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Numbuh had no really important appearances Numbuh , or Rachel T . McKenzie, is the Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door .. Relationships. And thus, into a romantic relationship they both fell. For them Numbuh , the leader of this global organization, Is here to . Glad you like the poem! Reply. This Category page contains the relationships of characters in the Numbuh 1's Relationships; Numbuh 5's Relationships; Numbuh 's Relationships.

Not much is known about their relationship as he was introduced in the later episodes leading up to Operation: Another thing to note is the big resemblance in their hair that makes them look similar. His helmet also looks identical to hers other than his doesn't have the sabers. Also, he doesn't believe in Numbuh 0 like his sister and thinks highly of her, because in Operation: My big sister said so.

And she should know, 'cause she's Numbuh and all. I think I'll pass this time. You know where I am if you want to talk. See ya around soldier. Rachel attempting to cheer up Nigel after his breakup. Starting from her big role in Operation: When she tries to stop him from leaving the airport for the sake of the mission even using her authority of Supreme Leader over himhe runs to save his girlfriend, leaving Numbuh 's head down as if she was hurt. After Numbuh 1 and Lizzie broke up, Rachel attempts to ask him out to dinner to try and comfort him, though he rejects.

Once he gives her his answer, she jumps in her vehicle and puts her head down and gives a comment that says she'll be there for him when he needs her and leaves, looking solemn. Numbuh 2 questioned her then, asking if it's true that the adults were sending a entire family to moon to see if it can be colonized.

Numbuh 362's Relationships

Numbuh confirms this and later organized the plan, leaving Numbuh 1 in charge. She appeared on screen near the end of the episode when Numbuh 1 got Numbuh 4 and his family to leave the fake moon, sarcastically saying in a angry tone, "Nice job, Numbuh 1! You got them to leave the fake moon at the expense of eleventy hundred missiles blowing up the real moon!

A scared Numbuh 1 assured her that he have a plan and hung up on the screen. She made no further appearance in the episode. Numbuh announcing the Teen Ninjas's offer for a treaty, to which she accepts to in Operation: She had a bigger role in Operation: When the power went out, Numbuh fired wildly in the dark along Numbuh 1 and the rest of KND operatives. Once the power was back on, Numbuh 1 questioned where they were, to which Numbuh said they were long gone as she hold a container in her hand from the Teen Ninjas.

Numbuh 60 inquired what is, to which Numbuh to said it was a message. She then held a meeting, announcing that the Teen Ninjas had offered a peace treaty, much to many of KND operatives' objections. Thinking it was the best for kids everywhere, Numbuh accepted, stating that at noon the she and the KND diplomats, one of them being Numbuh Infinitywill sign the treaty.

When Numbuh was about to head to the treaty signing, Numbuh 5 and the rest caught up with her, but were unable to inform her about Numbuh Infinity because he interrupted them. From left to right: During the treaty, Rachel was prepared to sign the treaty until the Teen Ninjas' leader, "The Steve", played a horrible, loud sound on his amplifier, causing every KND operative and herself to cover their ears in pain.

After Numbuh 48 Flavors blows up the Gihulgic Area where the treaty signing was being held into two, she was forced to retreat along with the rest of KND operatives, except for Numbuh 1 and Chad who were battling it out with each other. She also appears briefly in the series finale, http: She first appears reprimanding Numbuh One for allowing the Delightful children to escape with their birthday cake. Despite Nigel's assurance that he and his sector will be able to get the cake, Numbuh decides that Sector V has failed the task one too many times and reassigns the mission to her younger brother, Numbuh and his Sector, who currently have the highest mission success rate in the Kids Next Door.

She is not seen again for the remainder of the episode but is mentioned a couple times by Numbuhchastizing Numbuh One for diregarding his sister's order. Though she made no other appearance in the episode, Chad revealed to Numbuh 1 that there never was a KND Splinter Cell and there were others higher up than Numbuh that she doesn't even know about, even higher than him and the Teen Operatives.

However, nothing else was revealed as Numbuh Infinity stopped Chad from saying anything more and disappeared, never to be seen again. New Dictatorand after this Mandy told Numbuh 5, Numbuh had lost her mind. Relationships Numbuh 's Relationships Appearances Numbuh is a straight, blonde-haired girl with her bangs in front of her stern face and her brown eyes. In her first appearance, she wore a black and purple ninja-like outfit with a mask that covered the lower half of her face.

She always wears a colander as her helmet with a two blue sabers on it and an orange plate in the center with "" on it. As seen in a flashback in Operation: Her 2x4 weapon of choice is a Yield sign with a boxing glove attached to the end of it, which she use as a sword.

Under her sweatshirt, she wears a samurai-like outfit, covering her body with armor. She is serious about the KND's mission, but she is also willing to look past the mission to the well-being of her charges. She is also stubborn, serious, but she is kind, supportive, smart, organized, and friendly, though, she is quite impatient and disapproves for Numbuh 1s reckless attitude as shown in Operation: Rachel is always very practical and logical, as she does not believe in myths such as Numbuh 0 until it is proven to her.

She was originally known as the best espionage agent in the KND until Numbuh betrayed the organization, where she took his place as the Supreme Leader. Trivia Numbuh 's first name is named after her voice actress, Rachael MacFarlane. She doesn't believe Numbuh 0 exists unlike how Numbuh 1 does believe in him. This also applies to her brother Numbuh that also doesn't believe in Numbuh 0. Until the end, when she was zombified into one of Grandfather's minions, one of her remaining original consciousness managed to witnesse both Numbuh 1 and an adult Numbuh 0 are actually father and son, as when she finally reverts back to normal, she finally believes not only Numbuh 0 really in fact exists, yet now as an adult, but also finally learns Numbuh 1's true lineage from his father.

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She would have been 12 in the series as she is shown to be a fugitive in the GKND website. According to Numbuh 1, Numbuh willingly took the position of Supreme Leader after Chad left, and Numbuh 1 feels that she's the best one they've had so far. Numbuh in her regular outfit. Numbuh 's outfit prior to the events of " Operation: Numbuh 's clothes in Operation: Numbuh 's Samurai suit and Senior zombie from Operation: A Citi-zombie Numbuh in Operation: Numbuh upset in Operation: Numbuh 's first appearance in Operation: Numbuh yelling at Numbuh 1 for his recklessness in Operation: Numbuh 's weapon in Operation: O Numbuh and Numbuh 1 after the events in Operation Z.

He's the Grim Reaper, you know. Just go get them! Me and matey here will have those swabbies over in a jiffy!

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When they landed in the hangar and went to the main room, they were greeted by Dimentia, Jeremy, and Gabe. She then noticed Dib and asked, "Who's this? He came all the way from Earth to find an Irken called Zim. He helped us while we were on Secco. Dimentia herself just blushed. The last time someone thought she was pretty was… Dimentia shook the whole thought off, not wanting to go down that road again. Now, if you just promise not to say anything about this whole thing, you can pack your things and be on your way.

I can't go back to Earth! At least not without Zim! You can't send me back! Please let me stay! Afterwards, we're sending you straight back to Earth. You guys can hang around as long as you don't get in anyone's way. How cool is this?! This is a paranormal investigator's dream come true! I need to speak with Dimentia. See you later, Nigel.

He's only staying for a short while, but I fear his paranormal investigator instincts may cause him to get nosey. I want the three of you to keep an eye on him while he's here. I doubt anyone on Earth will listen to what a monster has to say. Especially since he still has a debt to repay.

In the meantime, we-" "Dimentia. How long have you been there? They come from my planet. They may be creatures of darkness, but they're ever so loyal! Anyway, I need to ask you something, Dimentia.