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relationship quizzes on buzzfeed

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain time dealing with his ex Erin Hannon's new relationship with Gabe Lewis. You and your partner have been together for a couple of years when they forget your birthday. You wait all day for them to acknowledge it but. 1 day ago What Will Your Relationship Status In Be Based On The Christmas Tree You Decorate? Get ready to see if your tree love awaits.

Between the SignificantLook Cheryl gives Toni Topaz at the street race and the suggestion in the most recent episode that Cheryl has an intense, obsessive crush on Josie, Riverdale has been dropping hints that Cheryl might blossom into a canonically queer character. Something queer this way comes.

For the uninitiated, Riverdale is a CW series now in its second season that takes all of the characters from the beloved Archie comics and drops them into a glam-gothic murder mystery. As Heather Hogan so eloquently puts it: Every line that comes out of her mouth is literary gold. She wears a literal HBIC shirt just to remind you that she is, indeed, the head bitch in charge of every space she enters. She has survived fire and ice, and no one seems to fully understand her because she simply burns too brightly for anyone to look at her directly.

relationship quizzes on buzzfeed

Her insults are written and delivered in perfect dactylic hexameter. As we wait to see what the future holds for season two Cheryl, let us reflect on some of her best and gayest moments on the show so far. Cheryl was only getting close to Betty in order to get info on Polly.

Her dramatic funeral entrance Some might argue that funerals are not the time nor place for a dramatic entrance, but they would be incorrect. Cheryl Blossom understands the value of an extremely extra entrance.

But Make It Fashion

And shocking your family with an outfit choice is Queer Culture. The time Veronica just casually played with her hair before her dramatic funeral entrance Um?! Her sleepover with Veronica In season one, after Veronica and Cheryl decide that fighting each other in a bad bitch death-match will only lead to their mutual destruction, they agree to give friendship a try. Cheryl tells Veronica that she can extend an olive branch by coming to a sleepover. Andy dumps it in his wine and downs it all.

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The combination of alcohol and, uh, seahorse messes Andy up permanently. Seriously, there are entire videos laying out the claims see one above. Could Toby actually be the notorious criminal who dominates the local news in later seasons? Fans have built up quite the case.

Then he makes it onto the jury, where he can help put the other guy behind bars. Did his guilty conscience overwhelm him?

12 Compelling Fan Theories About 'The Office' | Mental Floss

Or is Toby just a normal dude who takes jury duty seriously? No really, hear this one out: In the first part, Stanley has a heart attack in the middle of a safety drill.

He survives, and soon returns to work. But what if Stanley really died that day? He did have all those affairsafter all.

12 Compelling Fan Theories About 'The Office'

Stanley hated his work more than anyone, so for him, hell is the office. But because this is hell, all his coworkers are exaggerated versions of themselves: But is Bob an awkward hype man, or a savvier businessman than we all suspected?

relationship quizzes on buzzfeed

NBC Dwight Schrute frequently struggles to separate fiction from reality. TimmestTim posits that Dwight has this disconnect because he wasn't allowed to watch movies growing up. Once he got older, and got very into fantasy and sci-fi i. Since he had no exposure during his formative years, the distinction was harder, which is why he has no problem believing Jim is a creature of the night. Dunder Mifflin is never the most financially stable company.

So how does it survive for so long? One Reddit user theorizes that the camera crew kept them in business.