Relationship playing card spread

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relationship playing card spread

In a cartomancy reading, a regular deck of playing cards is used for divination Three card spreads can be used to assess the status of a romantic relationship. There's no need to resort to complicated spreads to access deep intuitive wisdom and a wealth of information about a relationship. This simple five card spread. Free Playing Card Readings - Relationship Spread. Scroll down for your If the person this reading is for is male, this royal card represents his love interest.

Preparing for the Cartomancy Spread Before you begin laying the playing cards out into your desired spread, it is important to take time to shuffle the deck well.


Think about the question at hand while you play with the deck. This will help the cards connect with you and absorb your energy. Once you have shuffled the cards, place the deck on the table in front of you. Cut the deck in half using your left hand and place the bottom portion on top of the top half.

Playing Card-Relationship Spread

Now, you are ready to begin dealing the cards with your right hand into the spread you have selected. One Card Cartomancy Spread The most basic spread in cartomancy uses only a single card. However, you should not dismiss this spread for its simplicity.

relationship playing card spread

One card spreads are exceptionally useful for a quick reading to answer a direct yes or no question. Before selecting your card, the first step is to choose the criteria that will be used to determine your answer.

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This criteria is usually based on the color or number value of the card. For example, you could choose to look at the color of the card, with red meaning yes and black meaning no. Alternatively, you could look at the value of the card.

If the number is even, then the answer is yes. If the number is odd, the answer is no. Once you have received your yes or no answer, taking a closer look at the card can provide more insight into the question at hand.

Two Card Cartomancy Spread Two card cartomancy spreads can be useful when you are trying to make a decision between two choices.

By using one card to represent each option, you can see the outcome of both choices to determine which one you should select. Three Card Cartomancy Spread and Sometimes Four The cards really start to portray a story once you get to three card spreads.

Free Playing Card Readings - Relationship Spread

The most common three card spread is read from left to right with the cards representing the past, present, and future. Sometimes a fourth card is added in to provide further insight into the future. In this four card spread, the third card would represent the near future and the fourth card would show the distant future. The three card spread can easily be adapted to cover a wide variety of situations.

For example, another commonly used layout uses the cards to represent the positives of the situation, the negatives, and a look at what is ahead. It puts you in control instead of you thinking you are at the mercy and whim of fate. So when formulating your question, try to avoid what we call a closed question. That means one that can be answered yes or no.

You want to elicit as much information from your card as possible.

relationship playing card spread

What should I do to be ready for romance? What can the cards tell me about this person? What is the love energy surrounding me at the moment?

relationship playing card spread

What positive action can I take to find love? I think he loves me, can the cards confirm my thoughts? The Suit of Clubs: The Suit of Hearts: The Suit of Spades: Giving up, walking away. Usually highly qualified and authoritative. The Suit of Diamonds: New home, project or other practical matter.

relationship playing card spread

Enjoys luxury and fruits of his labor. Generally the Joker is equivalent to the Fool in the tarot.

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Example Playing Card Reading Question: Perhaps his mother, or hers. He decides to take things cautiously and to pay attention to signs that someone might be attempting to sabotage their relationship, or come between them. He plans on drawing another card after a week or so has passed. How Long Between Readings? If you have another question, then simply shuffle the deck and do a reading straight away. However, beware asking about the same situation too often. Set the cards aside, wait a few days, then try again.

The cards used for this article are Feel free to ask any playing card love questions in the comment section, but note that I cannot give free readings here. I think he likes me.

relationship playing card spread