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quinn finn relationship glee wiki brittany

In Britney/Brittany, Quinn asks Finn out on a date to Breadstix even though Finn is in a relationship with Rachel. Despite declining Quinn's offer, he tells her that. After winning Sectionals, and after Finn and Quinn's relationship ends, Rachel to quit the Glee Club and ruin their chances at Regionals by getting Brittany and. "Rumours" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of the American musical television Quinn then gives an ultimatum: if Finn wants their relationship to continue, he cannot sing any more duets with Rachel. Rachel has The idea for Brittany's "Fondue for Two" segments in the episode came from a Glee fan. Teresa.

Schuester sings the final words of the song. Audition They are sitting together when Mr. Schue says New Directions style Brittany starts clapping and yelling. Santana is looking over at her lovingly. During the group performance of New York they come running down the stairs with Quinn and sing and dance with the other.

Sue Santana and Quinn get into a fight in the hall over Quinn taking her head cheerleader spot.

Finn-Santana Relationship

Brittany is watching and tells them to "stop the violence. Schue breaks up the fight Brittany and Santana walk off together.

quinn finn relationship glee wiki brittany

Sue tries to get Coach Beiste fired by getting Brittany to say that she touched her boobs. When she confesses she was lying she says she didn't touch my boobs, but that she wants to touch her boobs, talking about Coach Beiste. The first time Brittany is saying something to Santana, the second time Santana has her legs in Brittany's lap and Brittany is stroking her legs and Santana is rubbing Brittany's back and telling her something, the third time, when Rachel walks in the room Santana still has her legs in Brittany's lap and she is running her fingers up and down them.

They are both seen wearing their friendship bracelets through the majority of the episode. Brittany then thanks Santana for understanding and Santana strokes her back. At the dentist office Brittany says the office looks like the spaceship where she go probed.

While under anaesthesia Brittany performs I'm a Slave 4 U. Santana goes to the dentist with Brittany. Carl tells Santana he can't put her under because her teeth are perfect and she says her dad is a doctor and they have a great healthcare plan. She tells him to get up in her grill cause Britt's and her want to get their anaesthesia on. Brittany is sitting in the other chair smiling the entire time she's talking.

While under they perform a sexually-charged rendition of Me Against the Music in which they dance very seductively with one another. When they wake up from the fantasy, both of them are smiling and giggling. In the choir room they are sitting together and Brittany demands to get all the solo's from now on in glee club because when she had her teeth cleaned she had the most amazing Britney Spears fantasy that she sang and danced better than her in and now she realizes what a powerful woman she truly is.

Santana is listening to her intently and says she had the same fantasy too but she's not sure how their fantasies combined and how that doesn't really make sense. Brittany chimes back in saying she's more talented than all of them, she sees that clearly now, and ends by saying its Brittany Santana glances over at her then looks at her legs.

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Brittany calls Britney Spears hot in Artie 's fantasy. Schue agrees to do a Britney Spears number for the assembly Brittany turns and gives Santana a high five. They are seen looking very excited and begin having a conversation.

quinn finn relationship glee wiki brittany

During the assembly they sing and dance together to Toxic along with the others. They are together in the choir room and are seen together talking to Finn at his locker during Rachel's performance of The Only Exceptionat one point they pause and look at each other lovingly. They are seen through most of the episode wearing their friendship bracelets.

After the song Santana glances over at Brittany with a big smile on her face. They come into the choir room and stop to give Kurt their support. When Brittany and Santana meet with Coach SueBrittany tells them that she made a card, for Kurt, saying that "heart attacks are just from loving too much.

Glee - Artie and Puck asks Brittany and Santana to Breadstixs 2x06

They sing together with the others to One of Us Duets Santana tells Brittany that she's got to win the dinner at BreadstixBrittany says she knows. They are seen on Brittany's bed. When Finn tries to get Brittany to forgive him for calling her 'stupid,' Santana defends Brittany by lashing out at Finn. Pot o' Gold Santana encourages Rachel to wait to have sex, even saying, "Finn is terrible in bed.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

In the hallway, she calls Finn by saying "Hey Orca" to which Finn and Rory reply with not very good insults, and after a few more insults, Finn calls a dodgeball match after school, Troubletones vs. The song ends with Finn and Santana being the last ones standing, and after Santana hits Finn, the Troubletones win the match. Later in the episode, Finn, Rory, and Santana meet it the hallway, where Santana apologizes to Finn, but in a backhanded and insulting way.

