Swearing parrot sparky totally abusive relationship

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bIOGRAPhY. Sparky. Earl Nightingale more great reads: ideas for independent reading Use these strategies to fully appreciate any poem you read. • Examine .. his head from side to side like a parrot, trying to detect any noises that spelled car Identify Cause and Effect A cause-and-effect relationship occurs when. You have absolutely no idea of what I was talking about, do you? supposed to bear some relationship to the corresponding GISStemp difference is beyond belief. .. are generally abused in order to claim that the science is 'settled'. .. casting aspersions on, probably went right over your tiny bird head. Public Relations A SWEARING parrot has become such a huge internet hit his Videos of Sparky turning the air blue have racked up more than three “We get cranks from America giving us abuse and saying a bird can't.

A quadratic might be no better. A quadratic over the whole set of data assumes a common acceleration at all times. Unless there's justification for that assumption, conclusions based on such a fit cannot be taken with much weight.

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What might be better overall if one feels it necessary to entertain a split is to get a distribution of fits over a series of cutoffs. Then you can get a distribution of slopes which might be interesting to see. This might be a more honest way of presenting the possibility of a deceleration - though it's still problematic the shorter the domain of the fit the higher the variance. In reality, I think it would be a better way of showing that we can't really make any conclusions about acceleration or deceleration on that time scale - the data just has too much structure at that scale and the fit will have too much variance.

Overall, I'd say this: I'd say the only thing you can really trust from data that looks like this is: Ah, but that graph wasn't obtained from Spangled Drongo's highly standardised datum point on Chevron Island on the Gold Coast, so it can't be right Ho ho, let's see them polynomial fit that, then Log in to post comments By bill not verified on 13 Dec permalink Simple: You're assuming some level of honesty that frankly doesn't exist.

Log in to post comments By Wow not verified on 13 Dec permalink What irks me about these statistical magicians is that they throw up these graphs, choosing inflection points that fit their story, without ever completing the story by relating the inflection to any observable phenomenon. That is what separates wish-fulfillment and science.

Log in to post comments By Anthony David not verified on 13 Dec permalink In the absence of editable content on this site: For Learnard Bernard's guidance, there was another benchmark going back 66 years at Cleveland Point in Moreton bay which was a similar distance below its old heights too. Disappointing I know, but I'm sure you will all sleep better [and drier] in the knowledge. Precise references please, otherwise your point is? Log in to post comments By Lionel A not verified on 14 Dec permalink His point seems to be that he hasn't a clue what "global" means.

Log in to post comments By Wow not verified on 14 Dec permalink Here is the Brisbane tide gauge since Historically, SLR has been the most positive indicator of global warming and if local SLs have not risen for nearly 70 years it is very likely that neither SLR nor GW is happening on a bigger scale at much more than natural variation.

Swearing parrot behind bars

Go back to bed. The forcing from changes in total solar irradiance alone does not seem to account for these observations, implying the existence of an amplifying mechanism such as the hypothesized GCR-cloud link.

We focus here on observed relationships between GCR and aerosol and cloud properties. He says the idea that the chapter he authored confirms a greater role for solar and other cosmic rays in global warming is "ridiculous". Clutching at straws again drongo. Log in to post comments By deniersarethick not verified on 14 Dec permalink Drongo,the Fort Denison tide data is not 'similar' to Brisbane's The most positive indicator of daft rejectionism is the resort to quote mining.

I suppose now that Alec Rawls has misrepresented his competence,broken his confidentiality agreement and lied about the draft contents,idiot rejectionists will cease their fantasies about their possession of a so-called high ground in the so-called debate. Of course not,you are idiots after all. Idiocy--mental feebleness-- is your defining quality.

You take it wherever you go. Log in to post comments By Nick not verified on 14 Dec permalink This Rawls premature release will go the way of Climategate 2. However, from the outside it's like watching a troupe of malignant grotesques de-evolve in real time. In short, there's nothing to this one whatsoever, chum-monkeys, and you're all left limp, damp, and with your trousers tangled around your ankles Log in to post comments By bill not verified on 15 Dec permalink "The most interesting aspect of this little event is it reveals how deeply in denial the climate deniers are," says Steven Sherwood of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia — one of the lead authors of the chapter in question.

