Three way relationship z ro lyrics my story

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three way relationship z ro lyrics my story

People don't slowly ease into a relationship in her songs; they show up at each Some ground rules: We're ranking every Taylor Swift song that's ever been . a flow she borrowed from Jay-Z. (Try to rap “Younger than my exes” without The lyric here indulges the worst habits of late-period Swift — an. 3 Way Relationship · 0 · 3rd Coast · 0 · A Southern Girl · 0 · All Fall Down · 0 · All Night Long · 0 · And 2 My G's · 0 · Another Song · 0. Gangsta rap or gangster rap is a style of hip hop characterized by themes and lyrics that generally emphasize the They often used gangsta rap to tell the stories of their lives, which sometimes included strong violence, hypersexuality, and drug My record didn't sound like P.S.K., but I liked the way he was flowing with it.

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Z-Ro Songs

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What Does It Mean? A most notably in the song " Boyz-n-the-Hood " as well as the Beastie Boys on their seminal hardcore hip hop-influenced album Licensed to Ill The latter is the most gangsta-themed song of the three; in it, KRS-One boasts about shooting a crack dealer and his posse to death in self-defense. After this, BDP's subsequent records were more focused with the inadequate rationale removed. The first blockbuster gangsta rap album was N. A 's Straight Outta Comptonreleased in Straight Outta Compton would establish West Coast hip hop as a vital genre, and establish Los Angeles as a legitimate rival to hip hop's long-time capital, New York City.

Straight Outta Compton sparked the first major controversy regarding hip hop lyrics when their song " Fuck tha Police " earned a letter from FBI Assistant Director, Milt Ahlerich, strongly expressing law enforcement 's resentment of the song.

A, and Ice Cube 's early solo career, gangsta rap is often somewhat erroneously credited as being a mostly West Coast phenomenon, despite the contributions of East Coast acts like Boogie Down Productions in shaping the genre and despite Philadelphia rapper Schoolly D being generally regarded as the first gangsta rapper. In the early s, former N. A member Ice Cube would further influence gangsta rap with his hardcore, socio-political solo albums, which suggested the potential of gangsta rap as a political medium to give voice to inner-city youth.

A's second album, Efil4zaggin released after Ice Cube's departure from the groupbroke ground as the first gangsta rap album to reach 1 on the Billboard pop charts.

Others[ edit ] Aside from N. Above the Law also played an important role in the gangsta rap movement, as their debut album Livin' Like Hustlersas well as their guest appearance on N.

A's Efil4zagginforeshadowing the dominance of the genre in s starting with Dr. The Beastie Boys were one of the first groups to identify themselves as " gangsters ", and one of the first popular rap groups to talk about violence and drug and alcohol use, though largely in a more humorous manner.

They had started out as a hardcore punk band, but after introduction to producer Rick Rubin and the exit of Kate Schellenbach they became a rap group.

three way relationship z ro lyrics my story

Their stripped-down, rock-inspired beats were also important in establishing the early gangsta rap production style. The seminal Long Island-based group Public Enemy featured aggressive, politically charged lyrics, which had an especially strong influence on gangsta rappers such as Ice Cube.

The Houston -based group known as the Geto Boys came out around the late s and made songs containing both gangsta themes of crime and violence and sociopolitical commentary. The group notably released proto- mafioso rap music with the song "Scarface", a track centered on selling cocaine and killing rival gang members.

The Geto Boys are also known for being the first rap group to sample from the movie Scarfacea film which became the basis for various mafioso rap samples in the s. Furthermore, the Geto Boys, along with Jam Master J 's and Erick Sermon 's group Flatlinerz and Prince Paul 's and RZA 's group Gravediggazare often cited as pioneers of " horrorcore " rap, a transgressive and abrasive subgenre of hardcore rap or gangsta rap which focuses on common horror themes, such as the supernatural and the occultoften with gothic or macabre lyrics, satanic imagery, and slasher film or splatter film -like violence.

Original Gangster in It also contained a song by his new thrash metal group Body Countwho released a self titled album in Particular controversy surrounded one of its songs " Cop Killer ". The rock song was intended to speak from the viewpoint of a police target seeking revenge on racist, brutal cops.

Ice-T's rock song infuriated government officials, the National Rifle Association and various police advocacy groups. Ice-T suggested that the furor over the song was an overreaction, telling journalist Chuck Philips " Arnold Schwarzenegger blew away dozens of cops as the Terminator. But I don't hear anybody complaining about that.

