Tarot card meaning two of cups reversed relationship

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 2 Of Cups Reversed

tarot card meaning two of cups reversed relationship

Most interpretations for the reversed Two of Cups tarot card can be In many cases, you will find that the Two of Cups reversed is connected to your relationships Two of Cups reversed could mean when it appears in a tarot card spread?. Offer of Relationship, Happy Couple, Only Eyes for Each Other, Relationship Meaning. The Two of Cups is a very positive card and is always welcomed in a . Study Version (Card Description, Keywords, Upright & Reversed Meanings). THE Two of Cups TAROT CARD MEANINGS - UPRIGHT& REVERSED! of Cups card is reversed, it's a sign to pay close attention to where your relationships.

tarot card meaning two of cups reversed relationship

Exciting things are about to happen. Right, the wait is almost over.

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If you already are in a relationship, it is ready to enter the next level — whatever that means to you. Venus in Cancer strengthens the bonds that are already existing between you and your partner.

Perhaps there are even wedding bells in your future. Remember that love is not always physical or romantic. It can express itself in many different forms, such as a strong friendship, a professional partnership, or dedication to a cause. Your interactions with others are energizing you. As the cozy house nestled in the rolling green hills shows in the background of the Two of Cups, this allows you to feel at harmony with the rest of the world.

tarot card meaning two of cups reversed relationship

A closer look at the Two of Cups tarot card also shows that what you see here is actually happening in a very controlled environment — a theater stage, to be exact. In other words, you are not only dealing with physical events, but psychological processes. Some of these are conscious, but some are not. If you can learn to understand them, you can influence how your interpersonal relationships run their course. Your knowledge will allow you to understand how others feel. You will also be able to change how others feel about you.

This is why the Two of Cups is also seen as a card of reconciliation, or at least forgiveness. This may or may not be a romantic relationship. Here, you could also have questions about a friendship — or even a professional relationship. Good relationships are based on mutual respect. But most of the time, one of the partners is the leader and the other follows. Rarely it suggests having to make a decision between two relationships. It suggest it is time to decide, but which one do you take?

You must exam your needs and what it is that draws you to both partners. The Two of Cups also deals with the bonds that are formed between friends and the couple in this card may represent a deep and meaningful friendship or working relationship. The Two of Cups strongly favours an engagement or marriage. A proposal may indeed be on the cards as we see the man reach out to the woman. Maybe it is the other way around. There may be someone in the background that is attracted to you but has not yet declared them self.

Take a look around you and see who it might be. On the other hand The Two of Cups turning up in a reading that is heavily laced with work related cards can suggest that need to make some time to bring a bit of romance into your life or be more romantic with your partner. Balance and harmony can return.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 2 Of Cups Reversed

Maybe it is time to kiss and make up. Remembering the effect of The Stage Card, maybe the romantic image the cards depicts looks too good to be true. Career related, you may work with couples as a marriage guidance counsellor or mediator. This Business Partnership will be immensely fulfilling and will be based on equality and respect.

Maybe as a couple you are deciding to start that business you have always dreamed of. The balance and togetherness disappear or break down. The Cups either fall or spill their contents. You no longer have what you thought you had in the Upright.

The Two of Cups in reverse brings to the forefront the effects of the number Two in its negative aspect.

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The gulf between them widens. Balance is lost and so too is equality. The Two of Cups reversed is a card of extremes. High moods and joviality one day and then depression and apathy another. It may herald the end of a relationship or marriage. You need to identify your needs in a relationship and also question what it is that draws you to another. It may be true the other way around too with your partner being drawn to another. Check the other cards in the spread for any further signs of this as there may be a third-party in the relationship.

The Two of Cups reversed can also suggest a falling out between close friends or a friendship that is very one-sided. It is usually a situation where one dominates the other.