You're not threatening - except in the sense that your imbecilities might well be adopted by other dishonest knuckle-scrapers who love their SUVs more than their grandchildren - you are a joke.

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A very bad joke that won't go away, sadly, but still a joke. In short, you are such an intellectually dishonest and pathetic rabble that you have James Delingpole to speak for you. She is at home only in climates as icy and cold as she is because if she were in a warm climate, she would melt.

He thinks the galaxy is his own personal box of toys and, accordingly, he wants and demands everything. He is usually accompanied by his "Termi-Nanny", a robotic henchman designed to look like a nanny. He is very intelligent for his seeming age, and has tried many plans, such as extracting the multi-colored magma from the planets of Colorosia, the most vibrant galaxy in the entire universe, to make his own line of action figures. He also once sucked Betty and her crew into a virtual reality game to fight for their lives according to his rules and used mind controlling chocolate chip cookies to form his own Brat Pack army.

In "Family Feuds", it is revealed that he has a younger brother who is bigger than him, literally.

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Kareena[ edit ] Kareena is a feline alien with blue hair, white fur with blue tiger stripes and red eyes. She was a former student of Spindly Tam Kanushu at the same time that Betty was in training. However, Kareena was a snob who was lazy, idled her time away playing video games instead of focusing on her training, and cheated on all her tests by copying off Betty during a test.

She refuses to acknowledge her behavior, insisting that Betty stole her position as a Galactic Guardian by charming her way into being Spindly Tam's favorite student. She is, nevertheless, an expert in robotics. Don Francks is the father of Maximus. Like his son, he is a criminal, though more in the style of a gang as opposed to his son's supervillany. It is implied in "The No-L 9" that he was Maximus' predecessor in his evil empire before his son had inherited it.

As such, while he has henchmen, he does not have a paramilitary force. Despite the fact that Maximus is a successful super villain, his father still treats him like he is worthless and insults him at every turn; Maximus stated that growing up, his father constantly teased and taunted him. As such, Maximus often assists though in a discreet manner in bringing his father to justice.

Both are willing to assist Betty in stopping him in exchange for various concessions. In its sequel "A Fungus Amongus", he escaped his rocket prison from "Planet Stinxx" instead of polluting a planet, it endlessly orbited the galaxy with a help from a metal-eating fungi that had grown in his ship that he named Shermie the Germie, and was plotting revenge on the Galactic Guardians for arresting him, later in the episode, he and Shermie the Germie were both defeated by Sparky's homemade slug worm soup, which proved to be the thing that can dissolve the fungi.

His name is a play on the word "malodorous". Nuclea[ edit ] Nuclea Julie Lemieux is a Cruella de Vil -esque female alien with wild Medusa-like hair that is fatally shocking to the touch. She is energy-based being whose power and size increase as she consumes more energy and she has the power to conjure lightning blasts of various intensities and lengths. She continually uses new methods to secure large sources of energy to absorb.

She is basically a human lightning bolt of energy, but that, of course, is not enough power for her. In the episode "Nuclea Infected", she tried to absorb the gravitational power of a Grey Hole, which is a smaller, more managible version of a Black Hole, in order to be able to convert solid matter into pure nuclear energy on the subatomic level, making her unstoppable.

At the end of the episode, she is presumed dead after Betty tricked her into sucking up proto-stars, as she is neither seen nor mentioned after this episode. Her name is a play on the word "nuclear". Pandora[ edit ] Pandora Nahid Islam was Paloma's evil twin sister and is one of the twin daughters of Golgotha and the demon, Pandora looks exactly like Paloma, but with purple hair, yellow eyes, and lighter skin, she wears a green cloak and body armor. Long ago, Pandora attempted a galactic takeover, but her evil plot was squashed by the Galactic Guardians after they were tipped off by Paloma.

