Seven of cups reversed relationship

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seven of cups reversed relationship

Seven of Cups minor arcana tarot card meaning & reversed card meaning in the context of love, relationships, money, career, health & spirituality all free!. Seven of Cups (R) - You are experiencing worry, anxiety and fear - feeling timid, Envy of another's relationships, not satisfied with what you have or coveting. Regardless of the originating cause of your issue, the Seven of Cups strongly suggests that your needs are not being fulfilled whether it be in a relationship, work.

You're partner was more practical, while you were impractical about love. You had your heads up in the clouds about the "perfect" relationship, while he didn't think that existed. Or perhaps the reversed 7 of cups is telling you that this perfect, idealized man doesn't actually exist. You only think it does because the relationship was built on idealized fantasizes. If anything, he probably put me up on a pedestal at first.

I knew he wasn't perfect, but I still wanted to see where the relationship could go. Perhaps he has unrealistic expectations and gets disappointed upon learning no one is perfect, then gives up.

The Seven (VII) of Cups – Truly Teach Me Tarot

Originally Posted by Barleywine Although you didn't say which deck you used, this is one of the RWS cards I've never been satisfied with. The Thoth deck is much more matter-of-fact about its unpleasantness; in the RWS deck it's more veiled.

seven of cups reversed relationship

Just on the face of it, without resort to standard meanings, the image looks like "sensory overload;" a "puzzling miscellany of strange visions;" a "mystical daydream or maybe nightmare.

Maybe one party to the relationship began behaving erratically or irrationally. It could also mean that you backed away and weren't taken in by the fantasy world being offered, or that the wondrous illusion collapsed under its own weight. He owes it to himself and there can be no turning back now.

His friends and family may have an idea of what would make him happy and how he should live his life but the time has come for him to take ownership of his personal happiness, his life and his world. The best person right now to determine that is himself.

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A lot of inner and outer work has to be done and he may find meditation quite beneficial. If he becomes too self-absorbed he may indulge in fantasies about what he would like in life but will do nothing to realise it. He may get caught up in daydreaming and wishful thinking. His imagination may also run away with him as he starts believing all sorts of unrealistic grand notions of himself.

The Seven (VII) of Cups

If he has not recovered properly from the upset of the Five or has not taken steps to grieve or accept his loss then he may repress his emotions. The Figure in the Seventh Cup is ignored while he indulges in the distractions of the other Six Cups. He cannot face himself. The Seven of Cups also deals with confusion and having to choose between too many options. He has been selected to Dare and Risk All.

He is shown to a stand with Seven Gold Cups. He can see the contents of Six of the Cups. He can choose any one he likes and will walk away with a fabulous prize but should he choose the Seventh Cup with its contents concealed, then he could stand a chance to walk away with a new Car. Should that happen, he will have to walk away with nothing. Each Cup looks tempting and promising but he can only choose one.

He needs to take his time before making a decision but the clock is ticking and the gong will go. The crowd may be cheering him on and urging him to make certain decisions but the choice is ultimately his. He may need to go by his gut instincts and disregard the pressure or advice from those around him. It is quite likely you no longer want what you have or that it does not bring you the same joy.

There may be a sense of lack of personal fulfilment or real happiness in your life. You will have to put each area of your life under a microscope and be brutally honest with yourself.

There is a desire to move on and be happy but for the first time you are conscious of not wanting to repeat the same old mistakes or get stuck in negative patterns. There is an effort on your part to liberate your self from your old self or a part of it that has been holding you back. It is a time for looking to the needs of yourself and if others see you as selfish or self-centred, so be it.

They may have been trying to exert some influence over how you proceed from here but you must trust yourself on this one. It is about you at the moment and take as long as you need with this process but not forever. The sooner you have sorted this out the better.

You may have everything you need in life but feel a void in this area. However, you may also be avoiding or neglecting your spiritual obligations.

seven of cups reversed relationship

Your life may be very busy with work, relationship, family and socialising, leaving precious little room for anything else. You may be indulging in wishful thinking instead of doing anything about your situation. You lack focus and commitment, all enthusiastic one moment but listless and disinterested the next. You could be procrastinating and speaking of Grand Schemes and Wild Ideas. Instead of taking real action to realise your dreams or ambitions you prefer to Build Castles in the Air and watch them float by.

Everything may be all in your head or totally over the top. Over-indulging in alcohol or mind altering substances may be causing you to lose your grip with the world.

You intend to sort yourself out but never quite get there.

seven of cups reversed relationship

If you are used to being in control then this may stress you out considerably as you feel all over the place. This can be a very liberating experience. Think of all that housework that has to be done each day, all that ironing, washing and hovering? What a waste of your time and energy when you could be doing so many other things, things that you like and enjoy.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Let the housework wait. It will still be there when you get back. Multiple Choice is also suggested in The Seven of Cups. It may also set the tone of your life for the foreseeable future. Try to focus in on what is important. You must take responsibility for your choice.

In a Relationship situation the Seven of Cups would suggest that all is not right or that something has changed. You might feel you have lost your personal identity within the relationship and wonder where it went too? If looking for romance, you may be identifying your needs in a relationship and deciding what type of partner would be most suitable for.

seven of cups reversed relationship

What is it that you truly want in a relationship? What is it that will make you happy? There may be a multiple choice of partners and the time has come to decide who will best fulfil your emotional needs.

Make sure you choose for all the right reasons.

seven of cups reversed relationship

If you are finding it difficult to stop your negative indulgences get help from a professional or speak to your doctor. Alternatively, you might be getting so into health and fitness that you could be over doing it.

Materialistic pursuits will not bring you true contentment. Try to develop your spiritual side to find contentment and enlightenment. Continue to the next card Get a Tarot Reading In a general context, the Seven of Cups Tarot card represents having lots of options to choose from or multiple possibilities open to you.

It can be an indication that you have so many choices or so many things going on at once that you may be overwhelmed or unable to focus properly. You need to limit the amount of things you are taking on to a manageable amount.

Try to be realistic about what you can commit to. The Seven of Cups can also signify that you may be indulging in wishful thinking, fantasies or living in a dream world. When this Minor Arcana card appears in a Tarot reading, it indicates that you need to make a decision in your life and realistically look at where you are.