Tarot two of cups reversed relationship

Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

tarot two of cups reversed relationship

In general, the foundation of the two of cups card in reverse suggests that As their tarot reader, it would be effective for you to suggest that they take some time the reversed two of cups up years with the querrent feels that their relationship . There are some obstacles on a path of the people involved in a relationship. Two of Cups Reversed raises a theme of infidelity and jealousy. Most interpretations for the reversed Two of Cups tarot card can be In relationship readings, the Two of Cups reversed indicates a large disconnect between.

The second most obvious part of this card is the layout of blue all over the landscape. Both the boy and the girl in the card are wearing varying shades of blue and in the background is a small town built up around a winding river.

Even the gray of the archway on the floor beneath their feet gives off a very light blue gray appearance. Because this partisan reverse, that suggests there is an imbalance of truth.

Two of Cups – Truly Teach Me Tarot

In general, this can signify that there are some unspoken truths or hidden elements in your reality that are bothering you or your querrent. In it's reversed form, the sphinx guarding the top of the archway, no longer looks for eagle but instead appears to be lazy. This suggests that the mysterious and positive energy normally accessed in its upgrade position, has been blocked, and it is a common interpretation that 2 cups in reverse represents an obsession with information that normally is not present, but that the knowledge seeker assumes to be present.

Clearly, the two of cups is generally appears in a situation that involves a relationship.

tarot two of cups reversed relationship

Accept that everything can not be perfect all the time and that an "all-or-nothing-at-all" attitude will deprive you of what you need. Become receptive to "limiting" feelings - allow yourself to feel deeply - transform any "limiting" feelings and maintain your inner balance. Think things over - put aside your anger and allow a new perspective to develop - deter anything which arises from undesirable external situations and allow your inner peace to radiate outwards.

Try not to repress your emotions - learn to emotionally regenerate and revitalize yourself.

tarot two of cups reversed relationship

Recognize that you are capable of experiencing great happiness even in the driest of times. Difficulty with recognition of an emotional choice or with identifying and partnering with that choice to make a fertile relationship.

Tarot Card Meanings - Minor Arcana Two of Cups

At the extreme there may be blockage preventing a beneficial merger, hindering a creative process or slowing the development of a talent. The Cups either fall or spill their contents.

tarot two of cups reversed relationship

You no longer have what you thought you had in the Upright. The Two of Cups in reverse brings to the forefront the effects of the number Two in its negative aspect.

Two of Cups Reversed Tarot Card

The gulf between them widens. Balance is lost and so too is equality. The Two of Cups reversed is a card of extremes. High moods and joviality one day and then depression and apathy another.

Two of Cups

It may herald the end of a relationship or marriage. You need to identify your needs in a relationship and also question what it is that draws you to another. It may be true the other way around too with your partner being drawn to another. Check the other cards in the spread for any further signs of this as there may be a third-party in the relationship.

The Two of Cups reversed can also suggest a falling out between close friends or a friendship that is very one-sided. It is usually a situation where one dominates the other. With extremes being at play in the Reversed Two of Cups, we might find a couple who are totally co-dependent. On the other hand the card could be highlighting a couple who need to spend more time together.

It calls on you to remember how things were when you first met. It asks you to go back to the Upright Ace of Cups and tap into the power of its energy so that you can re-ignite and re-awaken the relationship for all may not be lost. The Two of Cups Reversed can find you guilty of sitting on the fence when it comes to acting on an attraction you have for someone or letting the person who is attracted to you know that you are keen. Whoever it is may get bored waiting.

When it comes to careers, this card speaks for itself really.

tarot two of cups reversed relationship