Pisces man relationship problems

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pisces man relationship problems

Discussing Pisces men and commitment is a complicated issue that requires exploring a series of romantic layers. Does your relationship do the same?. Pisces man traits, love compatibility, tips to make a Pisces man fall in love, and his best kept secrets! You have to be able to take the lead in a relationship with him. If you need someone who won't have a problem with you being a decisive . The Pisces male is a kindly soul who always follows his heart. Find out what Search by star sign on Saga Dating and find your perfect match.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility That's because it's not only a love connection, but also a spiritual one.

Pisces men want a soul mate, they want one for life and they will swim to distant shores to find that person.

pisces man relationship problems

Even time or having to wait for someone will not dissuade them from this search. It's their "reason to be". This emotional connection, and the search for this emotional connection, is the undercurrent of their lives.

The answer is yes, like any other sign, they do. This begs the question of why?

pisces man relationship problems

The best way to keep infidelity at bay is to understand what Pisces men are attracted to in the first place. A few of these factors include the following. A Sense of Fate: Don't underestimate how strong Pisceans respond to the question of fate. If they believe that the two of you are "meant" to be together, nothing will shake their conviction. Pisces can find "spirit" in many different forms. From looking into an animal's eyes, to a piece of music, to art, all of it moves Pisces to a higher spiritual level.

Does your relationship do the same? Is your Pisces allowed to grow, or is he mired in day to day struggles?

If his soul cannot "be", he may stray. Pisces do much better when they have someone who can accompany them on their travels. Left to their own devices, Pisceans can get into all sorts of trouble!

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Circumvent this by simply going with them. Whether to the local pub, or Home Depot, Pisces has the best of times when his mate is with him. Instead, the Pisces male would find more contentment working solo and at his own pace. Entrepreneurial work is ideal for the Pisces male — it is where he can make the most of his fantastical imaginings, ambition, drive, and desire to work solo. Financially speaking, the Pisces male is comfortable just being able to pay bills and to be financially secure.

Excessive wealth is not his typical pursuit.

pisces man relationship problems

He will want a career that boosts his self-esteem and makes him feel good, and if it is a job that recognizes his achievements, then all the better. The Pisces man is one with a big, giving heart, so you will find he has a tendency to be charitable and sometimes much to his own detriment excessively so.

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A bit of tenacity goes a long way for the Pisces male who pursues entrepreneurial endeavors and actively looks to establish financial security. His generosity and empathetic heart make the Pisces male one suitable to work as a teacher, social worker, nurse, or physician.

The Pisces man loves to fill the role of the knight on the white horse, the hero because it makes him feel vital and important as well as respected if he can be of service, help, or use. The Pisces male is an excellent conversationalist. He not only enjoys listening to every word you utter, he loves having a chance to share his imaginings and dreams with another.

To win the heart of a Pisces, all you need to do is listen, remember, and demonstrate a genuine interest in what is important to him. Authenticity goes a long way with the Pisces male. Dating a Pisces Man Pisces men are extremely fond of the arts and any creative endeavor because it stimulates the imagination. Now, you might call it wasteful daydreaming but not the Pisces male … he calls it enjoying the powers of his imagination: Something he likes to spend a lot of time using.

Pisces men are very much about enjoying their inner realities.

pisces man relationship problems

There are just some things a Pisces male has no care for, and one of them is excessive rules, regulations, and restrictions. Pisces men are those who like to pave their own path, to forge forward without interruption or direction so when it comes to rules and regulations, the Pisces man tends to be a bit on the rebellious side.

The sensitive and empathic Pisces does not take criticism from others well. In fact, he is more likely to take things personally. Zodiac Compatibility Best Match for the Pisces Man Even as a child your Pisces man demonstrated extreme sensitivity and proved to be an emotional child. For the most part, because of his sympathetic nature, the Pisces male got along with siblings with relative ease. The teenage years may prove particularly difficult when dealing with raging hormones, growing pains, peer pressure, and first loves All of the latter equal the perfect emotional storm where the Pisces adolescent might feel as if he is getting swallowed up by his own uncontrollable emotions.

The difficulties a teen faces may manifest in anger, outburst, and rebellion, but beneath that veneer is still that empathetic, soft-hearted, sincere, and loving Pisces who eventually reaches maturity and learns how to quell emotional storms with more control.

Part of their protective mechanisms is to, one, hide emotions, and two, to come across as non-caring or aloof.

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Some friends and females might mistake this image as snobby or egotistical. When grown and in a committed relationship, the Pisces male makes an exceptional father and dedicated, loving, loyal, and deeply affectionate husband.

In the role of father, he is amazingly patient, an excellent role model, and nurturing. He might also have a tendency to spoil the children as he is such a soft-hearted individual.

pisces man relationship problems

Taurus and Pisces go quite well together seeing as they both love the arts, creative endeavors, imaginative pass times and genuine expressions of love. The Taurean has no problem empathizing with the Pisces male and vice versa.

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They both like their down time, to relax, but also love romantic pursuits equally as much. Long conversations and an empathic ear come from each partner in this partnership. Likewise, the empathetic, passionate, emotive Cancer makes for a suitable partner for the Pisces male. Both are emotional, imaginative, and have fantastical thinking.

Scorpio and Pisces also make quite a nice romantic couple: One with quite the level of passionate intensity too. When the Scorpio and Pisces male connect on an emotional level, the connection is like bringing together Aphrodite and Eros in the flesh!

Now, we must not forget the potential for the Capricorn and Pisces connection: A pairing that will find no trouble whatsoever discovering romantic harmony. Joining the imagination of Pisces with the no-nonsense, practical side of the Capricorn lends perfect balance to both partners.

Sagittarius and Pisces will also face significant challenges in the romantic department, primarily due to the intensity of intimacy between the two. Literature, movies, poetry, art, music or anything that moves the emotion or soul are gifts that will serve to have a lasting appeal.