Since then, Pandora has sought to revive her father, imprisoned in a box under the guard of Spindly Tam Kanushu. She had kidnapped Admiral DeGill, Spindly Tam Kanushu, and Paloma to this end, using Paloma's life force and the box's key, hidden in a ceramic duck that Maximus had recently acquired, to revive him. She is ultimately beaten by Betty, Juanita, Sparky, X-5, DeGill, Spindly Tam, and Paloma, and sealed up in the box along with her father, never to hurt anyone ever again.

Pontifidora the Conquistadora[ edit ] Pontifidora Carolyn Hay is a former big-game hunter turned bounty hunter. DeGill then turned her in to the authorities before running off with a showgirl from the planet Vega. She has never forgiven DeGill for either act, and is determined to have him stuffed and mounted on her wall.

swearing parrot sparky totally abusive relationship

After the death of their previous queen, the alien bee people of Droneopolis decided to choose a new queen from the "most evil female" in the cosmos; they had concluded that this person was Penelope. Penelope was abducted, but was later rescued by Betty and her crew; all the while, Penelope had thought the incident was only a dream. However, the bees of Droneoplis had managed to retain a strand of Penelope's hair.

Queen Penelobee is similar to Penelope in most aspects, but is unfamiliar with Betty ironic as Betty and Penelope interact regularly and has romantic feelings for Sparky, after he had posed as a "king bee" in "Bee Movie".

It is only in "Queen For a Day" that Queen Penelobee and Penelope meet in person though Penelope believes the bees to be part of a virtual reality game ; the bees of Droneopolis were willing to obey both due to their common hatred of Betty. The Scribe[ edit ] The Scribe, real name Milton Scrivener James Rankinwas a writer who got tired of publishers rejecting his works; Sparky was the only admirer of his works. According to X-5, his works are sub-standard, and therefore only interest species of low-level intelligence.

swearing parrot sparky totally abusive relationship

After being tired of constant rejection, Scrivener finds a book with a magical quill pen, which allows him to capture any idea and store it within the book's pages. The book also acts as his personal transport, allowing him to fly, and also allows him to make real anything stored within its pages. With it, Scrivener plots to capture every writer in the galaxy and take their ideas as their own.

In "The Scribe", after a series of brazen kidnappings, Admiral DeGill volunteers himself as bait during a book signing of his memoirs; however, due to Sparky being distracted from reading the book, DeGill is captured.

The Scribe is ultimately apprehended when Betty and her crew foil an attempt by The Scribe to destroy his own book which would also destroy all its contents ; Sparky had distracted The Scribe by asking for an autograph for his book. The Scribe appears next in "Scribe 2: The ReScribing", when Sparky visits Scrivener in prison with a pile of books that Sparky takes from an evidence locker; Scrivener discovers that among the books is the mystical book.

Having discovered that Scrivener is no longer Sparky's favourite author, Scrivener takes the role of The Scribe in order to exact revenge on Sparky's new favorite author, Lola Polaris which, in turn, is the pen name of Sparky's mother Zulia. Though having lost the magical quill pen in an encounter with Betty and X-5, The Scribe manages to kidnap Zulia and hold her hostage in an isolated cabin on Glaces.

Zulia is ultimately freed by Sparky desperate to save his mother and Iciclia who is a fan of Lola Polarisand The Scribe is ultimately imprisoned in his own book.

The Scribe would make a reappearance in "Fairytale Fate", when he attempts to imprison Betty, Noah, Sparky, and X-5 in his work of mixed-up fairy tales, where every story sees a character modeled after Betty meeting her doom. After capturing The Scribe's magical pencil, Noah manages to rewrite the endings to each story so as to allow their escape, as well as forcing The Scribe back into the real world; he is quickly then apprehended.

Shaka Booga[ edit ] Shaka Booga Julie Lemieux was apparently a prehistoric witch doctor who tried to devolve civilians into cavemen using a magical powder in "Devolution City", similar to the situation of the third-season episode "Head Shrinker Much?

