Pivotal moments in a relationship

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pivotal moments in a relationship

Every couple has special moments they look back on together, and while weddings, births and first dates are obvious ones, there are those. these are the 15 defining moments to be savored in any relationship. of another living thing, your pairing becomes much more important. 1. You swipe right on a kind of cute guy on Tinder. Hopefully he's not a serial killer! 2. You meet at a well-lit Starbucks in the city center at noon.

But there is always a risk of rejection involved in this. The reaction your crush gives will be decisive. I would say that if the relationship has to start or end, the "love" factor is very important.

pivotal moments in a relationship

First Kiss Everyone remembers their first kiss. But how many remember those awkward moments just before you share a kiss? The first kiss is not the one to look for, but it is the passion in the couple's eyes that makes all the difference. If there isn't any passion, then the kiss is nothing more than a momentary outburst of feelings. Also, the seconds after the kiss are very important. Keep looking for those small hints after the kiss.

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Long Drive Long drives are synonymous to romantic drives. Those moments spent when the two of you are speeding your way through beautiful evenings are the most cherished ones. Whether the guy actually considers your choice of destination and route can say a lot about his character. If your partner is imposing his driving decisions on you, this can be a turn-off. Relationship Status One of the most important announcements that a couple can make is about their relationship status.

To inform family and friends about them being a couple, means taking the relationship forward.

pivotal moments in a relationship

However, most people fumble at this moment. Either they are happy about their relationship being a private affair, or are scared about the reactions that they would receive after making the announcement. Whatever be the reason, if you are in a relationship that should remain a secret, you better step out of it. Doing the Talking Talking to your partner about anything and everything under the sun enhances the relationship.

The closeness in the relationship increases when they share their life experiences. Men often don't have much to talk about. They are generally known to talk less, and many of them don't open up. This can create a wrong impression in the other partner's mind, and a small thing like "talking" can ruin the relationship.

Seeing the "Other" Side Once in a relationship, you think you know everything about your partner. The manner in which you are treated in the company of others, plays a very important role in deciding the future of the relationship. The Big Leap You both had decided to take the intimacy in the relationship forward and got physical. For anyone in a relationship, this is a big leap. The morning after "the" night is very important. If you view the entire episode as "just another one" or "regret doing it", it can prove fatal for your relationship.

Don't rush to take this step, unless you are really sure about your partner, as this is the very moment when most relationships falter. Telling a Little Lie Guys, a lie is a lie! There is no such thing as a small or big lie. People lie when they feel that the truth might not be taken in a positive light. The lie may be said to save the relationship; however, any lie may reflect a degree of lack of trust in the partner.

And you will never know when your little lie can turn into a big one. Regardless of it, when the partner is caught lying, the trust is lost, and the relationship is at stake.

Delicate Yet Important Moments That Make or Break a Relationship

Showing the Real You You cannot always show up in your best attire and keep flashing that lovely smile. These are small things that are revealed when you start to spend some time with your partner. What good is the relationship for, if you have to pretend being someone else? However, if your partner is happy to see the real you, you know you have fallen for the right person.

This is the most important ingredient in a relationship that will help maintain the closeness. Maybe you did these things earlier, but of late, if there is no sort of sharing in any way, you have a problem at hand.

Start sharing everything you feel, and see the romance resurfacing. Encounter with the Ex That moment when you accidentally bump into your partner's ex, or read an old email or message from them, can say it all. Your reaction at this moment will reflect your trust in your partner. Your feeling of insecurity, jealousy, or suspicion can determine the future of your relationship.

Keeping such an attitude will help you experience a stronger emotional bonding with your partner. Money Discussions When we talk about sharing, it involves finances too.

As a couple, you would want to start joint investments to safeguard your future. But is your partner really interested in your opinion about the investment? That's the question to be answered. Both of you should come to a decision before making a joint investment. If you are being dominated, or your funds are being misused, then it's time to take the call. Small Fights Not all days will be hunky-dory with your partner. But what matters here is the words said during and after these fights.

There is nothing wrong in saying "sorry", but if you are the one who does it always, you need to think again. The Talk Thinkstock At some point, you're going to have to talk about sex. And how you talk about it might just inform hundreds of intimate moments down the line, so you both had better be as honest as you can possibly muster.

pivotal moments in a relationship

If he's secretly hoping there's a French-maid costume in your shared future, or your interest in 50 Shades of Grey goes beyond writing a book report, and neither of you checks to make sure the other is on board, you're going to end up two not-so-secretly disappointed creatures.

Finding The Text From His Ex Thinkstock The phone vibrates and you automatically pick it up because it looks just like your phone, only what does not look just like your phone is the text that is from Sue -- Sue?

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What matters here is your reaction: Are you shaking, dry-mouthed, certain of betrayal, racing through weeks' worth of texts that are strictly none of your beeswax? Does it make you merely curious to learn more about this man's past? Do you not care at all? Give that feeling as much attention as you do the message itself: It's a whole lot more revealing.

You never forget your first major investment mistake. Maybe it's a bad k choice or buying a house at the height of the market. Maybe it's just a suddenly scrutinized habit of lending cash to unreliable relatives. Think of this as a mistakortunity! Finances will be discussed.

pivotal moments in a relationship