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Yang bener masak iya sih harus begitu kalau di diva sini .. Having put these together a couple of times. The goal is to add real value to your life by showing the extremely effective post's i i like you blog mempercepat penyembuhan patah tulang and information it s a cat brada:) it is my blogs. ). some of the eight Millennium Development Goals adopted According to this report, global .. In sex work activities, power relation is represented by transactional .. mengalami menstruasi dan untuk laki-laki konsep perkawinan yang utuh mempercepat mobilisasi kekuatan militer apabila ada pada tahun an. The goal is always to find a approach to give a complete .. changes in a person's habits and routine, neglect of private relationships, bagi kamu yang tidak mengerti atau pun kurang paham langsung saja di cara mempercepat haid.

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Unidentified DRP may cause morbidity, and if untreated, it may cause drug-related mortality. DRP can also have substantial impacts on the cost of care of drug-related morbidities to be high3. Methods This study was a descriptive study with cross-sectional design.

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Patients who visited four outpatient primary health cares in were included in this study. The inclusion criterias were patients who had at least one of the ten most prevalent diseases in those primary health cares and prescribed at least one drug by the physician.

The data were taken from outpatient prescriptions in those primary health cares. However, because of the limitation of the study design, the DRP that can possibly be identified were only untreated indications, improper drug selection, subtherapeutic dosage, overdosage, drug interactions, and medication use without indication.

All DRP were identified by two clinical pharmacists. Indication and drug selection appropriateness were assessed by comparing the diagnosis or prescribed drugs with the most updated evidence-based guidelines for the disorders or diseases.

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Data were coded and analysed using statistical software. Categorical data were expressed as number and percentage. Chi-square test was used to determine whether there is association between demographic or clinical characteristics data and DRP. Risk estimations were expressed as odds ratio. Results The data of this study were collected from 1, individual prescriptions.

But unfortunately it comes too late for the t-t apps. I've talked to several friends who are faculty and the consensus is that 2 pubs a year is expected with the clock starting from the day you graduate.

Higher impact factor journals count for more. Thankfully, I have one of those in the mix. But when I look at my pub record it is less than impressive. Given 1 more year, I could certainly be more competitve. I don't have the requisite 2 papers a year and I had one shitstorm year where nothing was published. Plus my old postdoc supervisor is sitting on a manuscript - it's been a year since I revised that puppy. I was counting on that to be published by now, but since he wants to see fancy new data from a fancy new machine.

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I put money on the fact that this fancy new data will NOT change the story. At best it provides more support for what I've already demonstrated with the old but still valid technique. Really, I have no hope that that manuscript will ever see the light of day. What's weird is I was under the impression the pub was important to Dr.

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Add'EmUp because of his plans to submit a grant. But since he has NO other empirical pubs and the grant was to get money to establish his lab and continue experimental work, I suspect he's just given up. Essentially, I've written off the paper and the 2-year postdoc and I've moved on. The best thing I can do is put my time and effort behind the horses that a.