Recognizing my twin flame is in another relationship

recognizing my twin flame is in another relationship

Here are the key reasons why your Twin Flame is not recognizing your bond! When one of the twins isn't prepared to enter into the relationship, If you are Twin Flames you will find each other in the future when both of you. This happens frequently when two souls recognize each other from a but remember a twin flame is not necessarily a relationship partner but a soul partner . If you are struggling to find the relationship you desire, then you may need to work on The following are signs that you have met your twin soul: After the first meeting, you had dreams or memories of other times and places.

Here are the key reasons why your Twin Flame is not recognizing your bond! The timing is not right.

The 4 Key Reasons Why Your Twin Flame Can’t Recognize You

Timing is very important in Twin Flame relationships. Both partners should be prepared to make the relationship work. If you are Twin Flames you will find each other in the future when both of you are ready. And, oh, it will be worth it. Nature is currently working with them. Nature molds people in the way they can become the best version of themselves.

The reason why people are unable to recognize the love and devotion others offer them is because something inside of them prevents it. They have to work hard to become their best selves and be prepared enough to recognize their Twin Flame in the right time. When they face their fears and heal their nature to be the best version of themselves, they will be ready to see clearly.

Bad experiences bring out the best in them. Humans learn the most from bad experiences. Because above all the Twin Flame connection is meant to help you make the shift from the old 3D paradigm to the new 5th dimensional reality, we are collectively shifting into.

Now most people think 3D is down here and 5D is up there, but dimensions are not places they are comfort levels of your perceived reality. That experience was to give you a taste of the goods and to create an inner hunger for more….

The more is only accessible by releasing all the gunk and sludge that is weighing you down. It is exactly the combination of not being able to walk away, combined with your feelings for your twin and the third party relationship that helps you access layers of wounding you never knew existed.

Some people then mistake the pain they feel as being caused by the twin, but that is not the case.

recognizing my twin flame is in another relationship

Because whether you are aware or unaware of your inner wounds, they are forever co-creating your current reality by default. This is because what you believe to be true on the inside, is projected as the experienced reality on the outside, i. Check this blog here to see if you are already experiencing many of the side- effects of this shift into 5D. There is nothing to be jealous about Jealousy is often triggered in these situations, but there is basically nothing to be jealous about.

In this moment feel into how you feel about your Twin Flame. Allow all those deep feelings to be felt, that utter deep connection you have together. That perfect sync of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical totally understanding each other. Did you just answer, NO?! If that is the case then how could your twin have the depth they have with you with someone else? They feel the exact same way about you. Why is he not with me? You both agreed to this third party relationship before you came to meet up in the physical.

Your twin is not with someone else because that person IS better than you — they are with someone else to help trigger all the wounding inside of you that makes you BELIEVE that someone else could be more interesting, attractive, better in bed, a more suitable wife, etc.

How To Recognize a Twin Flame Relationship

Now as for the other partner, being THEM is no picnic. This is because they have to live with someone who is deeply in love with someone else and no matter how much your twin tries to hide it, their partner can feel it. You know how in a relationship you can tell when your partner is lying? When you are in love with someone else, it always affects any other romantic relationship you try to have with other people. But even if they do have sex, have you ever had sex with someone who is having sex with you because they feel obligated?

recognizing my twin flame is in another relationship

It feels awful for both parties. Like everything in life all is interconnected, so if a relationship is over mentally and emotionally — it will be over physically as well. Sex expert Kim Anami even goes as far as claiming that relationship issues directly affect how attracted or repulsed we feel to our partners genitals.

If you have ever been in a relationship that is ripping apart at the seams, you know how uncomfortable that state is — but you also know how difficult it can be to leave a relationship that is dead because of external reasons.

The 4 Key Reasons Why Your Twin Flame Can't Recognize You

When your twin is in a committed relationship with someone else, you need to give them the opportunity to live up to the man or woman they want to be. There is literally nothing that you can say or do including ultimatums that will have your twin choose you. When the time is right they will leave on their own, when they are ready. Again not sleeping with them helps you to be more emotionally detached, which you will need anyway if you want to come into Twin Flame Union.

All my friends tell me to move on and think my twin is a …. You doubt the 5D signs and syncs. You doubt your inner guidance and basically you doubt your sanity. The funny thing is that Divine Masculines are often acutely aware of the fact that you deserve much more or better than the way they treat you. Their odd behavior only serves one purpose and that is to mirror you your own wounding. Those are not the kind of situations that Twin Flames encounter, those are more common in normal 3D karmic and even soul mate relationships.

I always ask my clients about sex in their relationship with their twin, because it does trigger so much — many of my clients have NEVER had sex with their twin at all. They have never had fights. As frustrating as this behavior maybe, it will not be abusive.

So you basically only have two options stay in the regular mindset of what we say LOVE looks like, the old 3D romantic love template and try to fit this Twin Flame experience in there which will just keep you hurt and stuck and fully disempowered — doubting your own sanity.