Matsumoto gin relationship counseling

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matsumoto gin relationship counseling

we have no treatments other than symptomatic therapy with atropine and . strengthen the collaboration and relationship between the local hospitals and clinics, .. iscontin uation b ecau se of chan gin g to an oth er medical facility / inpatien. Sep 29, Gin Ichimaru dies as Rangiku Matsumoto rushes to his side. speculation in regards to the true nature of the relationship between her & Gin. With regards to Gin and Rangiku's relationship, the anime does not significantly deviate from the manga. I do not recall all the details of every.

Yamamoto spoke up, telling the child captain to give his answer first. Toshiro spoke up, restraining his emotional reaction. I don't believe that you are anywhere near ready to be a taicho. When he spoke his mind, her face faltered, knowing full well it was now impossible to pass the captain's test. Her face also revealed a level of hurt from what the small taicho said and she hung her head to the ground.

The white haired youth felt his throat seize up, knowing full well that he had hurt Hinamori again, despite the fact he hadn't wanted to. You have shown restraint before when the head captain and I have been around, but this time around you let slip the childish nick name in front of us.

It was problematic before, but now it seems you have less respect for him simply because of hurt feelings over something that was out of both of your control. If you want to be captain, you need to have respect for others around you, even if you are not happy with them.

You do not seem to understand what the significance of being a captain means. It isn't simply about being able to do the job or not. What matters to, is your personality and how you interact with other people, not to mention how mature you are able to act. Your actions of late haven't shown a level of maturity. You have made certain choices that brings into question whether you really have the ability to be a lieutenant. A new captain is going to be taking over the fifth eventually.

You need to be prepared to possibly work to keep your rank, if said captain hasn't already had a choice in mind. Yet, there was honestly nothing he could do about the situation.

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Momo was the one who decided to take the captain's test, getting her hopes up about whole idea. He wanted to say something to her, even privately, but found himself stopping short when she spoke up again. Glancing down, after having let his jaw drop for a bit, he found himself hanging his head from the hurt. If you ever wish to become a captain of the Gotei Thirteen, you are going to have to show the other captains that you have some form of respect for Hitsugaya Taicho and that you have some understanding of his situation, instead of thinking of your own.

We said no, not because he doesn't wish you to be a taicho, but because we honestly believe you aren't ready. Yamamoto then spoke up, his voice dark. She stood up, the look in her eyes rather haunted and then headed out of the room, her aura showing that she was very disappointed with the results.

Toshiro's entire body felt tense and once Momo was gone, he spoke up, speaking his mind. He opened his mouth to speak one thing, snapped it shut and then opened it again, only to close it again. Unohana watched him carefully, then spoke up. The small taicho glanced at the floor. This is the first time I sat in on a test and I ended up messing up. You had an honest question, something that you were confused about. I doubt Yamamoto Taicho was insulted by you asking that question. We figured that you would pose us such a question.

At that, Toshiro's head darted up. Did you and the head captain plan on saying no to Hinamori before the test even began? There were some problems with her personality that cropped up due to the Aizen incident that honestly need to be addressed before she could even be considered for the position of captain. There is no way they had been dealt with in that short of time. Some of these issues lie with you. You try to protect those you care about with your own strength alone.

You also place guilt on yourself even though something wasn't your fault. He pushed his lips together tightly, then he spoke up about the issue that bothered him. I don't see why I was needed here, when you and the head captain had planned on not letting her pass in the first place.

Wouldn't any other taicho have done just as well, if not better in this situation? At that, Hitsugaya found himself feeling deflated much like Hinamori had.

I will be upfront about the fact that we were testing to see how you would react. When we had to deal with the creator of the Mod Sols, you let the copies of Hinamori almost kill you.

You do understand that this behavior was concerning. The head captain and I have the feeling that Hinamori Momo would not have told you about this new ability of hers.

You would have found out from some one else, or even worse, she likely would have held off until she became a taicho. He may have given her this power.

Matsumoto rangiku and ichimaru gins relationship

However, this situation honestly has hit to close to home for you. There are adults who would have problems dealing with everything that is going on. He knelt down in front of her, then felt his tense body pulled into her arms, up into her lap. She gently pushed the small white head of hair towards her chest then began to rub his back muscles to get the small taicho to relax his boy.

I've seen what this has done to others and I know that keeping emotions in isn't healthy.

matsumoto gin relationship counseling

I am giving you an order as the person who is charge of the health of all the gotei thirteen not to be alone on this. So, after a bit of time, she let him leave and head back to his division. His steps felt as heavy as his heart did. He opened up the door to his division and glanced over to where Matsumoto was sitting. The female glanced up, a smile on her face. He feels it is his duty too She glanced up, her face going from serious to a smile.

