Relationship lacking substance crossword

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relationship lacking substance crossword

A list of all public puzzles created using Crossword Hobbyist's easy-to-use crossword puzzle maker. Lacking substance? Find the answer to the crossword clue Lacking substance. 2 answers to this clue. The partner in question is a crossword addict, and Lucy in the role of a frame, a body-mind wasted by substances, ravaged by lack of good food for thought. of hanging on, relationships crash into each other, and are torn apart in agony.

There were two types of comments made by students concerning the crosswords available on Moodle.

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These comments were not captured and analysed quantitatively, but are worth mentioning here. Firstly, some students remarked that they found crossword puzzles or at least some clues difficult to solve completely and therefore felt challenged.


As a result, they were determined to finish even if it took extra effort. Secondly, some students observed that they were surprised, and reassured, when they found out that they were able to complete the crosswords without consulting their notes or textbooks.

We have introduced crossword puzzles in that MOOC to provide learners with a way to review their learning. Solving crossword puzzles as a revision technique When evaluating the usefulness of crossword puzzles, Gaikwad and Tankhiwale concluded that crosswords are more effective for revision when compared to simply reviewing notes or reading a textbook. The authors postulated that this effect was due to the students' enjoyment of solving crossword puzzles which improves the likelihood of sustainable use of this learning tool and the associated increase in time-on-task.

We agree that the sustainability of the crossword-aided revision is indeed stronger due to the recreational nature of the activity and the enhanced motivation of students to learn meaningfully Ausubel, ; Novak, However, we consider the effectiveness of such revision to be due not only to these behavioural factors.

Contemplating revision in the framework of the Information Processing Theory Roberts and Rosnov, ; Proctor and Vu,the crossword-aided approach represents information processing which involves both sensory and working memory see in more detail belowwhile note-reading uses primarily sensory memory and therefore is not as effective a strategy at promoting the transfer of information into long-term memory systems.

Lacking substance - Crossword Clue Answers

In addition, there is evidence that suggests that the consolidation of word meanings is a process that requires time and possibly sleep before these meanings are integrated into semantic memory systems, and that the effectiveness of this acquisition may be enhanced when the information is presented in a written format van der Ven et al.

Humans forget information if they do not make any attempt to retain it Ebbinghaus, This loss is exponential, which means that the memory of newly acquired knowledge is halved in a matter of days or weeks unless the learned material is consciously reviewed. Our data indicates that it is the regular revision practice with crosswords i. We are being cautious here so as not to claim causality. Firstly, there are many other factors and learning activities experienced by students in the course of a semester, both within and outside a given unit of study, that are designed to improve their problem-solving skills.

relationship lacking substance crossword

Secondly, students that regularly use crosswords for self-directed revision are likely to be those with stronger motivation and general engagement, and therefore, with a higher likelihood to demonstrate better exam performance.

Franklin and colleagues have also quantitatively investigated student use of non-compulsory crossword puzzles for first year biology.

Lacking substance - Crossword Clue

Based on their findings, they suggested that voluntary crossword puzzles may appeal to more motivated students as well as to students with particular learning styles. Thus, our findings that some of the students embrace optional crossword-solving activities, while others do not, are not uncommon Franklin et al. Wednesday, May 23, Constructor: David Steinberg Relative difficulty: Challenging laughably challenging—a full minute over my slowest recorded Wednesday time since I started keeping track in mid-April 6: Forming a crust, expanded?

Choose in advance, expanded?

relationship lacking substance crossword

Inspiration for something, expanded? With 11, residents in a square-kilometre 8. I don't understand the theme. I get the "expanded" part, but What are the middle letters? What does the "expansion" mean or represent or anything? It's entirely baffling to me why this puzzle got made, published, etc.

Don't a lot of longer phrases have letters on either end that could also make Is there even a concept here, something that's being enacted or demonstrated? I mean, honestly, anything? It's such a bad theme I cannot explain its existence. The constructor is prolific, so it's not like some new constructor just had a weak idea.

relationship lacking substance crossword