Relationship statement letter

relationship statement letter

Hi, Having some family and friends provide letters to help prove our I am writing this statement in order to vouch for the loving relationship. Finally, write the closing statement. Relationship Support Letters Immigration The relationship support letter is an essential source that helps your relatives. Do you have any sample relationship statement? e.g. how I did check out each & every details of K1 Visa but couldn't find the sample letter.

Photos; showing our social life ,Our time in Australia and Thailand,and photos around our house. Evidence of joint bank account Periods of seperation My job in Australia does not allow me to travel to my partners country to live there for extended periods.

We have been in a de facto relationship for a total of 24 months and lived together for a total of 13 months. Our relationship in time of seperation has been maintained by daily telephone calls to each other and internet video calls, Evididence of this can be found in the document and evidence folder attached to her application.

At all times we have both been commited to a shared life.

relationship statement letter

Financial aspects We have opened a joint bank account together, and we both have access to this account at all times. We have been shopping together for household goods together T.

My wage allows me to live reasonably well in Australia with an excess of income over expenditure. Also attached is evidence of joint travel. We have been in a relationship for over 2 years now and we have knowledge of each other's personal circumstances background and family situation.

How To Write A Letter To Support A Genuine Relationship

Partner Visa changes are coming in the next few months. Make sure you apply sooner rather than later!

relationship statement letter

Before you start writing remember this: Dates are a crucial part of your statement. When it comes to the length of your statement, there really is no set limit. You just need to make sure to have covered all important aspects of your relationship. The average is usually between pages but can be shorter or longer in another cases.

UK Spouse Visa 2018 - PART 9: Supporting Documents

Again, the partner visa is a visa that highly depends on your situation and circumstances. Writing you relationship statement If you follow our structure below and provide detailed answers to the questions and give relevant examples, you will be well on your way to writing a good relationship statement for your partner visa.

Statement of History of Relationship Partner Visa / | Random Observations of Life

The examples below are purely examples and are not to be used as a template! All relationships and people are different and the case officers know that. Be honest and state your stories and its facts. Try and provide as much evidence to support your story.

Write in your own words. Your English does not need to be perfect. Case Officers know that not everyone speaks English as their first language. Just write the truth, give details and provide documents to support your statement.

How, when and where did you first meet each other? Try to write the exact date, time and place you first met each other. What were the circumstances? Where you at a party?

relationship statement letter

The objectives of the visitor visa program are to facilitate the entry of genuine tourist, business and family visitors, support the integrity of Australia's migration programs and contribute to Australia's economic development and social and cultural enrichment and The principles governing the entry of visitors and reflected in Schedule 2 provisions are that visitors to Australia must genuinely intend only to visit Australia temporarily, not work unlawfully, not engage in studies or training for more than 3 months - for policy and procedure, see section 71 Condition - 3 month limit on studying or training.

Doing this will more than likely secure you a more favourable decision. This is what I have been doing the past 19 years as a registered migration agent.

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Writing and developing consistent and accurate submissions so that our Filipino applicants are able to travel to Australia and abide by the increasing requirements and conditions that the Minister of Home Affairs is placing on these types of applications. Again, allow me to present it in this manner so you can see and understand what the department is looking for in your narrative in support of a genuine relationship.

Read the Four Factors that the department is looking at when you construct you letter of support. Again, use it to add relevant bits and pieces of information and even attaching evidence to amplify and substantiate your statement about your genuine relationship when you send your letter of support of your relationship to the department.

relationship statement letter

Factor 1 - Financial aspects of the relationship The financial aspects of the relationship may be evidenced by: Joint loan agreements for real estate, cars, major house hold appliances or any other agreements relating to finances or purchases for example, property purchased by the parties as tenants in common Operation of joint bank accounts - evidence that the accounts have been operated with reasonable frequency and for a reasonable period of time would be given more weight than just opening such accounts Pooling of financial resources, especially in relation to major financial commitments Legally binding financial obligations that one party owes to the other, for example, as guarantor for a loan, existing power of attorney these can be specified to cover various things, such as financial and medical The basis of sharing day to day household expenses for example, if each party is responsible financially for their own expenses only and expenses are not pooled.

Factor 2 - The nature of the household The nature of the household may be evidenced by: