by virtue of fast qualifier Kody Swanson rolling a ten for the inversion. .. Performance has been the foundation of our relationship.

December 26, — The Must See Racing schedule with 18 events at 11 race tracks in six states was released by Must See Racing officials. The June 21 event at Owosso Speedway event is a part of the three day Expo Locomotives, Wings and Wheels festival with planes, trains, automobiles and Must See Racing entertainment for the whole family.

The events will showcase the MSR ultra fast down force racing featuring one 60 lap event, six 50 lap events, laps at the Labor Day and laps at the iconic Pay Less Little A good crowd was on hand to witness c. Gerster dictated that he would be a force to be reckoned with over the course of the weekend when he turned an unofficial lap of Saturday began where Gerster left off on Friday, when Gerster turned a lap of Gerster, who started in the eight starting position, wasted no time and was in command of the event after only nineteen circuits.

Early race leader Jimmy McCune set a torrid pace early in the event after taking the point on the start.

Gerster slowly worked his way to the front and overtook the lead on lap nineteen and never looked back. We really fought all weekend to get the car to stick. Relatively speaking, we were pretty good but still struggled a little bit and were trying to make it better. The way it worked out in the feature, we got right to the front quickly. We got tied up with a lapped car late in the race and McCune got close to us. Fortunately, it worked out and we got it done.

Brian Gerster 50m2. Jimmy McCune 883. Jo Jo Helberg 74. Brian Olson 715. Mike Larrison 50a6. Aaron Pierce 26Dave Baumgartner 388. Troy DeCaire 40a9. Jacob Wilson 07 Jeff Bloom 26 Brian Tyler 81 Sondi Eden 26e Kyle Edwards 11 Kevin Blue 6 Billy Norfleet 2t Misunderstandings only become problems if you let them grow bigger and mean more in the scope of your relationship. Be laid-back and forgive misunderstandings. You have to trust your partner. Why would you share your life with someone when you think they're doing something wrong every time you turn your back?


If you don't trust your partner to be faithful, honest, caring or anything else, then you're not in a good relationship. The best relationships begin with a deep trust, and even if problems come up and they will! Let yourselves miss each other. You're in love, so you want to be together all the time! It's so fun to cuddle all night and be together all day, but when will you have time to experience different things?

When you go to separate work places or schools, you're experiencing things that will give you something to talk about later. When you go out with your friends and your partner spends time with theirs, then you're having time and space to yourself, then coming back to each other refreshed. You have a chance to miss each other, and it helps you really understand the value of your relationship. Missing someone is great because getting to see them after that period will make you so happy and so sure of your relationship.

Encourage growth and change. In a good relationship, both partners are encouraged to grow and change.

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You have one life to live -- you should explore it to the fullest! If you want to quit your job and go back to school, your partner should support you. If you want to try something new or go back to something old, you should find support in your relationship. And you should give this support in return. Encourage your partner to explore hobbies and interests and meet new people.

If you want your partner to stay the same, you're going to have a very boring life together. Compromising doesn't mean you're weak. Compromising doesn't mean "giving in. In fact, it's the opposite. Do you know how hard it is to compromise sometimes?

The romantic tragedy occurs when you view the person you are in love with as a symbol of what they have come to represent, the idea of them. Be willing to learn from each other. The key is to see the other as a mirror and learn from the reflection how you can be a better person. When you feel upset, rather than blame your partner and point fingers, remain awake to what has yet to be healed in yourself.

Get comfortable being alone. By feeling safe and secure to be on your own within the framework of relationship, you will feel more complete, happy, and whole. Look closely at why a fight may begin.

Some couples create separateness by fighting and then making up over and over again. This allows you to continue the romantic trance, creating drama and avoiding real intimacy.

Own who you are.


True love only exists by loving yourself first. After the fairy-dust start of a relationship ends, we discover ordinariness, and we often do everything we can to avoid it. The day-to-day loveliness of sharing life with a partner can, and does, become extraordinary. One thing that unites us is that we all long to be happy. This happiness usually includes the desire to be close to someone in a loving way. To create real intimacy, get in touch with the spaciousness of your heart and bring awareness to what is good within you.