Museveni kagame relationship trust

The relationship between Kagame and Museveni raises a fundamental question | Eric Kashambuzi

Rwandan president heads to Uganda as relations at an all-time low. Presidents Museveni and Kagame share a deep historical bond, having. One has to look back at the relationship between President Museveni and President With all this and more as a backdrop, would Museveni dare trust the . A Radio DW correspondent in Kampala called me seeking a comment on the frosty relations between Kampala and Kigali. For the latest.

President Kagame to Visit Museveni Sunday; Leaders to Discuss Strained Relations

His isolation goes far beyond East Africa. The arrogance of the Kagames knows no bounds — they seem to believe that the entire world revolves around them. The Rwandan dictator couple assumed that the Madam would show up with her children, smile charmingly, and that the butcher of Rwanda would simply follow, spend several days in Uganda, and that they would live happily ever after, having tamed Museveni with their charm.

Kagame was after all called Pillato when he served in the Ugandan struggle where he was a one-man killing machine and a super spy on everybody. Pillato was of course the military intelligence officer in Uganda where Museveni observed his manipulative skills from close quarters.

museveni kagame relationship trust

Museveni has also observed how Kagame rules Rwanda, and how he has betrayed, humiliated, imprisoned, and even killed his former RPF comrades. Recently, Madam Rwigema could not even travel to Uganda to witness and receive a medal awarded posthumously to her late husband for his bravely during the Ugandan armed struggle.

museveni kagame relationship trust

Apparently, Muchunguzi knew about the plot. It is claimed that Magara wanted to break the NRA force and lead some fighters to another rebel force based in the Rwenzori Mountain. The Rwenzori group was reportedly linked to the Gang of Four; Prof. Yash Tandon and late Omwony Ojwok.

It also operated in areas of Nyabushozi. Hannington Mugabi was reportedly uncomfortable with the plot especially after the chief planner had been killed in Kampala under unclear circumstances.

Muchunguzi it is claimed eliminated Mugabi to destroy evidence.

WHO FOUGHT: Kagame helped Museveni crush internal NRA revolt

Museveni also dispatched Kagame alongside other fighters to verify the authenticity of another rebel force that reportedly wanted to join the NRA. This was the rebel group of Maj. Kagame was one of the few who knew how to pull the trigger. That is why he participated in the February 6, first attack on Kabamba.

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He also took part in the April 4, attack on Kakiri Barracks—probably the second major operation of the new rebel group. After failing to get guns from Kabamba, the rebels attacked some police posts but Kakiri was the next major operation. Museveni himself commanded this operation.

Kagame and Museveni troubled relationship

According to Pecos Kutesa, Museveni even filmed the operation and took some photographs. The soldier had fired his anti tank grenade in the air and fled upon realizing that his barracks had been attacked by the rebels. Apart from these, there are no other known operations in which Kagame participated as a fighter or as a commander. Julius Chihandae at one time. Because of the uncompromising character, the two came to be known as Pilato the Biblical Pontius Pilate. The relationship between Uganda and Rwanda was like a child and parent relationship.

In his words president Museveni talked about how Moto fire started in Mozambique to liberate the Africans and that they will continue. He continuously mentioned General Fred Rwigema as the best freedom fighter of all times in his speech along with other African freedom fighters he had worked with all the way along, including Julius Nyerere who he addresses as Mzee elder in Swahili. He went on to say that he was pleased to see that Paul Kagame who was a young man had grown up to develop into a leader, something Kagame did not like.

Museveni thought that Rwanda could be home to all Ugandans and Uganda to all Rwandans, during that time one could cross the borders of the two countries with no passport.

However Kagame had negative feelings about the entire idea since he viewed it as being dominated by his former boss and the fact that though he was the Vice President, he saw himself as the president instead. These endless wars have created loads of instability in the entire great lakes region.

WHO FOUGHT: Kagame helped Museveni crush internal NRA revolt

Apart from the Congolese citizens these wars fuelled hash relationships between the two presidents. Uganda on its own lost two Companies of well trained young special force Hima boys in Kisangani by the much combat experienced Rwandan troops.

Most of the commanders and troops on both sides were opposed to the actual war due to the fact that the people of Uganda and Rwanda were more or less like brothers, and actually the Rwandan army had been born off the Ugandan National Resistance Army with their commanders and comrades still serving on the other side having trained together.

Lt Col Rutayisire Shaban was one of the officers who opposed the battles between the two armies. Gen JJ Odong the then army commander of Uganda was instructed by his commander-in-chief to meet his Rwandan counterpart.

I remember him meeting Gen Nyamwasa who was the army commander of Rwanda then, however on their return to their respective command headquarters, Kagame ordered his troops to carry on with the battle in Kisangani.