Tom burke relationship test

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tom burke relationship test

HE has won over a legion of new fans with his starring role as Cormoran Strike and Tom Burke is back on the BBC series. But who is the actor. Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger talk their terrific chemistry, written, is that the relationship between Strike and Robin is a slow-burning story. Strike's Tom Burke: 'There's enough talent around the UK to have a “It's fascinatingly nuanced about the way it deals with relationships in a.

How familiar are you with the original novel, Les Trois Mousquetaires ? Then I read the book again and kept dipping in and out while we were filming. It was brilliant source material to inspire the series. How faithful has the director Adrian Hodges been to the story?

The relationships are still there — such as Athos and Milady — but he has reinvented it.

tom burke relationship test

One element in the book is a comedy of manners, where there is a lot of humour coming from the etiquette of duelling and killing somebody.

But Adrian wanted a fast-paced immediacy, so that has been distilled somewhat. He only accepted his paternity following a DNA test. Leda Strike is Strike's late mother, a famous model and a rockstar 'supergroupie', including Jonny Rokeby.

She died of a heroin overdose when Strike was Strike has always suspected his stepfather, Jeff Whittaker, had something to do with her death, though almost nobody else seems to agree. Wealthy and mercurial, she and Strike had a tempestuous on-off relationship for fifteen years after first meeting in Oxford, but Strike ends their engagement for good as the events of the first novel begin. She walks out of his life literally at the moment Robin walks into it.

J.K. Rowling's 'C.B. Strike': Tom Burke & Holliday Grainger on How It's More Than a Crime Drama

She allegedly lied to Strike about being pregnant with his child. She later marries her pre-Strike Oxford boyfriend, Jago Ross, and soon become pregnant with twins, although she remains interested in Strike, especially after he becomes famous.

tom burke relationship test

Eric Wardle is a detective initially involved in the Lula Landry case. In the third novel, he is the officer in charge of the case of the severed leg. He has grown somewhat close to Strike, continually joshing and sharing information with him.

Holliday Grainger on J.K. Rowling's detective: "He's so attractive" |

He has to leave the police investigation during the third novel, following the unexpected death of his brother in a hit and run incident, and is replaced by Roy Carver. In the fourth novel, he serves as Strike's main contact to the police. Roy Carver is the detective initially in charge of the Landry case in the first novel, and a colleague of Eric Wardle. As a result of Strike's investigation, Carver's suicide conclusion is discredited, resulting in an extremely antagonistic relationship with Strike.

In the third novel, he is Wardle's replacement in the police investigation of the so-called "Ripper" attacks.

tom burke relationship test

He is extremely hostile towards Strike, warning him not to pursue the case further. Richard Anstis — a detective with the Metropolitan Police, and TA officer who was present at the incident that cost Strike his leg. Strike is in fact responsible for saving Anstis' life during that incident, for which Antis is always aware and grateful, even though their professional relationship is sometimes placed under great strain.

tom burke relationship test

Strike considers him a capable investigator, but lacking in imagination. He pulls rank to take the lead on the case in the second novel.

tom burke relationship test

Linda Ellacott is Robin's mother, who appears in the second and third novels. She is a generally kind and supportive woman, who, Strike notes, her daughter physically resembles. She visits London to care for her daughter, supporting her decision to take a break in her relationship with Matthew.

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Alexander 'Al' Rokeby — Strike's half-brother on his father's side, and the only member of his father's side of the family with whom he has any discernible contact.

Nick and Ilsa Herbert are Strike's school friends who appear beginning in the second novel. The couple met due to their mutual friendship with Strike. Is it daunting as an actor going into something based on a book that is written by someone so celebrated?

Cormoran Strike

Rowling wrote the 'Strike' series of books Do you remember your first meeting with Jo? There was a bit of a panic my end because I knew she was in and I was waiting at the bar after and she sort of got a bit lost. But she turned up later on and we had a lovely chat. She was only on set on one day because we were finishing the first block and then doing the read-throughs of the second on the same day in the same studio.

She was always there for the read-throughs, so that day it made sense for her to come to set. That said, the morning she came in, me and Holly we absolutely made sure we knew every scene backwards and were on our A-game.