But nobody wants a black man to write a record about a cop killer. While it contained gangsta elements, it was his most political album to date. After a proposed censoring of the Home Invasion album cover art, he left Warner Bros.

Ice-T's subsequent releases went back to straight gangsta-ism, but were never as popular as his earlier releases. He had alienated his core audience with his involvement in metal, his emphasis on politics and with his uptempo Bomb-Squad style beats during a time when G-funk was popular.

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He published a book "The Ice Opinion: G-funk and Death Row Records[ edit ] Main article: G-Funk Informer N. The album established the dominance of West Coast gangsta rap and Dre's new post-N.

A label, Death Row Records owned by Dr. The album also began the subgenre of G-funk, a slow, drawled form of hip hop that dominated the rap charts for some time. Extensively sampling P-Funk bands, especially Parliament and FunkadelicG-funk was multi-layered, yet simple and easy to dance to. The simple message of its lyrics, that life's problems could be overcome by guns, alcohol, and marijuana, endeared it to a teenage audience.

The single " Nuthin' but a "G" Thang " became a crossover hit, with its humorous, House Party -influenced video becoming an MTV staple despite that network's historic orientation towards rock music. Another success was Ice Cube 's Predator album, released at about the same time as The Chronic in It sold over 5 million copies and was 1 in the charts, propelled by the hit single " It Was a Good Day ", despite the fact that Ice Cube was not a Death Row artist.

Not long afterward, his shocking murder brought gangsta rap into the national headlines and propelled his posthumous The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory album released under the alias "Makaveli" which eerily featured an image of 2Pac being crucified on the front cover to the top of the charts. Warren G was another G-funk musician along with the now deceased Nate Dogg. Mafioso rap[ edit ] Mafioso rap is a hardcore hip hop subgenre founded by Kool G Rap in the late s.

Mafioso rap is characterized by references to famous mobsters and mafiosiracketeeringand organized crime in general but especially the Italian-American Mafiathe Sicilian MafiaAfrican-American organized crimeand Latin American organized crime or drug cartels.

Though some mafioso rap was more gritty and street-oriented, many other mafioso rap artists frequently focused on lavish, self-indulgent, materialisticand luxurious subject matter, such as expensive drugs, cars, and expensive champagne. Though the genre died down for several years, it re-emerged in when Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon released his critically acclaimed solo album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx These three albums brought the genre to mainstream recognition, and inspired other East Coast artists, such as Jay-ZNotorious B.

three way relationship z ro lyrics my story

Though Mafioso rap declined in the mainstream by the late s, it saw somewhat of a revival in the mid s[ citation needed ] with Ghostface Killah 's FishscaleJay-Z 's American Gangsterand Raekwon 's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Similarly, in recent years,[ when? Lil' Kim 's mafioso album La Bella Mafiareleased inwas a commercial success, receiving platinum certification.

Xamong others, pioneered a grittier sound known as East Coast hardcore hip hop. Inboth Nas and The Notorious B. In an interview for The Independent inthe Wu-Tang Clan's GZA commented on the term "gangsta rap" and its association with his group's music and hip hop at the time: Our music is not 'gangsta rap'.

My Story (slowed) Lyrics Z-RO( Joseph Wayne McVey IV ) ※ Mojim Lyrics

There's no such thing. The label was created by the media to limit what we can say. We just deliver the truth in a brutal fashion. The young black male is a target. Snoop Doggy Dogg has gone four times platinum and makes more money than the president. They don't like that, so you hear 'ban this, ban that'. We attack people's emotions.

It's a real live show that brings out the inside in people. Like I said, intense. Even before the murders, Death Row had begun to unravel, as co-founder Dr. Dre had left earlier in ; in the aftermath of 2Pac 's death, label owner Suge Knight was sentenced to prison for a parole violation, and Death Row proceeded to sink quickly as most of its remaining artists, including Snoop Doggleft. While Puff Daddy's Bad Boy Entertainment fared better than its West Coast rival, it eventually began to lose popularity and support by the end of the decade, due to its pursuit of a more mainstream sound, as well as challenges from Atlanta and New Orleans-based labels, especially, Master P 's No Limit stable of popular rappers.

Gangsta rap

Southern and Midwestern gangsta rap[ edit ] After the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls and the media attention the murders generated, [18] gangsta rap became an even greater commercial force.

However, most of the industry's major labels were in turmoil, bankrupt, or creatively stagnant, and new labels representing the rap scenes in new locations sprang up. Master P's No Limit Records label, based out of New Orleans, became quite popular in the late s, though critical success was very scarce, with the exceptions of some later additions like Mystikal Ghetto Fabulous ,