Relationship communication break downs in relationships

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relationship communication break downs in relationships

Repeated arguments or stresses about a variety of topics can sometimes lead to communication breakdown between the partners in a relationship. Many couples coming to Relate say that communication breakdown is one of the main It's all too easy to pick up negative communication habits when it comes to relationships. When communication breaks down it can feel very frustrating. Predictable patterns of marriage breakdown. There is no single reason why a relationship begins to break down. However, once a relationship does start to.

What I came up with was the diagram below. You can see that each relationship area is a different size.

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For instance, in the first image below the area for "work and finance" is the largest and the area for "sex" is the smallest, because the most time is being spent on work and the least amount of time is being spent on sex. This helps an individual both weigh that particular area in terms of personal importance, as well as determine how much time is given over to that activity. It's a well known fact that responsibilities can often take over our time in a relationship, meaning we have less energy and time for the other parts of a relationship.

When most of our energy goes into work, managing the home and parenting, which is a common reality for many couples, we often find that other areas gradually fall lower in the priority list, such as socializing together and communication. Creating Your Individual Relationship Diagram Each person in the relationship first creates their image of how the relationship is in it's current state. This doesn't need to be done on a computer as I have done, but can simply be drawn on a piece of paper.

It's easiest to begin with the relationship areas that are taking up the most time and put those in the centre of your page. Then as you go through the list, relationship areas that are being given less attention currently, can be placed around the outside.

Go through the list and identify the relationship area that is taking up the most of your time. Draw a shape to represent this relationship area in the centre of your page.

Relationship Communication Breakdown: The Greatest Hindrance

It will be the largest because it is taking up the most time in your life in comparison to other areas. Go through the list again and identify the relationship area that is taking up more than the others. Draw a shape to represent this area next to the first shape you drew. It should be smaller than the first one you drew on your page. Carry on through the list, each time identifying which relationship area from the options left is taking up the most time. Comparing Notes Once both parties have created their diagram of how they see the relationship currently - it's time to compare notes and discuss each relationship area.

Each individual now has the opportunity to communicate about what is important to them, parts of the relationship that haven't been given enough time and parts of the relationship that are taking up too much time, in their view.

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Now both parties have an opportunity to work on their own again to re-assess their first relationship diagram and come up with a new one that represents how they would like the relationship to be. You might decide that you would like to devote more time "shared interests" and less to "managing the home". You may also realise that while you would like to devote less time to work it is not possible at the moment.

relationship communication break downs in relationships

Try to think realistically about what you can and can't devote less or more time to. Once both of you have created your new diagram it's time to compare notes again and talk it through. Some of the most common expressions of contempt are snide or antagonistic remarks, a mocking attitude and hostile humour. These are all examples of the second common marriage problem, and once a relationship features such interactions, little joy is possible for either partner.

What Causes a Relationship Breakdown

Defensiveness Common relationship problem number 3, defensiveness, emerges when both partners feel victimised by each other, so that neither is willing to initiate action to resolve the initial conflict. One of the reasons that defensiveness can be so destructive is that it becomes a reflex.

Thus the underlying problems escalate and fester without being resolved.

relationship communication break downs in relationships

When either partner feels completely righteous in their stance, making excuses and denying responsibility, they add to their marital problems.

Stonewalling Common reproblem 4, stonewalling, appears when the relationship is nearing rock bottom. Feeling overwhelmed by emotions and the problems the marriage is facing, they start withdrawing from each other by presenting a stone wall response i. Partners who are stonewalling usually avoid eye contact and use rigid body language such as no facial movement, not nodding assent, facing away from their partner to indicate that they are not listening.

Stonewalling is in itself a very powerful act: These common marriage problems are not always hallmarks of the end of a relationship, but once routine interactions have deteriorated to this extent, the marriage is very fragile and it is probably essential to seek some external help from a qualified marriage or relationship counsellor.

relationship communication break downs in relationships

Remember that anyone may occasionally stonewall or become defensive, contemptuous, or critical.