Secunderabad cantonment board ceo relationship

Secunderabad Cantonment Board

secunderabad cantonment board ceo relationship

From where one can get a copy of rules Address: CEO, Secunderabad. regulations . Relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof. The Chief Executive Officer, Cantonment Board, Secunderabad .. Section was clearly relied upon by the Cantonment Board in relation to closure of streets . The relationship between a company's board of directors and its CEO can set the tone for how the business performs.

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secunderabad cantonment board ceo relationship

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Secunderabad Cantonment Board Employees End 2-Day Strike

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Cookies and Related Technologies. These decision-making responsibilities should not be delegated, and the Board should always reserve all matters which have the potential to have a material impact on the reputation and financial stability of the organisation.

Therefore, directors ought to solely carry out the assessment of such statements and, in circumstances where an error is identified; they must then seek the advice of management and external advisors. While it is noted that care should be taken when applying this decision outside of a financial reporting context, the case outlined the limitations of the extent to which directors can place reliance on management and external advisors in this realm of responsibility.

This is an example of a role which must be maintained by the Board. The decision-making role of the CEO is different. The CEO is responsible for carrying out and implementing the direction, goal and policies, which have been designed or created by the Board, and then reporting on operational outcomes. It is also the responsibility of the CEO to ensure that everyone within the organisation is aware of the agreed strategic direction, goals and policies so that all are heading in the same direction.

CEO decision-making largely relates to the way in which it is best to practically implement those measurable objectives and goals developed by the Board. After all, the CEO will be responsible for implementing and monitoring these organisational policies. For example, if there is a need for an adequate program in the sector of the community that a non-profit organisation is serving, the CEO could propose a policy to the Board in order to address this policy gap.

secunderabad cantonment board ceo relationship

It is then the role of the Board to decide whether this is a suitable use of organisational resources and, if so, hand it back to the CEO for implementation and management. Financial Reports The CEO is required to prepare annual budgets and financial reports for presentation to the Board for review and approval.

The CEO also has an opportunity to offer ideas and strategies on how performance can be improved. The role of the Board is to review, analyse and monitor the information presented by the CEO, as well as ask the appropriate questions to gain all the necessary information. The Board is ultimately responsible for the financial health of the organisation, and therefore requires the cooperation of the CEO in order to ensure that it is fully informed.

Nevertheless, it is crucial for the running of the organisation that this relationship is a healthy and professional one. There is potential for Board members to sometimes feel excluded or disempowered, and they may feel it is a struggle to secure the information they require from a CEO.

secunderabad cantonment board ceo relationship

Likewise, many CEOs perceive the Board as a monkey on their back, due to the monitoring and controlling role of the Board. Support is also essential and is a recognition that both the CEO and the Board are on the same side, working together to achieve a common organisational purpose.

secunderabad cantonment board ceo relationship

Competence means not only relevant expertise that each director is bringing to the Board, but also professionalism in conduct as a Board member. For any CEO, it is important to see consistency and certainty in decision-making by the Board.