She attempted to drop her devolution powder into the planets tar pits, thereby causing the planet to devolve into a black hole, thereby sucking up the entire galaxy, and even turned Betty's bracelet primitive, however, she was beaten when Sparky tied her up with his yo-yo which, being already primitive, was not effected by the powder.

These include drawing a picture of Admiral DeGill as a woman, stealing candy from babies, vandalizing billboards, stealing ships from Maximus' citadel especially stealing a Starcruiser from the episode "Best Mis Laid Plans" that was already stolen by Maximusetc. EarthX-5's "uncle", is an older model robot formerly in service with the Galactic Guardians; in later episodes he is implied to be one of its founding members.

Since then he's led a robot militia against anyone who tries to profit from the planet's giant scrap pile at the cost of what little functionality the robots have. The clones look identical to Betty in every way, shape, and form, except for the eye colors, and are dressed in colour-coded mockups of the Galactic Guardian uniform. In addition to Betty's DNA, they also have genetic material from being from Maximus' homeworld to augment their abilities, giving them unique superpowers the real Betty does not possess.

swearing parrot sparky totally abusive relationship

Clone Betty 1 the red clone powers come from Optica, the Fire Witch, giving her the ability to fly and use pyrokinesis ; The powers of Clone Betty 2 the orange clone come from Destructa, the Rock Princess, allowing her to morph into a larger form with rock-like skin and superhuman strength.

Clone Betty 3 the blue clone gained the power of Roxanne, the Rubber Woman, giving her the power of stretching her body like rubber. In its sequel "The Cheerleaders of Doom", they became cheerleaders and gained the power to use their cheers to hypnotize people to do their bidding in which Maximus calls them his Sirens.

They used their powers to steal the blueprints of Galactic Guardian HQ and tried to destroy it, but Betty and her team managed to figure out a way to reverse and duplicate their Cheerleading powers and used them to make the clones speak gibberish, thus rendering their cheerleading powers useless.

The Betty Clones reappeared in the season three episode "The Way of the Weiner" to kidnap Spindly Tam for Maximus, at the end of the episode, X-5 rewired the three girls to be kind and act like the real Betty.

Since then, they have been passed off as Betty's identical-looking "cousins" from Calgary. The powers of the Betty Clones are a tribute to the three male members of the Fantastic Four: In "Poached Egg", she resigned as Maximus' personal chef when she refused to make an omelette out of the last existing Piraxian rhino eggdespite Maximus' order.

In the episode's "Poached Egg" conclusion not in her appearances after "Poached Egg"she went back to her old job as Maximus' personal chef after Maximus gave up on making an omelette out of a Piraxian rhino egg, and as a result, he ended up nearly eating Minimus instead.

swearing parrot sparky totally abusive relationship

She treats everyone as less important than herself, and expects her orders to be carried out immediately and without question. She also hates and is allergic to robots.

swearing parrot sparky totally abusive relationship

Paloma[ edit ] Paloma Alexandra Laiintroduced in the second season, is, on the outside, a South American classmate of Betty's who, after some rocky starts, soon fits into her circle of friends.

She is one of the twin daughters of the villain Golgotha, the queen of the planet Sharbena, whose people can shapeshift into any living creature they desire. The people of the planet had lived in peace for centuries, due to no army being able to beat a race that could mimic them down to the last detail.

She had unsuccessfully tried to convince her own people that their powers were divine, and that the rightful place for Sharbenians was as rulers of the universe. In response, she unleashed an evil demon among the people, bringing a reign of terror across the galaxy.

The people of Sharbena could not stop it, for the demon was not a living creature and could not be duplicated. Golgotha fell in love with the demon and they caused untold destruction. The reign of terror was ultimately stopped by the best warriors from other planets, who had banded together to form the Galactic Guardians.

The Galactic Guardians had sealed the demon in a box, but Golgotha managed to escape and hide out. In hiding, she gave birth to the demon's children, twin daughters Paloma and Pandora.