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mulroney schreiber relationship quizzes

May 14, Testifying at a public inquiry today, Brian Mulroney strenuously downplayed his relationship with German-Canadian businessman Karlheinz. Feb 19, 21 "Free Trade" election, Niles again reached out to the Mulroney (Surprising figures given that the secret contract Schreiber's . that he ever had any business relationship with Moores or his firm. . We have 19 quizzes. May 20, Schreiber's lawyer takes the floor. take the floor, although he told the judge yesterday that he won't take longer than a couple of hours, .. Auger quizzes Mulroney on various statements from Luc Lavoie, including one that.

Would it refer to the concept? With no consultation with Mulroney. Is that statement — the one about Bear Head and the pasta? Did he want Schreiber to travel to Zurich to meet him? That was an anticlimatic ending. This could be interesting. Fifteen minute break, and then — Wayne Adams! The Team, however, will still be here — at least until the second phase of public hearings gets underway on June 8th.

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What sections of the Tax Act are involved when income is disclosed, and when does it have to be reported? Section 9 deals with company tax, and — wow, am I liveblogging the tax code?

Anyway, there is a declaration, and if the contract is partially fulfilled, the payer makes a reserve, which means that they may not have to pay tax on the full amount.

What would they put on the income tax declaration? Anyway, if not, the money would be returned to the vendor.

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At one point earlier, I swear he was patting his binders before resuming questions. Meanwhile, Grondier and Adams are — not arguing, exactly, but having a surprisingly lively discussion of the tax case that inspired the above opinion.

Wait, or is this a case? So — a draw, really. Let the Robertson times roll! Oh, if only there was some sort of court that dealt with tax law. If only, if only. Is there a minimum time period? Six years, apparently — the three years that would be open, and three additional years. By day's end Benoit Bouchard had replaced John Crosbie as minister.

mulroney schreiber relationship quizzes

Board members had access to offices and phones, notes Jeanniot, so it is possible that someone sought Ottawa's guidance; however, he is certain it wasn't him. Senior executives were switched not because they favoured competitors, but because he was looking for a successor and wanted to test their mettle. And the decision to replace the newer planes first was done at his behest because the three-engined had become too expensive to operate and maintain.

It saved us a lot of money. For example, the document suggests that Marc Lalonde, the former Liberal finance minister, was until the beginning of on a personal retainer from Frank Moores. You saved yourself a lawsuit. Senator David Angus, the party's chief fundraiser fromand a former Air Canada board member, did not respond to multiple phone and email messages.

Explaining the Schreiber-Mulroney saga

Mulroney's spokesman did not specifically respond to the American allegations about Schreiber's donations or Airbus-deal-related campaign funds. In his testimony before the House of Commons ethics committee, Schreiber has acknowledged that he financially supported Mulroney's efforts to unseat Joe Clark as party leader in But there have been no revelations like the ones that shook Germany in - Schreiber's habit of passing millions of Deutschmarks to Christian Democratic Union officials for party slush funds - made in connection with Canadian politics.

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Questions remain, however, about why Niles, a career diplomat with a reputation as a cautious and serious man, would take the extraordinary step of transmitting such allegations of corruption to the highest reaches of the Canadian government. What did he hope to accomplish? And could he have been acting without authorization of his bosses in Washington? The former ambassador's name has appeared on the list of witnesses the House ethics committee wants to summon to its hearings later this winter, though it is unclear if he will co-operate.

But while Niles continues to refuse interview requests today, recently unearthed documents reveal that he was deeply frustrated by the Mulroney government's response to his complaints back in In November, the Hamilton Spectator obtained heavily censored copies of the ambassador's cables to the State Department under the U.

Freedom of Information Act.

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Obviously, whatever action we take should be coordinated with Boeing and McDonnell Douglas," he wrote. But at the same time, Niles was counselling restraint. Similarly, two decades later, it's hard to fathom Burney and Wilson's lackadaisical response to the ambassador's concerns. Shouldn't allegations of corruption and payoffs brought forward by Canada's closest ally have been treated more seriously?

mulroney schreiber relationship quizzes

The RCMP made some preliminary inquiries into the matter inafter hearing the rumours swirling around Ottawa, but quickly lost interest. And whatever the extent of their examination, it appears to have fallen well short of Mulroney's assertion in his deposition that the force "investigated it, and it was as clean as a hound's tooth.

Mulroney has justified his answers at the time, in which he failed to disclose his dealings with Mr. Schreiber, by saying that the question was not asked. Mulroney to attempt to justify his failure to make disclosure in those circumstances by asserting that [federal lawyer Claude]Sheppard did not ask the correct question is, in my view, patently absurd," Mr.

Mulroney's legal costs as part of his lawsuit over the Airbus matter. But the Conservatives said it's too early to respond to Mr. Mulroney has explained his cash dealings as an error in judgment - a statement that held no sway with Mr.

Mulroney committed the same significant error in judgment on three separate occasions. It seems to me that, given Mr. Mulroney's education, background, experience, and business acumen, his every instinct would have been, and should have been, to document the transaction in some manner," he said. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement Mr. Oliphant went on to say: Schreiber made the payments in cash and Mr. Mulroney accepted them in cash was that they both wanted to conceal the fact that cash transactions had occurred between them," Mr.

He also did not give any credence to the assertion that the dealings were appropriate because Mr.

mulroney schreiber relationship quizzes

Mulroney was no longer prime minister when he accepted the money. Oliphant's tasks was to find the source of the funds that were provided by Mr. Agreeing with evidence presented during the public hearings, Mr. Oliphant concluded that the money did come from commissions awarded to Mr. Schreiber in relation to Air Canada's purchase of Airbus planes. Mulroney was Airbus Industrie.

mulroney schreiber relationship quizzes

I also find that there is no evidence to demonstrate that Mr. Mulroney had any knowledge as to the source of the funds paid to him by Mr.