I wouldn't make a good captain and I think everyone knows that. Rangiku went back to her work, not paying things much mind. Why do you ask? She then set down her brush and stood up, going to where her small taicho was. She then felt is forehead. What's gotten into you taicho? Unohana says I'm not to keep things bottled in anymore. I'd treat you to dinner out, but I really need to talk to you privately. I'll head to kitchen area when I'm finished with this to wait for you.

His body was tense and he found himself having problems to think straight. He found himself glaring at the rice, knowing full well it was the easiest thing to cook. Suddenly though, someone came up behind him. At that, Toshiro's mouth twitched suddenly.

Have you ever heard of someone learning Bankai without having learned to release their zampaktuo with out the command?

matsumoto gin relationship counseling

She just got this ability handed to her. All I can say is, good luck on learning Bankai. I think you'll make a good captain. That said, not one of the captains passed her. At that, two teal eyes glanced up. Not to mention, if she's a captain, she'll be in even more danger. Eventually, her small taicho came into the kitchen with a bag of food and began to spread the ingredients out onto the counter. She watched as he glanced at a piece of paper, studying the instructions on the paper.

If you missed something, I can go and get it.

matsumoto gin relationship counseling

Hisagi-san gave me a recipe to try. He said it should be easy to make. That's a nice dish and a slight step up from what you're used to cooking. When he repeated the process, she started up a thing of green tea and pulled out a few sweets. Finally, when he placed the food and tea onto the carrying tray, she went ahead of him to open doors. They headed back to their quarters. When they arrived, Matsumoto glanced down at her small taicho.

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You might want to do so too, as you'll feel more comfortable if you aren't in your uniform. Rangiku set the tray down on her nightstand and changed into one of her pajama sets, one that didn't drop down low in the front. She then sat down on her bed cross legged, waiting for he small taicho to come, despite the fact the food was likely getting cold.

A tapping sound came on the screen that separated their two rooms and she piped up for him to come in. Hitsugaya sat down on the bed, his night clothing consisting of a simple kimono. Matsumoto handed him one of the plates.

She picked up her own and began to dig in. She's got this thing she things is Bankai. It requires you to bring your zampaktuo spirit into the living world. You simply can't dream it up while you're in a coma.

She hasn't exactly been anywhere but dream land of late, so when would she have time to do this. Not to mention, time is needed to do so. As for why she didn't tell you She hates me now. She's just blinded herself to her anger and jealousy, that she isn't able to see the truth. I mean, you did graduate the same year as her and you're known as a child genius with the stuff you do. They flat out told her that they aren't happy about However, she saw the face her small taicho made. I'm stuck with that vision of my blade going through her chest I mean, some nights you haven't been sleeping well, since the Winter War.

I can hear you, you know. Regardless, Kubo still gives a solid character foundation for our curious minds to ground ourselves to. Our belief is once we truly understand a character, you can perhaps understand the subtleties of the story more, and who knows maybe pick up a little extra knowledge along the way.

Remember all creative work is subject to interpretation, and there really isn't a right or wrong answer, it's simply how we interpret the information.

First up to the plate, Rangiku Matsumoto! One of the many defining components of Rangiku's character other than her breasts is her love of Alcohol, specifically Sake. This trait is extremely toned down in the anime, and when she is drunk, it's mainly played for laughs.

Although this is also so played for laughs in the manga, it is also subtly shown that Rangiku drinks more than just at parties.

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In chapter 80 of the manga, when Rangiku is first introduced, she arrives rather nonchalant to the emergency vice captains meeting. She holds her head and complains about not being able to find her captain and Renji subsequently asking who her captain was.

In the anime it happens almost identically with the subtle differences being that Rangiku holds her head and the doorway and then walks in normally and Renji appears less concerned about the state of his fellow officer, than he does in the manga. Chapter 80 Bleach 24 vostfr episode 24 start at 6: The fact that she also seems to have a habit of falling asleep in Captain Hitsugaya's office may also indicate the state and nature of her drinking habits. More blatantly, in chapters page 17 which was drastically toned down to Rangiku being a little "buzzed" and page 5 a scene that was omitted from the anime, which simply cut to the results of the group's hard drinking this scene was omitted from the anime and chapter page 5 was toned down immensely in the anime.

Also in chapters andshow Rangiku in a rather unnatural position. That being said, in both chapters, Rangiku is bruised, emaciated, and quite clearly vulnerable, suggesting some sort of assault.

Before we move on, I would like to stress once again all of this is theory based on evidence presented in the story, not anything officially endorsed by Tite Kubo or the rest of Bleach Wiki. Note the similarities of both the location and position of Rangiku in both chapters. This implied event ties into her connection to a real-world figure: In addition to having similar features to Rangiku curvaceous, well-endowed figure, beauty mark near the mouthMarilyn was sexually abused as a child, something which tragically affected her life and was not recognized by those around her and many people today, i.

Rangiku displays some of the traits associated with being sexually abused as a child: