Salicylate structure activity relationship of imatinib

salicylate structure activity relationship of imatinib

Imatinib, the first clinically viable Abl kinase inhibitor, is the result of a medicinal chemistry project Analysis of structure activity relationships showed that. netics/pharmacodynamics relationships in a large number of cases. Any sudden . ing compound optimization as a primary SAR tool or .. salicylate, diflunisal ( Fig. . lation of unbound imatinib with its adverse side ef-. adverse effects in patients treated with imatinib include superficial pancytopenia, febrile neutropenia, flushing, and liver function test abnormalities. . structures including the semicircular canals, cochlea and vestibules were normal. salicylate-induced imbalance of vasodilation by prostaglandins and/or.

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salicylate structure activity relationship of imatinib

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