Relationship season 3 nollywood

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relationship season 3 nollywood

Another intriguing section of the series features Tosan (Bobby Obodo) in a complicated relationship with three women. He is married to Aisha. 3 Michael Olowokandi is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Popular Film Actors from He also starred as Colonel Iké Dubaku in season 7 of the Fox more. iROKOtv has become a major producer of Nollywood content. We put a lot of emphasis on nurturing close relationships with producers, which helps. They are now coming to We release movies onto our platform at least three times a week . Imagine How many movies or series has ROK Studios produced so far? So far.

So keep voting to nominate! Akume Akume Akume Akume is a BenueState born actor, musician and scriptwriter who has featured in many movies. She is an actress as well as a producer. She has featured and produced many films.

Relationship Season 3 - Nigerian Nollywood Movie

Ebube Nwagbo Ebube is a top actress in Nollywood. She has been in the industry for over a decade and still, she is a name that commands respect for her talent and work ethics. Emeka Enyiocha Though it has been said that Emeka is not making as many movies as he used to make but he has got so many under his belt that he needs not worry so much. He is a known figure in Nollywood who has a fans base most of his colleagues will view with envy Ali Nuhu Ali Nuhu, born in Gombe state and raised in Kano, he has been in the Nigerian film industry for over ten years.

The hardworking actor, who has starred alongside people like: He has done many films and has produced many too. Laide Bakare Laide has been in the movie industry for a long time.

She made a name for herself long ago in the movie industry and she is still strong in the game. She has done so many Yoruba films that her name ranks with the very best in the industry.

It has been challenging but super-successful. We own the rights to that content. We realized we could actually produce better content ourselves. People began buying content from us because it is easier than going to individual producers. We realized we were sitting on a goldmine and started investing in producing and distributing our own content. Many people now come to iROKOtv to source Nollywood content because we have a reputation for properly licensing our material. And your TV channels?

Television is a new area of our business.

Relationships Season 2 - Nigerian Nollywood Movie

It is taking off and is now bigger than distribution. They all feature content that we own or license.

relationship season 3 nollywood

What specific challenges do you face in the African market? Licensing work from some Nollywood producers can be a challenge, especially those who sell rights to multiple parties. And of course online piracy is a constant battle. No matter how well we protect our content online, there are always those who try to take it and put it onto other platforms for free. These are daily frustrations that we generally overcome.

We put a lot of emphasis on nurturing close relationships with producers, which helps.

relationship season 3 nollywood

They are now coming to recognize that they need us as much as we need them, and are increasingly playing by the rules. As an internet company and an entertainment company, iROKOtv is constantly developing and running new technological solutions.

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To overcome bandwidth constraints in Nigeria, the company has set up kiosks around Lagos for subscribers to download content onto their phones almost data free Photo: On the technical side, bandwidth is a big challenge.

The majority of people here watch content on their mobile devices, so we have developed a mobile app and set up about 50 kiosks around Lagos. The kiosks allow any iROKOtv subscriber to access and download our content onto their phone. Have you noticed any change in the way people view Nollywood content?

Today there is a lot more respect for Nollywood content. Over the past two years there have been many positive developments. The quality of our movies has really improved. We now have better stories, better actors, production values, direction and cinema releases.

relationship season 3 nollywood

Whereas in the past American movies were popular, today Nollywood movies dominate cinema in Africa. People are intrigued by them and want to watch them. I think things are only going to get better for Nollywood.

Technology made it possible to do this. We started out working with YouTube; now we have our own platform and payment model to deliver content to customers. In effect, we are both a tech company and an entertainment company. We keep evolving and bringing new technology on stream to ensure our customers have a smooth and seamless viewing experience.

We are committed to innovation. Content and the technology. When your technology makes it easy for anyone to get the movie they want to watch, and when you do what you say you are going to do, you have a winning formula.

Our consistency has enabled us to build trust. Our customers know they will always find something to watch. We release movies onto our platform at least three times a week. Imagine getting three brand new movies every week! That is enough to drive consumers to our platform. What role do social media platforms play in promoting your movies? Social media platforms offer a really cost-effective way to promote our content.

Our social media team manages our presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and regularly shares short clips with our users. The great thing about social media is you can simply post a movie and if people like it, word spreads very quickly. People will watch it on the strength of comments posted. How do you keep up with the rising demand for Nollywood content?

Demand is high, but we have producers shooting movies for us all the time. And we also review material that other producers send to us. We try to close as many deals as possible and to have movies lined up well in advance. Is iROKOtv supporting local filmmakers? If a producer sends us a movie — we receive movies from all over the country — we send it for review to our team in London.