This angers Finn, which causes him to tell Santana to come out of the closet in the middle of the crowded hallway. After one of the congressional candidates creates a political ad based on what his niece overheard Santana and Finn talking about in the hall, the ad practically outs Santana.

After the performance, Santana sees Finn whispering something to Rachel. Santana thinks he's telling Rachel about her being a lesbian. She jumps off the stage and confronts Finn, asking him if that's what he was telling Rachel. He said it wasn't. Santana doesn't believe him, blames Finn for outing her, and slaps him across the face. Finn stands up for Santana claiming that it was a staged slap in order to save her from getting suspended.

Santana is confused by this and asks why he did it.

quinn finn relationship glee wiki brittany

Finn explains to her that she was his first and that she does mean something to him, and if something would to happen to her and he didn't do everything he could to prevent it, he could never live with himself. Although, Finn does use the fact that Santana now owes him and makes her and the rest of The Troubletones come to New Directions.

They do show, for a meeting, and Finn sings a slow and emotional rendition of Girls Just Want to Have Fun backed up by the New Directions Boys as part of his idea of singing girls songs, sung by girls made for girls as their assignment that week.

They hug and she thanks him and Finn tells her he loves her. She smiles at him and they are seen next to each other and hugging each other throughout the song. Hold on to Sixteen Though neither of them interact in this episode, Will is worried about both of their futures. Santana also helps sing back up and dances, during Finn's solo of More Than a Woman. Saturday Night Glee-ver Finn calls Santana to play Rizzo in Grease due to Unique not being able to play the role because of her parents decisions, Santana happily agrees to play the role.

They gather in for a group hug. At Breadstix, Santana and Finn interact with the alumni's, Finn asking them a favor. The scene changes to the choir room where Finn asks the alumni to mentor the newbies of New Directions.

He pairs Santana up with Marley. When Finn talks about the set list for Sectionals, he says it'll open with a Marley and Blaine duet and finish off with Gangnam Style to which Santana says Finn may have got an okay haircut and he isn't doing that stupid half-smile smirk as much as he used to, but everyone in the room can agree he is still an idiot.

Thanksgiving In the episode Diva, Finn and Emmacall up Santana and ask her to show the current New Directions what a true diva is as part of their weeks assignment. Diva Santana confronts Brody about his side-job in a hotel room, only to have Finn come out and surprise Brody too. This indicates that Santana called Finn to come to New York. She also says that she will leave them now to have a girl talk. Feud Santana comes back to Lima for Finn's funeral and memorial.

When the performance is over, she hurries out of the auditorium, and sees Finn's memorial. When asked about why she wasn't in glee club, she responded by saying she had to get out of there, and that she felt like her head was going to explode. Then, Santana finally cracks, calling Sue a cold-hearted bitch that never "had a nice word to say about Finn Hudson". When Sue yells at her to get out of her office, Santana shoves her into a shelf.

Then, immediately shocked by what she had done, she leaves Sue's office. However, as she performs, her mask slowly starts to slip off and she finally showcases her true feelings, breaking down and crying, eventually unable to finish the song. When the glee clubbers try to comfort her, she screams and runs out of the Choir room.

Kurt then finds Santana at the auditorium, and she confesses that she had planned to say nice things about Finn, instead of being a bitch, and that she had written them all down. At first, she refuses to read them out to Kurt, saying that they were embarrassingly nice. However, Kurt convinces her to do so, and she reads, "When we had sex, Finn never stopped asking me if I was okay - and he meant it.

She then says that Finn was a much nicer person than she was. Kurt agrees, but says that Finn cared about her and wouldn't have done so many things for her if he didn't think she was decent. She breaks down again, asking Kurt to leave. As he does so, Kurt wraps Finn's Letterman Jacket around her, and she pulls it tighter to her as she cries. Schue hustles her out of the room, she scowls at him, saying 'no me-gusta'.